2017-10-17 5G, bees, and our environment

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1)    The effects of 5G technology on the environment, including, especially, our pollinators, is not being discussed. Bees are suffering already from a multitude of environmental toxins, including microwave radiation. The additional radiation that will be added to their environment could be the last straw for these tiny, vital creatures.


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The 5G Network:  What You Don’t Know May Kill You.

“The danger to bees alone is monumental. Studies have already proven the impact on bee colonies with much older and less toxic technology. I can only imagine what the 5G network with its additional two million “small cells” installed throughout America is going to do to our food industry if the bees disappear…

Researchers at Bristol University reported in May [2016] that bees’ hairs are highly sensitive to flowers’ delicate EMFs. In controlled trials in Switzerland, bees reacted to mobile-phone signals with high-pitched ‘piping’: a cue to desert a hive. Other studies show that mitochondria, the tiny power houses in our cells, are at risk from our new EMFs. And that even DNA, in its delicate antenna-like structure, may be frequency-sensitive. “The long-term, ecological implications of our new, anthropogenic radiation are not known. But peer-reviewed studies revealing harm to birds, tadpoles, trees, other plants, insects, rodents and livestock offer clues.”…

We can expect in the future that our health will only continue to become more and more compromised, the bad effects manifesting in myriad ways. EMF sensitivity is cumulative, building up in our bodies over time and causing individuals to have great difficulty in warding off a simple flu while showing ill health in countless forms. There is enough research and enough evidence that should cause our leaders to take great pause before allowing this 5G technology to be deployed in every neighbourhood across America by an industry that is unrestrained and unregulated. Once fully implemented, this technology will turn Earth into a wireless planetary cage. Its proponents intend to monitor and control everything, while compromising our health and the biosphere around us. I’m sorry if this sounds Orwellian, but that’s because it is.”


2)    A few months ago a French study found that 90% of cell phones emitted levels of RF that exceeded guidelines. I shared this at https://stopsmartmetersbc.com/z/2017-06-04-report-from-france-9-out-of-10-cellphones-exceed-guidelines/ .  But the results of the study are now being hidden. Below is a press release that is asking why — warning that this is information that must not be ignored, for the sake of 6 billion cell phone users.

By Dr. Marc Arazi

Press release, Monday 16 October 2017

As a result of lax and imprecise international standards, hundreds of millions of users of mobile phones that have been placed on the market over the past twenty years are subjected to radiation levels in contact with the body, for some phones, more than three times the threshold limit (ten times with American standards). We now have proof of this, since Dr Arazi obtained the publication on 1 June 2017 of the initial partial results conducted by the French National Frequencies Agency (ANFR), that our health, especially of younger people, is being deliberately endangered.  Despite this, ANFR continues to hide essential information.  There is total inertia on the part of the public authorities despite having been alerted in various ways.  It is urgent to inform the more than six billion users, including the French population, of the risks involved and the ways to protect against these risks….  

See link for the rest of the press release


3)    More and more, it is apparent to the general public that there is a bias in science regarding all topics.  Dr. Henry Lai, for example, reported that when the research is funded by telecoms, 70% of the studies show no harmful effects from microwave radiation. But when the funding is from independent sources, 70% of the studies show harmful results. This is not unusual, as noted in this report.

Big Pharma, Big Tobacco, Big Wireless: What’s in Common?

“Big pharma, big tobacco and big wireless as well as the other big’s like nuclear industry all have in common a heavy influence on the results of research they are funding. Why do they need research? To provide evidence that their products are safe, reliable and effictive. Because they are respectful companies and can’t just state something without strong scientific evidence. Well, effectiveness/ineffectiveness of pharmaceuticals, reported in scientific publications varied 4 times depending on presence or absence of financial support of a particular research from the pharma industry [2]. But it is relatively soft pressure of the sponsor. Research funded by the tobacco industry demonstrates much bigger bias. As it turned out, papers funded by big tobacco admitted negative effects of passive smoking 88 (!) times less often than independent publications [3]. And then those “reliable scientific data” migrate into the media and ads. If you are young enough you maybe are not familiar with media messages like “More doctors smoke Camel” or “Not throat irritation due to smoking”. But older people say those ads were rather persistent a few decades ago, and all of them were supported by “strong scientific evidence”.”


4)    Big industry gets away with murder, literally. Whether Pharma, Tobacco, Telecoms, Oil, etc. Another example is petrochemicals and leaks that have caused harm for many years, and government engineers have been muzzled, according to a Global News report.

I believe the same thing is happening with BC Hydro. How could their workers not know that these smeters are cheap, dangerous fire hazards?  I have been told by some insiders at Hydro that they were told that anyone who says anything negative about smeters or the program, even among their co-workers, will be reprimanded.

Ontario government ignored public safety concerns in ‘Chemical Valley,’ muzzled’ engineers: document

Ontario engineers claim their public safety concerns regarding oil refineries and their effects on communities in Sarnia’s Chemical Valley, including Aamjiwnaang First Nation, are being ignored by the provincial government, according to a report obtained by Global News.”


5)    From a member in response to my recommendation of HGTV’s “Sarah off the grid”

“The “Sarah Off Grid” show got off to a good start but subsequent episodes decline rapidly; there is very little information about actual construction and engineering. Essentially it is one big advertisement for her design business and Wayfair; most disappointing. Also I believe in episode two that they say that they realise that the house is such an energy hog that it cannot be off grid so they end up connecting to the grid as a back up and installing a huge propane tank. I can’t remember the details but they don’t use advanced framing techniques, super air tightness is not discussed, the R values are probably way too low for the cold Ontario climate, exterior insulation is grossly inadequate and there are far too many windows which are essentially holes, etc. The house must have cost millions. I would recommend a person peruse the many fine articles at https://buildingscience.com instead of watching this show.”


Sharon Noble
Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

“The greater the power, the more dangerous the abuse”
~ Edmund Burke

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