2018-04-29 Good interview re magnetic fields

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1)    An online conference aimed at environmental toxins and sensitivities. Free registration.

Environmental Sensitivities Awareness Day – May 12, 2018


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[Environmental Health in Hospital – A Practical Guide for Hospital Staffhttp://www.aseq-ehaq-en.ca/treatment.html]

2)      Dr. Mercola interviews Dr. Paul Héroux aabout magnetic fields and their harmful effects on human health. There are both a 59 minute video and a transcript.

Dr. Paul Héroux

Researcher Explains How Electromagnetic Fields Damage Your Health

““It’s true that frequency influences the effects,” Héroux says, “but basically … I could, using an electric field or a magnetic field, produce the same effect in a cell. Most higher frequency signals have enough low-frequency components to have a lot in common with low-frequency components… 

“I think the damage is serious to cells and is extensive. I believe, like Milham does, that cancer rates have been influenced by these chronic exposures … [T]he International Agency for Research on Cancer … confirms a connection between childhood leukemia and fields of, say, 100 nT [1 milligauss]. So, if you have children, make sure they are not exposed to high magnetic fields a lot of the time. 

In other words, make sure their beds are not near a baseboard heater. If you can, get an inexpensive instrument and make sure your young children are not at three- or fourfold risk of leukemia because of this uncontrolled agent that we have in your houses.””



(video 03:01) Dr. Mercola Interviews Paul Héroux on the Health Effects of Magnetic Fields – Mercola 1/2 – YouTube:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?list=PL7YKya_R1ROuZqvzNL15uq7jIidlO7tsA&v=fskaH1l2DaM

(video 59:49) Dr. Mercola Interviews Paul Héroux on the Health Effects of – Mercola 2/2 – YouTube: – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PxwrgX_32XE&index=2&list=PL7YKya_R1ROuZqvzNL15uq7jIidlO7tsA

[Alasdair Philips, Electrical Engineer – http://www.powerwatch.org.uk/columns/aphilips/]

3)    From a member. Health Canada and other agencies that are supposed to protect us have consistently weakened guidelines to the benefit of corporations. It’s time to begin a campaign to demand that real science be the guideline, not corporate profit.

Shame on Health Canada!

“In this article from 2014, by Frank Clegg, it mentions that Health Canada removed one very significant sentence: 

“Certain members of the general public may be more susceptible to harm from microwave exposure”


This is nothing more than an orchestrated corporate cover-up!  Public Health has become a pathetic side show.

Has our group questioned this collusion in the past?  Perhaps this question should be revived by our members.”


Sharon Noble
Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

The absence of evidence of hazard is not proof of safety”
~ says Dr. Devra Davis


Smart Meters, Cell Towers, Smart Phones, 5G and all things that radiate RF Radiation