BCUC & Smart Meter Fires: The Failure to Protect

The BC Utilities Commission’s prime reason for being, as stated in the BC Utilities Commission Act, is to ensure that the citizens of BC receive service that is safe and secure. Section 25 says:

If the commission, after a hearing held on its own motion or on complaint, finds that the service of a public utility is unreasonable, unsafe, inadequate or unreasonably discriminatory, the commission must

(a) determine what is reasonable, safe, adequate and fair service, and

(b) order the utility to provide it.


In July 2015 I lodged an official complaint with BCUC, charging that ITRON smart meters are not safe, have never been certified to be safe, and I provided 8 examples of fires and failures in BC that had put lives and property at risk. I asked for a formal investigation of this device and, if it was found to be unsafe, that a formal recall be made, with ITRON refunding all monies paid and charges incurred.

6 months later BCUC responded in a draft form, asking for me to respond, which I did. Included with my response were statements by Electrical Engineers who had inspected the smart meters and found them to have serious design flaws which cause them to be fire hazards. In addition I provided more evidence of fires in BC and elsewhere.

BCUC’s response was that my evidence was not “persuasive”, stating that they had been told, and were convinced, that the meters were safe based upon a report that had been commissioned and paid for by BC Hydro, a report that Len Garis wrote using one source only – the annual Fire Commissioner’s report. Nothing else. BCUC did not seek expert input from Electrical Engineers. Neither did they ask me for more information. Rather, they put the onus on me to prove them and Len Garis wrong.

This report does this, in spades. I now charge that BCUC has failed to do its job by ordering BC Hydro and FortisBC to provide “reasonable, safe, adequate and fair service” after having received a complaint with evidence that the public’s safety is being jeopardized.

I hope you will read the report and consider the following:

1)   No agency is tracking fires;

2)   Regulations and laws are being broken with impunity, e.g. meters are being removed from the fire scene, electrical inspections are not being done;

3)   Reporting is haphazard at best;

4)   The meter is combustible, poorly designed, and not certified by any agency to be safe;

5)   BC Hydro did not perform its due diligence by having an independent Electrical Engineer inspect the meter prior to signing the contract. Rather, it accepted ITRON’s assurances;

6)   Smart meters have burned, melted and caused homes to burn. BC Hydro and BCUC both deny this is happening.

None of these factors were taken into consideration by either Len Garis in his “report” or by BCUC in their rejection of my complaint.

Consumer Affairs recalls defective devices, e.g. cars, electrical appliances. But because a utility owns the smart meters, they are not considered consumer goods and Consumer Affairs has no jurisdiction. Who is watching out for us, ensuring that these devices that are being put on our homes without our permission, mandated by law, are safe?  No one. This is in our hands and this report provides the means by which we can and must demand a recall.

The files are all large, so please be patient when downloading them – it will take time.

1) http://tinyurl.com/SMFireReport

2) http://tinyurl.com/AppendixWSpreadsheet

3) http://tinyurl.com/SuperReportDataVol-ISupporting Documentation (cont’d)  (N-W)

4) http://tinyurl.com/SuperReportDataVol-IISupporting Documentation (A-M)

5) Addenda







BC Hydro Answers & Sharon Noble’s Response Back:


BC Hydro Comments & Sharon Noble’s Response Back – https://stopsmartmetersbc.com/bc-hydro-response-to-bcuc-request-for-comment-on-ms-nobles-correspondence-re-smart-meter-fires-report-october-20-2017/

Press Release – https://stopsmartmetersbc.com/press-release-bcuc-smart-meter-fires-september-21-2017/

 Additional important information & links re smart meter fires:

44 thoughts on “BCUC & Smart Meter Fires: The Failure to Protect”

  1. Great work Sharon! Wow I still cannot believe with all your work and information, and tireless work I am sure, that people are not waking up to there safety is at a high risk. When an insurance company won’t insure a house for fire without a CSA approved heating unit people, imeadiatly everyone Canada wide put a CSA approved heating unit in there homes. Why because it lowers the risk of your home burning down. And still the people that are concerned are quite few about this igniter/smartmeter installed to there homes, and businesses. As a Red Seal Welder I am qualified to weld at CSA and CWB level and have certified many things in my career. But I Would Never Certify The Smart Meter! Because it poses a risk to everyone’s lives. And the cost of lives is what started the CSA approval standard many years ago. And I am trained and will uphold the standard to save people’s lives. And I will keep the SM off of my house! So far so good. Best of luck Sharon and a pat on the back for great work Thanks…

  2. Thanks so much for your kind words, Jon. And thank you for sharing your professional opinion. Now comes the hard part — we must put pressure on the govt and the BCUC so that they do what is right, do their jobs which is to work for us, to protect us. We all need to write, call and visit the offices, over and over. The evidence is clear but unless we demand a recall it won’t happen and the evidence will be ignored. Jon, would you agree to allow me to share your comment in my update? Please let me know, will you, by emailing me at dsnoble@shaw.ca

  3. Thank Sharon for the ideas. I will create a letter and send it. I can’t afford to make calls but I can write. But until the parliment legislation changes, the BCUC are powerless against BC Hydro. Even though it is there job, the legislation protects them from looking into any complaints. I feel the letter should go to my MLA and Horgan because they have the power to change this legislation. The BCUC hands are tied. But I will send them a letter too. Until the legislation is changed we are powerless. No pun intended lol.

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