2017-10-25 Mobile Communications and the disappearance of bees

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1)  In India, where the allowable limits are mere fractions of those allowed by Safety Code 6, people are taking the health of their families into their own hands, removing cell towers.

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2)    A member sent me this great flyer re. bees created by The World Foundation for Natural Science. For those not concerned about their health, perhaps they will be when they read about our pollinators. I have written to the organization and asked for permission for us to use and circulate it. I will let you know when they respond. Until then, this is great information in a small package.



3)    After one member asked for the pages to be numbered, the 2 letters re microcells have been amended. Here are the new ones:




From: Kathy Read  (name given with permission)
Sent: October 24, 2017
To: empr.minister@gov.bc.ca; MCF.Minister@gov.bc.ca; AG.Minister@gov.bc.ca; educ.minister@gov.bc.ca; AEST.Minister@gov.bc.ca; FIN.Minister@gov.bc.ca; premier@gov.bc.ca; MCF.Minister@gov.bc.ca; CC.Minister@gov.bc.ca; CITZ.Minister@gov.bc.ca; educ.minister@gov.bc.ca; ENV.Minister@gov.bc.ca; FLNR.Minister@gov.bc.ca; HLTH.Minister@gov.bc.ca; IRR.Minister@gov.bc.ca; JTT.Minister@gov.bc.ca; Minister.TRD@gov.bc.ca; LBR.Minister@gov.bc.ca; MH.Minister@gov.bc.ca; MAH.Minister@gov.bc.ca; PSSG.Minister@gov.bc.ca; SDPR.Minister@gov.bc.ca; TAC.Minister@gov.bc.ca; Minister.Transportation@gov.bc.ca; Sharon Noble <dsnoble@shaw.ca>

Subject: Smart meter fires. Please read

The Liberal Party allowed BC Hydro to go ahead with its program for installing smart meters on our homes and businesses as part of its Green [Clean] Energy Act. They silenced the BCUC by issuing Direction 4 of the Act. This itself was against the law because the BCUC is a separate body from the government that can not be influenced by government. An illegal act by the Liberals.

Mr Horgan and Mr Dix said that they were against this program and that we should not be forced to accept it.

I am asking all of you to step up to the plate and cut this program that is crippling a lot of people of this province. People are getting sick from the electromagnetic radiation that these meters send off. Seniors and those on low income can not afford to the pay the high extortion fee of $32.40 per month, the highest fee in North America. My family kept our analogue meter and pay the extortion fee every month. My health is at risk as I am recovering from a second bout of cancer and I am in constant pain. Things I never dealt with to this extent before. I feel it is the fact that all my neighbours have these things on their homes. Nothing in my home is wireless and never will be.

In the US there are now places that are dropping the program as they realize the health effects plus the fact that it is a money losing venture. There is no savings from these meters, the exact opposite is what has happened. Each of these meters cost BC Hydro $555 to replace and that has to be done every 5-6 years. That is a cost of millions of dollars. The good old reliable analogue meter that will last from 25 – 50 years costs less than $50. No brainer, say what?

These meters are on a grid that joins in with a grid in the US because BC Hydro was selling power to the US. It has been found now that if anybody attacks the grid in any one of 9 essential spots the whole grid will go down and we will be without power for up to 20 years. I believe that report came from the NSA. They asked for stop gaps to be installed on all parts of the grids including BC. Another cost of Millions that BC Hydro nor the province has. If this ever happened, a lot of people would die of starvation, freezing to death, sickness, and the list goes on and on.

The smart meter has never been certified by an independent electrical engineer and several have said they never would certify it.

These meters are also easily hacked into and once that happens a thief will know what all of your habits are and when you are or are not home. BC Hydro can turn your heat or air conditioning off if they feel you are using too much power. Wouldn’t it have just been wonderful if during the hot weather we had this summer, Hydro cut the air conditioning not only in your homes but where you work. I wonder how many people would have died.

First and foremost this program has to end due to the amount of fires that have happened. You have probably read Len Garis’s report he did for the Liberals and may I say he wrote a pile of camel dung. He was paid by Hydro so he wrote what Hydro wanted him to write. The reporting of these fires has been poor at least with a lot of fire departments not even investigating them or even writing the proper report. Sharon Noble, Director of the Coalition to Stop Smart Meters has done countless hours and years of research into this mess. She sent copies of the 700 page report complete with a record of all fires in BC that were electrical in nature. Copies of this report were delivered to Mr. Horgan’s office and some mailed by registered mail to other ministers and then emailed to all MLAs. Do you know what has happened in the month after she did this? NOTHING. Not one person responded to her to ask questions or to even advise her that they had received the report.

NOT GOOD, people. If this is a sign of what is to come I don’t think a lot of people who voted for you are going to be happy and that would include me who changed parties for this election past.

I wait to hear from you all and so does Sharon Noble.

Kathy Read






Sharon Noble
Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters
The opposite of courage in our society is not cowardice — it is conformity.
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