2017-10-01 Cell tower proposed in Mission near homes

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1)    Due to the public’s concern about having children exposed to RF at a sport park (people are becoming aware!), the siting of a Freedom Mobile cell tower has been changed in Mission to a golf course that is 200 meters from homes. This is way too close. Studies have shown serious health effects to people living or working within 500 meters of cell towers.

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The golf course should be made fully aware that they will be liable for any lawsuits, being without insurance for health-related claims. Picket them – them can say no. ISED (Industry Canada) cannot put a cell tower any place where the owner refuses to allow it.

Cell tower won’t be built by Mission Sports Park

“In May, council decided not to support the project, instead asking Freedom Mobile to pursue another option, the Mission Golf Course and Country Club.

Since then, Freedom Mobile has been working with the club and is now proposing to install a 50 metre high wireless communication facility next to the maintenance/works yard building located near the center of the golf course.

“This is quite a distance away from houses. You will see it, but I think they are going to disguise it,” said Hawes.”


2)    More about Site C. BC Hydro apparently had decided to proceed with Site C and any studies were rushed, superficial and inadequate.

I cannot cut and paste from the article, but it emphasizes that BC Hydro gave consultants an unreasonably short deadline for making recommendations. The decision had been made, I think, and Hydro was just going through the formalities, resulting in environmentally unsound decisions.



Sharon Noble
Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

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