Massachusetts Says NO to Smart Meters. Sharon Noble – The Goddard Report with Jim Goddard – May 15, 2018

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(audio 30:51) Massachusetts Says NO to Smart Meters. Sharon Noble – May 15, 2018 – The Goddard Report with Jim Goddard by talkdigitalnetwork – YouTube – May 15, 2018:
(BC Ferries WiFi Health Risk)

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(podcast 30:08) May 15, 2018 | Massachusetts Says NO to Smart Meters – The Goddard Report with Jim Goddard – – May 15, 2018:


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See BCUC & Smart Meter Fires Report (July 2017):

The Goddard Report Video Archives of Interviews with Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters re Smart Meters and Health Issues from Wireless Technologies:

One thought on “Massachusetts Says NO to Smart Meters. Sharon Noble – The Goddard Report with Jim Goddard – May 15, 2018”

  1. Mrs. Noble kept repeating how every official or government agency, that has been informed of the dangers to the public, ‘have done nothing’. It is a refrain, not just from Mrs. Noble, but from all who have gone out to fight against this monster.

    To fight against this we’re told that we need to write letters to our representatives and to petition them to hear us out and to do their jobs of protecting the public. But they never do, or if they do say even the smallest of thing in support of caution, they tend to lose their jobs.

    It is painfully obvious to me that these people, our representatives and those who work in health organizations simply are not going to do anything contrary to the agenda. No matter even if they agree that there is a problem. It seems that ‘doing the right thing’ has gone out of fashion and out of our culture some time ago.

    Until the officials who have been entrusted to protect the public (and paid handsomely by our tax dollars to do so) are held personally accountable for their actions or inactions, nothing will ever change. If these jobs we made toxic to hold then those who are running this agenda from the top will have a hard time filling these positions and getting these people to be useful idiots.

    It seems that they have plainly spoken and said that they can be bought. If they know about the damage and dangers and remain quiet because they fear losing their paycheck then they need to be motivated with a loss greater than their paycheck.

    That may sound harsh but if they are not willing to do the research to do their job properly and/or are willing to look the other way for a paycheck while the entire population is being harmed, they no longer deserve the benefit of the doubt.

    They apparently have no qualms about hurting others for gain and need to be held accountable.

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