2018-04-28 Wireless charging is now a reality.

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1)    In January, the FCC certified wireless charging – “saves people the problem” of having to plug in to charge gadgets.  Coupling with a Canadian company to put this into material!! The RF can be sent several meters through walls, etc. with a signal strong enough to power several gadgets at a time.  It just keeps getting more and more horrific.

On Fox News  – WattUp® is “FCC CERTIFIED”

The impact of wireless-charging advances

– http://energous.com/technology/transmitters/
(video 02:55) The impact of wireless-charging advances by Fox News – January 08, 2018:
(Energous CEO Stephen Rizzone on the potential impact of the company’s wireless-charging technology.)


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– http://energous.com/technology/receivers/

Wireless charging over distance just got a boost

– https://www.computerworld.com/article/3269044/mobile-wireless/wireless-charging-over-distance-just-got-a-boost.html

Companies developing wireless charging that can be projected up to several meters away have partnered with electronics industry stalwarts, paving the way for actual product shipments this year.


Martha Stewart recommends it:

“Martha Stewart understands the frustrations of tangled up charging cords. Hear her 7 tips on how to organize your kitchen on The Today Show…she also mentions #Energous Corporation’s true #wirelesscharging!”


2)    An excellent opinion piece written to help educate people about the dangers of RF in advance of a debate re. 5G in St. Lucie, Florida, the same community where more than 30 people have developed glioblastomas.


5G ‘Revolution’: Don’t give up right to say no to massive radiation increase

“Throughout human history, technological innovations have caused big changes to our societies — some for better, some for worse, but all occurred without foreknowledge of consequences. 

With the Industrial Revolution, we began altering the biogeochemistry of the planet’s atmosphere, with a direct-line consequence of warming the oceans. That we have lost more than 50 percent of coral reefs is just one example of the unanticipated consequences of fossil-fuel dependent technology.  

We are on the precipice of another global technological revolution. This time full-throated warnings are being sounded, but the vast majority of people are not yet aware.”


GBM of St Lucie – Glioblastoma Support Group of St Lucie County, Florida
– https://www.facebook.com/groups/1362956610476542/


3)    A video discussion (with partial transcript) with Barrie Trower, who worked with MI5 in the UK and has investigated the radiation attacks of the embassy in Moscow.  It has been his goal, since he retired, to educate people about the dangers of microwave radiation.

Video: Barrie Trower with Richie Allen on 5G and Microwave Warfare

“So for the last 40 years the English government has been lying to the people. And the American, the Canadian, the Australian, they have been lying. They have been lying to protect industry, to protect their profits, to protect themselves from lawsuits. So they are really just liars and it is provable, sanctioned by the World Health Organization, without a shadow of a doubt. It is the same people sit on the ICNAP certificate, they sit on our governments health protection agencies, sit on the World Health Organization… it’s the same people. There are probably no more than 20 of them. But, yes, they are going to, in my opinion, commit the worst genocide this planet has ever known, not just people, but animals, plants. They are probably going to cause more destruction than a global war, and in several hundred years time, people will look back,… and look back at what we did to stop them.””


(audio 39:07) Barrie Trower 5G Will Devastate Humanity But Those Behind It Are Above The Law! by Mariann Bakken – YouTube – March 31, 2018: – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MnArQm2Bxo4


– https://www.blackpress.ca/about-us/

From: Ron Ramsey  (name given with permission)
To: rebecca@blackpress.ca; coconnor@blackpress.ca; dave.hamilton@blackpress.ca; andrew.jakubeit@penticton.ca; Helena.Konanz@penticton.ca; Andre.Martin@penticton.ca; Max Picton; Tarik.Sayeed@penticton.ca; Judy.Sentes@penticton.ca; Campbell.Watt@penticton.ca; MR mayor; bonnie.henry@gov.bc.ca
Sent: April 28, 2018
Subject: Fear Monger Editorial


Re: Penticton Western News April 20, 2018 Editorial ‘Let’s Look at the Facts’

Dear Legislators, Doctors, and Councillors:

I am writing concerning the ‘Penticton Western News’ (Black Press) editorial (pasted in below) of April 20, 2018 entitled ‘Let’s Look at the Facts’ with a subtitle ‘Lack of evidence doesn’t stop fear mongers’. While this editorial may appear of peripheral interest, it directly concerns us all.

As it should, the editorial title itself tells the story… a group of self-serving ‘fear mongers’ have twisted the facts (that the editorial is somehow privy to) and wishes to spread fear. This abusive editorial is in response to a recent presentation to Penticton City Council by a group of concerned individuals regarding the potential for adverse health effects from emerging ‘5G’ microwave technologies.

City councils receive many citizen presentations on a wide variety of topics. I assume many are well-researched and some are not. Among the thousands of presentations given to councils each year, it is highly significant that a community media outlet would go out of its way to not only single out this particular topic, but to bully the participants with name-calling and what essentially amounts to a form of public shaming.

The editorial is written with the dismissive attitude of someone with expert-level knowledge of the safety of electromagnetic radiation, remarkable considering ‘5G’ is new and completely untested and since no proof of safety exists, anywhere. It suggests the citizen presenters are fearmongers which should be silenced for the good of society, lest listening to them give them credibility and a platform for their paranoia. It suggests Council fulfill their tiresome public duties by appeasing them, then summarily dismiss their ‘offbeat’ ideas. Like an outbreak of typhoid fever, let’s snuff out the poisonous thoughts quickly lest they spread. What monumental arrogance.

