47 Smart Meter Fires – BC Government Still Silent. Sharon Noble – The Goddard Report with Jim Goddard – April 17, 2018

(audio 30:10) 47 Smart Meter Fires – BC Government Still Silent. Sharon Noble – The Goddard Report with Jim Goddard – April 17, 2018 by talkdigitalnetwork – YouTube – April 17, 2018:
(Report finds 47 fires caused by Smart Meters, no government reaction)

Guest’s website: https://stopsmartmetersbc.com/

(podcast 29:59) April 17, 2018 | 47 Smart Meter Fires – BC Government Still Silent – The Goddard Report with Jim Goddard – HoweStreet.com – April 17, 2018:


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4 thoughts on “47 Smart Meter Fires – BC Government Still Silent. Sharon Noble – The Goddard Report with Jim Goddard – April 17, 2018”

  1. Sharon,
    Bill Bathgate bill.bathgate@gmail.com just did a report on Aclara I-210+C (Itron) that I commissioned. It shows it is a flawed meter. It was presented to Talent City Council and at a public meeting townhall meeting last night on 5-30-18 by Bill Bathgate speaking via Zoom (like Skype) who revealed it publicly. Pacific Power was presenting opposite him and in the room. The newspaper The Mail Tribune only reported favorably on the Pacific Power saying some people were concerned about the health issues and left everything negative out about the flawed meter–and nothing about the report of which Bill Bathgate was speaking on as a meter analyzer. He was an expert testifier at New Mexico, Pennsylvania and Michigan PUCs recently. Well respected electrical engineer with high level government clearance. You can see him speaking via youtube on the flaws of other meters if you type in Bill Bathgate and Michigan House Energy Committee

    By May 1, 2018, Pacific Power
    s website shows in Oregon it has rolled out 80,000 of the 590,000 for Oregon–that doesn’t include Northern California areas intended for rolling out of this meter . I leave for Salt Spring Island on June 2. Makes me wonder how safe I will be given your history with BC.

    Need advice from you. Has anyone filed a lawsuit against Itron and the parts makers for the Itron.? Their was no sensor for fires in the meter as told were included in their catalog on the meter, and their is a problem with the SMPS and none of the Itrons we know of have dirty electricity filters $2-3 expense) which could have saved thousands of lives from dirty electricity running through the wiring of the houses. Please email me your thoughts on next steps. Do I contact my legislators next? Please do not publish my name or email

  2. As far as I know no one has filed a lawsuit. This inspite of the fact that so many electrical engineers have found many flaws, more than Bill has identified to me. I did a 3 year investigation into smart meter fires here in British Columbia and my report documents some of the flaws. BCUC & Smart Meter Fires: The Failure to Protect Fire Report (July 2017) & Press Release (September 21, 2017) & BC Hydro Comments & Sharon Noble’s Response Back (October 20, 2017 & November 07, 2017) & BC Hydro Answers & Sharon Noble’s Response Back (November 24, 2017 & December 17, 2017)

    I am sure that Bill mentioned that the UL certification means nothings because many of the meters that have been certified have caused fires (e.g. Landis & Gyr), and the testing is not done on all of the components, e.g. the remote disconnect switch which has been involved in many fires.

    Lawsuits are needed but it will be difficult because the utilities remove the meters if they are destroyed in the fire. Also, the insurance companies refuse to provide the victims with their inspection reports. Someone needs to obtain full info from their insurer (the inspection report does belong to the victim), and this could form the basis for a lawsuit.

    Please let me know if I might have info that could assist you. Good luck.

  3. ms. noble. bc hydro is telling me if i do not let them put a smart meter on my house they will shut my power off. i still have a legacy meter that they put on my house 2 years ago that was to expire this year that they admitted was done perposly. how can i keep my legacy meter?

    1. Rick,

      1) It sounds like you received this letter

      that many people have received over the past few months, so a lot of the Measurement Canada Seals must have expired.

      But this letter does not say your power will be shut off. What is the exact wording of your letter that is different?

      2) Although we own the meter, it has to have an approved Measurement Canada Seal for accuracy (not safety). Many people had legacy meters installed a couple of years ago that had been removed from customers who decided to quit paying the extortion legacy meter charges and had a smart meter installed. And these meters, of course, still had a Measurement Canada Seal expiry date. This is what you obviously received, one with 2 years left on it.

      BC Hydro isn’t sending analogs to Measurement Canada any more. When a few random meters are sent for testing to MC and they don’t pass, all the meters in those specific batches (which can be anywhere in Canada) are “recalled” for re-calibration. And because BC Hydro isn’t having them re-calibrated, we are told we have to either get a smart meter or a smart meter with the radio (supposedly) turned off. However, the radio can be turned on by BC Hydro without our knowledge unless we continually check the electricity meter with an RF measurement meter ourselves.

      3) I wonder how many times a person can refuse BC Hydro and just pay the Failed Installation Fee. I believe someone wrote to Sharon Noble that they have done this many times and still have their analog meter.

      4) Opt-out Fees:

      5) If you decide to have your meter exchanged, make sure you take Sharon’s advice:
      (see 2) – https://stopsmartmetersbc.com/2018-08-09-anyone-with-advice-about-moving-smeter-away-from-home/)

      ….contact BC Hydro and make an appointment, telling them you demand that you be allowed to turn your power off at the circuit board [electrical panel] to prevent a dangerous situation. Many fires and damages have occurred during exchanges with the power on.

      6) Sharon has been copied with your comment/question and should reply here soon.

      Good luck and best wishes!

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