2018-04-17 5G going to be tested in Toronto and Ottawa

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(audio 30:10) 47 Smart Meter Fires – BC Government Still Silent. Sharon Noble – The Goddard Report with Jim Goddard – April 17, 2018 by talkdigitalnetwork – YouTube – April 17, 2018:


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1)  There will be a showing of “Generation Zapped”, an award-winning documentary, on April 24 in Vancouver.. You can read the press release about this film at:


– https://generationzapped.com/

Generation Zapped part of Health Action Film Series 2018
Tuesday, April 24, 7:00 pm
Cinematheque Theatre
1131 Howe St. Vancouver

Tickets and details about the Vancouver showing are available at:



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2)  A member sent this in. I know nothing about this man, but the topic is one we all need to consider – how to prepare for an extended power outage. This is a free online seminar on April 19. Registration is required.

– https://www.smartlivingshopper.com/store/gw_webinar/ss-lights-out-webinar_gm_041918/

“It’s Been Four Days without Electricity. Now What?”


3)  Ontario:  What appears to be another power surge fire – one that needs to be investigated. I will see what info will be provided by the Ontario Fire Marshal and Electrical Safety Authority.

Why must we have to fight to have these things removed from our homes?  Smeters do not have surge protectors, in addition to their many design flaws, making these devices serious fire hazards.  Too many similar incidents have happened and will continue to happen because the utilities and the Utility Commissions are failing to do their jobs.

Power surge likely cause of blaze that injured firefighters

Ontario Fire Marshal, electrical authority investigating to determine whether home’s surge protector failed




There are many examples of power surges occurring causing fires, damaging appliances, etc. after smeters have been installed, but not occurring when the home has an analog. If anyone notices any similar electrical events, e.g. lights flickering or fridges cycling on and off, call BC Hydro / FortisBC immediately.


4)  A soothing cradle for babies, exposing them to 2.4 GHz of microwave radiation as they sleep. A shame that parents are not told of the potential harm caused by products they buy to protect their babies.

“Snoo smart sleeper”

2.4 GHz wireless, 802.11 b/g/n with separate Wi-Fi control switch


5)  5G will be tested in Toronto and Ottawa. Please pass the word to friends and relatives. They need to become active in educating their politicians about what this is and the dangers that are associated with having cell transmitters emitting strong signals right outside homes and apartments.

– https://www.gettyimages.fi/event/rogers-communications-inc-demonstrates-new-5g-network-at-the-rogers-centre-775154446#jorge-fernandes-chief-technology-officer-of-rogers-communications-inc-picture-id947060410

Rogers, Ericsson to test 5G technology in Toronto, Ottawa

“Rogers Communications Inc. has partnered with Ericsson to test 5G wireless technology in Toronto and Ottawa, following its top competitors in announcing trials of the next-generation networks needed to power real-time applications like self-driving cars.”


6)  On April 12, several scientists presented to the Danish Parliament about wireless radiation. Below is a link to all the hearing, with each expert presenting for about 20 minutes. Here is an excerpt from Dr. Olle Johansson.

Scientists Testify to Danish Parliament on Wireless Radiation FULL Hearing April 12, 2018       

“You as the Danish elected representatives, and I as their employed scientist, are not here to promote convenience or economic growth, but only to ‘serve and protect’ human health and biological safety, as well as to protect other animals, plants, and bacteria. These aims must be our only target.

From the current vast scientific literature, it is obvious we must proceed with caution before immersing the citizens in more artificial electromagnetic fields.

We may, as a matter of fact, already be gravely endangering our current as well as coming generations. To not act today may prove a disaster tomorrow. And such lack of action may again result in the classical ‘late lessons from early warnings’.


7)  Below in Letters is an email from Dr. Ron Kostoff about pollutants entering the bloodstream. Many studies have shown that microwave radiation weakens the cellular wall, allowing cells to be penetrated. Is EMR responsible for allowing environmental pollutants to enter the bloodstream?


– https://ehtrust.org/key-issues/the-environment-and-health/wireless-radiationelectromagnetic-fields-increases-toxic-body-burden/

From: Ron Kostoff

Subject: EMF as Promoter

This brief note addresses one aspect of RFR as a promoter / enabler of adverse health effects.

About a year ago, an interesting study showed how air pollutants can end up in the bloodstream, and cause damage (https://www.reuters.com/article/us-health-air-pollution/study-finds-how-polluting-nanoparticles-get-into-blood-and-damage-hearts-idUSKBN17S1J9).  See Appendix 1 for a brief summary of the findings.

