2018-04-06 Excellent media coverage of cell phones, cancer and how industry hides the truth

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1)    Some media are trying to inform the public about the risk of EMR and the way industry is working to hide the truth from its customers.  Several excellent pieces that should be shared widely. 

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How the Wireless Industry Convinced the Public Cellphones Are Safe & Cherry-Picked Research on Risks   Part 1.  Video (59 minutes) and transcript.

“Ninety-five out of every 100 American adults owns a cellphone today. And worldwide, three out of four adults now have cellphone access. The wireless industry is one of the fastest-growing on Earth, raking in annual sales of $440 billion in 2016. But are cellphones safe? A new investigation by The Nation suggests that’s a question that cellphone giants prefer you don’t ask. We speak with Mark Hertsgaard, The Nation’s environment correspondent and investigative editor. His report, co-authored with Mark Dowie, is headlined “How Big Wireless Made Us Think That Cell Phones Are Safe.””


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How Big Wireless War-Gamed the Science on Risks, While Making Customers Addicted to Their Phones   Part 2. Video (20 minutes) and transcript.

“We continue our conversation with Mark Hertsgaard, The Nation’s environment correspondent and investigative editor, who co-authored a major new exposé, “How Big Wireless Made Us Think That Cell Phones Are Safe.” He discusses how wireless companies “war-gamed the science” by funding friendly studies and attacking critical ones; the potential dangers of the pending expansion of 5G with the “internet of things”; the role of the telecommunications industry officials turned federal regulators; and how companies deliberately addicted customers to this technology through the addition of social media.” 


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On Point on public radio really excellent interviews with Hertsgaard and Jerry Phillips, another researcher who has spoken out about his research. The interview audio is at the top near the title. And the industry’s shameful, deceptive response is in the article.

The Connection between Cellphones and Cancer

Statement from CTIA, the wireless industry association:

“We were pleased to see this acknowledgement in the Nation’s article: ‘This article does not argue that cell phones and other wireless technologies are necessarily dangerous; that is a matter for scientists to decide.’ We agree. That’s why the wireless industry follows the guidance and regulations issued by the FDA, the FCC, and other experts when it comes to cellphones and health effects. Following numerous scientific studies conducted over several decades, the FCC, the FDA, the World Health Organization, the American Cancer Society and numerous other international and U.S. organizations and health experts continue to say that the scientific evidence shows no known health risk to humans due to the RF energy emitted by cellphones.

The evidence includes analysis of official federal brain tumor statistics showing that since the introduction of cellphones in the mid-1980s, the rate of brain tumors in the United States has decreased.


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In case you missed it last week, when this was in an update [2) https://stopsmartmetersbc.com/2018-03-29-how-industry-uses-disinformation-to-sell-their-products-a-great-read/], here is the article that was in The Nation written by Hertsgaard and Dowie.



2)    Yesterday, voters in a small town [Wayland] in Massachusetts voted down having wireless water smeters for many reasons (unfortunately, health does not seem to be one of them) after voting for other significant environmental improvements. Wish we were given the right to vote on our environmental issues, including smeters.

STOP – Do Not Install a Smart Water Meter at this Property – http://www.electrosmogprevention.org/stop-ca-smart-meter-news/smart-water-meter/

“Voters declined to spend $1.3 million on a wireless water meter reading system but said Yes to every other motion before them before Annual Town Meeting which ended on Thursday night.

As a result, historic structures will be preserved and scenic places improved. The Planning Board will have a bit more control and flexibility in handling large projects.

ARTICLE 22 underscored Wayland’s commitment to fight climate change by emphasizing energy and carbon savings in new municipal building and renovation projects. Town Meeting supported the Energy and Climate Committee proposal 271 to 38.

ARTICLE 23 will provide $1.575 million to improve obsolete heating and cooling systems at the Town Building. The R22 refrigerant used for many years will be banned in 2020, so new equipment expected to last 15-20 years will save Wayland from paying high prices for remaining stocks of the chemical. Multiple heat pumps devoted to different zones in the building will also reduce the incidence of overheated or over-cooled rooms that had led to energy-wasting window opening by uncomfortable occupants.

But ARTICLE 24, Advanced Water Meter Reading Infrastructure, went down to defeat, 173-260. The $1.3 million project struck many voters as too advanced for their tastes. Among the arguments against installing a small gray plastic box on every customer’s house: We can read our meters now, so why pay for a wireless system; people who opt out of the wireless system would lose the right to seek abatements; data hacking concerns; the system is too high-end (instead of several antennas around town linked to the DPW, Sudbury uses a cheaper drive-by wireless system); money could be spent better on a second water storage tank.




https://www.wayland.ma.us/sites/waylandma/files/uploads/2018_atm_warrant_to_post.pdf (p.93/170)]


Sharon Noble
Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

“Condemnation without investigation is the height of ignorance.”
~ A. Einstein 


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