Smart Meter Maker Plans to Illegally Sell Your Data. Sharon Noble – The Goddard Report with Jim Goddard by talkdigitalnetwork – October 11, 2018

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(audio 30:34) Smart Meter Maker Plans to Illegally Sell Your Data. Sharon Noble – The Goddard Report with Jim Goddard – October 11, 2018 by talkdigitalnetwork – YouTube – October 11, 2018:
(BC Premier Horgan to face picket lines over Smart Meter issues.


(podcast 30:17) October 11, 2018 | Smart Meter Maker Plans to Illegally Sell Your Data – The Goddard Report with Jim Goddard – – October 11, 2018:


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The Goddard Report Video Archives of Interviews with Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters re Smart Meters and Health Issues from Wireless Technologies:


See BCUC & Smart Meter Fires Report (July 2017):

2 thoughts on “Smart Meter Maker Plans to Illegally Sell Your Data. Sharon Noble – The Goddard Report with Jim Goddard by talkdigitalnetwork – October 11, 2018”

  1. Apparently I am required to have a smart meter installed on my property. There are no analogues left even though I had a replacement analogue only 2 yrs. ago?
    Notification by mail came Nov. 2 to me and I left a voice message with my concerns.
    I need to be on my property before any replacement occurs and I will be in Mexico Nov. 7 to Nov. 22.

    1. Many people all over the province received this form letter from BC Hydro
      signed by Gord Doyle, Senior Manager, Customer Service Operations.

      If you decide to accept a radio-off smart meter, you should:

      1. Write to BC Hydro’s “Gord Doyle, Senior Manager, Customer Service Operations” (and Cc: “Attorney General David Eby” , “BCUC” , “Chris O’Riley” , “Ken G. Peterson” ) and tell them you need to make an appointment so you are at home to turn all power off to your house (at the electrical panel) before the meter exchange.

      2. You should have an Electrician install a whole house power surge protector. Digital meters do not provide surge protection like the analog meters.

      3. Consider moving the meter off your home. This will entail having an Electrician help you arrange to purchase your own power pole, install new the new meter, re-connect the power lines to BC Hydro pole. You’ll need a quote from the Electrician and BC Hydro. This will cost money! Not everyone can afford to do this.

      4. We just had our neighbour’s radio-off meter measured for RF. A distance of 1 metre / 3 feet gave negligible readings at this particular house.
      However, this home was using Wi-Fi and a cordless phone, so they had to be unplugged before the meter readings could take place. The neighbour was told that their Wi-Fi and cordless phone gave very, very high readings!

      5. Write to “Attorney General David Eby” (and Cc: “BCUC” , “Chris O’Riley” , “Ken G. Peterson” , “Gord Doyle, Senior Manager, Customer Service Operations” ) about your forced BC Hydro Meter Exchange and question the legality of Itron Smart Meters being used, without your (or any customer’s) consent, for other business purposes on your private home. Tell him you do not give them permission to do so. They are to only collect consumption of electricity.

      6. We are all being treated without any democratic rights or respect by BC Hydro, BCUC and the provincial government. We need to write to them all so that it is on record, in their files, that we do not consent and that what they are doing is wrong and illegal.

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