The citizens besmirched by the editorial were, after all, not advocating repulsive sexual practices or demanding action on UFO abductions. They were simply presenting, in good faith, their legitimate concerns, shared all over the world by citizen groups and thousands of scientists, over a new and untested technology being unleashed on them and their families without consultation. But the telling difference here, although we are strongly discouraged at all levels of society from seeing it, is the subject at the core of the presentation.

‘Wireless’, we are told, is the future of human society. To question that edict casts one into a social stigma akin to having open smallpox sores. The editorial uses words like ‘next stage of the evolution’, ‘promises’, ‘progressing’, ‘manifold benefits’. “We need wireless if we are to progress into the future” is the message. But the real thrust of the editorial is not translated into words.

Usually subtle, but handled with the dexterity of clumpy flatulence in this editorial, is the implication that good citizens do not question ‘wireless’ (aka ‘the future of our economy’). These are the 1950’s communists reincarnated as tinfoil hats. Persecution is not only warranted, but publicly encouraged by our ‘free press’. Who, by the way, are usually owned by and in any case make a great deal of money selling advertising on behalf of wireless companies.

There is no mention in the editorial of the fact that 200+  top-level international scientists who specialize in microwave research have recently petitioned the World Health Organization on an urgent basis for precautionary changes to reduce public wireless exposure levels. Apparently they, and thousands of other knowledgeable scientists who have signed similar petitions in the last two decades, also have ‘offbeat’ fear-mongering tendencies and require silencing. The official lie condoned by industry and a short-sighted media is that never-before experienced levels of chronic microwave radiation from untested technologies cannot possibly be harmful. One needs to ask…who benefits from such silence?

If this technology is so safe, why would such a vicious name-calling response to inquiring citizens be necessary? Why would the newspaper pick this topic out of hundreds of others? Why would an editorial to shame them be needed? Why would the newspaper even care that citizens are concerned about this topic? Why wouldn’t the telecommunication companies simply agree to a public forum and explain to these misguided individuals the error of their ways? The very fact that this council presentation, which likely would have gone unnoticed, drew such a grossly disproportionate response reveals a great deal of the motivations behind the response.

The editorial assures us that the many studies that show ‘no harm’ prove no harm. But they don’t. Studies that show ‘no harm’ are in fact worthless, you and I could have produced them, and a great many are generated by the wireless industry as per the tobacco industry. The average layperson who has not investigated the manipulation of science is simply unable to comprehend of the level of malfeasance, lies, and deception rampant in this area.

In 2015 Dr. Richard Horton, then editor-in-chief of the ‘Lancet’, considered the most prestigious medical journal, admitted that half the studies in the publication were simply false. Just lies. Want a study showing ‘no harm’ from wireless? If you have the cash it’s not a problem. The $4 trillion wireless industry is brimming over with studies they funded showing ‘no harm’.  Only the studies that show harm are important and must be respected, and there are many of them currently being ignored by Health Canada and our other public health agencies ‘captured’ by the industry they supposedly regulate. The ‘Brazil Study’ by A.C. Dode, one of many examples, clearly shows substantial increases in cancer rates in persons living close to cell towers. But let’s not mention that. It’s a taboo topic.

The wireless industry, as shown by their annual reports and the fact that two of the largest insurance companies in the world have recommended against providing them with personal liability insurance for the wireless products you probably use, are well aware of the potential dangers. But they are determined you won’t be. They know the science battle is one they can’t win on a level playing field, so they employ all means, like the asbestos and tobacco industries did, to discourage you from investigating or learning the truth. They know the best defense is a good offence, and by striking the shepherd the sheep will disperse. Any person pointing out potential dangers, whether scientist or citizen, is eligible for personal or professional attack, including the type of public slap down this editorial delivers.

It is below the mandate newspapers who claim to be operating in service to a community to be used in such a manner. It is far past time for the Provincial Health Office, which has lowered itself to a marketing resource for the wireless industry with its studied silence on the matter, to stop betraying the health of the citizens of this Province. There is overwhelming evidence suggesting harm if one looks only at independently-funded studies, and certainly far more than is necessary to trigger the ‘Precautionary Principle’ which Canada subscribed to (in a legendary example of hypocrisy) at the Wingspread Conference of 1998.

The Provincial Health Office needs to be completely removed from the political manipulation of government and its ‘smart meter’ type agendas that require their silence. The Provincial Health Officer should be completely immune from politics and able to speak freely on any health-related topic without fear of dismissal. Under the current system, the office better serves the wireless and chemotherapy industries than public health.

The Penticton citizens who made this presentation are performing a public service in a vacuum created by the failure of our public health system coupled with the willful blindness of legislators at every level. They are sounding an alarm all of us should pay attention to.

Maybe these citizens are wrong. But if they are, so are thousands of scientists around the world. And even if you don’t agree with them, they are representing your right to free expression and to question authority. It is a reflection of the sad state of our corporatocracy that truth and leadership no longer comes from the top, but bubbles up from the bottom where it’s been relegated, assuming it’s not strangled in infancy by our grotesquely misnamed ‘news media’. It now appears to be only individual citizens and small community groups, untainted by corporate influence, who have the courage to speak it.

An apology should be issued by the Penticton Western News. And Penticton Council should take this citizen presentation seriously and do their due diligence, which means looking beyond the Provincial Health Office and Health Canada for convenient answers.

Thank you for your consideration.

Ron Ramsey


Sharon Noble
Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”
~ Margaret Mead.


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