Now, the human body has a number of barriers to protect some of the vital organs.  These include the blood brain barrier [BBB], the blood testis barrier, the blood retinal barrier, etc.  Because of cell phone considerations, there have been a number of studies examining the effects of (mainly) RFR on the blood brain barrier specifically.  The EHT has summarized some of these studies (https://ehtrust.org/key-issues/the-environment-and-health/wireless-radiationelectromagnetic-fields-increases-toxic-body-burden/) and excerpts from their summary are presented in Appendix 2.  These studies conclude there is an increase in the permeability of the BBB from the RFR, potentially allowing molecules / particles from the bloodstream to cross the BBB and enter the brain that normally would have been blocked by the tight junctions of a healthy BBB.  It should be stated that other studies do not report such an effect.  They may be operating in a region of parameter space where the effect does not occur, either by accident or by design!

So, assuming the BBB is disrupted by RFR, if we combine the results of the two phenomena above, some of the pollutants from the air will end up in the bloodstream, and some of these pollutants in the bloodstream may end up crossing the blood brain barrier when it is subjected to RFR.  Obviously, people living in more polluted areas would, on average, experience more pollutants ending up in the brain than those in less polluted areas.

The main point here is that, independent of any direct damage done by RFR to DNA and biological structures/mechanisms, the RFR acts as a promoter / enabler by weakening the tight junctions and allowing molecules to enter the brain that would have ordinarily been blocked.  This is why it is not only important to conduct experiments consisting of RFR in combination with other potentially toxic stimuli, it is imperative to conduct these combined experiments to get the full scope of the damage.  Isolated RFR experiments in pristine environments would miss these synergistic effects, which could be major contributing factors to disease in an ever-increasing polluted world.

From some of the city / county maps I have seen of projected / existing small cell tower locations, they tend to be in high-density urban / near-urban business locations.  For areas with which I am familiar, these are also heavily polluted areas, mainly from traffic.  Additionally, these initial small cell towers are 4G (~1-2 GHz), but located in much greater proximity to the public.  Based on planning documents I have evaluated, average power fluxes to which passerby will be exposed could be on the order of a few hundred thousand microwatts/square meter from these small cell towers.  The only limit the planners put on the power fluxes is the FCC limit, and they tend to advertise that public exposures will be ‘only’ a few percent of that limit.  Using other wireless devices when in proximity to these closely-spaced small cell towers will only enhance the negative effects from the cell towers.

So, integrating the above, we are now being faced with high total body power flux RFR with deep penetration ability into the body being placed in high air-pollution regions.  With enhanced BBB penetration of pollutants, we can expect substantial increases in neurodegenerative diseases of myriad types.

But, this may be the tip of the iceberg.  Why would RFR selectively increase the permeability of only the BBB?  Should we not expect the RFR to decrease the integrity of the tight junctions of the myriad other barriers in the body?  The main emphasis of the RFR research related to barriers has been on the BBB due to cell phone issues.  However, now that potential exposures from cell towers orders of magnitude greater than those experienced from the tall cell towers may become the norm, especially in highly populated areas (especially business areas), breakdown of these other barriers may become a serious issue.  With high power flux full body exposures from small cell towers, ALL these other barriers will be assaulted in parallel, not just the BBB from cell phone exposure.

So, here’s the overall situation.  We have hundreds of pollutants in the air we breathe (indoors and outdoors), the water we drink, the food we eat, and the products we touch.  Depending on a number of factors, some or most of these potential toxins can enter the bloodstream.  Under full body high power flux RFR, they can penetrate the various blood-organ barriers normally impermeable to them.  Other types of barriers can be penetrated as well, and the protective compartmentalization of the body can become very dysfunctional.  However, to display the full extent of these effects, where the RFR is functioning as a promoter / enabler, experiments are required to include these other stimuli in combination with the RFR.



In experiments using harmless ultra-fine particles of gold, the scientists were able for the first time to track how such nanoparticles are breathed in, pass through the lungs and then gain access to the blood.

Most worryingly, the researchers said at a briefing in London, the nanoparticles tend to build up in damaged blood vessels of people who already suffer from coronary heart disease – the condition that causes heart attacks – and make it worse.


Several studies (Poulletier de Gannes et al. 2017, Nittby 2009, Nittby 2008, Eberhardt 2008, Persson 2008, Salford 2003) have consistently reported increased blood-brain barrier permeability after exposure to EMF. In 2015, the well respected journal Brain Research published a study from Chinese scientists entitled Exposure to 900 MHz electromagnetic fields activates the mkp-1/ERK pathway and causes blood-brain barrier damage and cognitive impairment in rats. In this study, scientists confirmed the findings of Leif Salford and colleagues showing that exposure of rats to cell phone radiation causes leakage of the blood-brain barrier (BBB). Tang et al. also pointed out that activation of stress response pathway is involved in the effects, concluding, “Taken together, these results demonstrated that exposure to 900 MHz EMF radiation for 28 days can significantly impair spatial memory and damage BBB permeability in rat by activating the mkp-1/ERK pathway.”


Sharon Noble
Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

“The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing.”
~ Albert Einstein


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