2017-10-22 A very important video revealing another ugly side of telecoms, computers, new technology “Death by Design”

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Here is the link for info about amateur radio interference. https://stopsmartmetersbc.com/interference/  Some of the links are not working but you can take the topic line and google it.  If any one out there is a radio operator and has more info, I would appreciate getting more info on this. This could be a source for a legal battle.

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1)    US Homeland Security requires that people coming to North America from certain countries put their laptops in their checked luggage. Now the FCC is asking for this to be changed and require that people carry onboard – the lithium batteries are causing fires in airplanes.

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2)    In New York, a lawsuit has been filed against a cell company planning on installing towers in a residential neighbourhood.

Long Islanders Sue in Federal Court Over Cell Tower Health Concerns

Jodi and Peter Abraham anxiously clutched their just-filed federal lawsuit as they walked out of Nassau County Supreme Court Thursday, challenging hundreds of unregulated and wireless facilities, still going up by the dozens across Huntington and Oyster Bay.


3)    A video that everyone should see. “Death by Design”Another side of the dangerous telecom industry. You’ll have to scroll down to find it. I wish I could find how many chemicals and how much water is polluted by the companies, how many workers are made ill during the making and now, many more are suffering due to “recycling” smeters.  You’d think this alone would make people who are concerned about climate change to reconsider their use of wireless devices, etc. but they won’t.  I feel guilty using my 5 year old computer which I upgraded for no really good reason.

“Death by Design”

“An investigation into the deadly health and environmental costs of the electronics industry.”

http://www.aljazeera.com/programmes/specialseries/2017/10/death-design-171019054750796.html   (47 minutes)

4)    New York utility was ordered to stop charging a $6 monthly fee to those opting out due to health concerns, and to replace the smeter with a “non-communicating” meter. In BC, prior to the Direction 4 which gave BC Hydro the right to charge $32.40 a month as a fee, there were 250,000 homes (not individuals, homes) that had opted out of having a smeter. I believe most of those homes would have paid the $6 a month fee, and certainly all would have continued to opt out if no fee had been charged. The highest fee in North America was imposed as punishment [https://stopsmartmetersbc.com/metersgrid/smart-meter-opt-out-options-and-fees/], to extort those of us who dared to defy the law which puts our homes and families at risk.  The battle in New York was fought for years – but they finally won and we can, too.

Central Hudson ordered to drop smart meter ‘opt-out’ fee

Central Hudson Gas & Electric was ordered Thursday to stop charging residential customers a $6 monthly “opt-out” fee if they refused meters the utility can read remotely because they fear that microwave radiation from the meters will harm their health…

Central Hudson had been installing automated meter-reading devices since 1990 and had them on 39 percent of its residential customers’ homes when the Commission approved the fees. In granting approval in 2014, the Commission declared there was no evidence that low-level radio waves from the meter readers posed “a significant health risk.” But opponents of “smart meters,” including Stop Smart Meters Woodstock, fought the fees over the next three years, and won on Thursday.


This is an article about smeters written a while ago (from the sounds of it) by the founder of the NY stop smeters group.


If you have trouble opening the link, cut and paste it in Google or search “Exposed: Electronic Utility Meters – Fires” by Michele Hertz.

5)    This article outlines how big the problem of malware is in industry and how industry spends most of its time correcting malware but not developing means to prevent hacks. Our smeters are computers with software and the entire grid is controlled by software, all of which is vulnerable.

The Communications Security Establishment acknowledges it needs to do a better job of explaining to Canadians what it does.



Sharon Noble
Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

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