2017-02-24 – Exposure to 900 MHz (the same used by smeters) harms DNA of plants

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1)    In many states, the cell industry is trying to get legislation in place that eliminates any local/municipal/public involvement or possibility for input re. siting of microcells (aka DAS)

Laws Promoting Small Cells Blossom in States”


2)    A YouTube with Kevin Mottus and Dr. David Carpenter speaking about microcells, warning about 5G. We need to encourage people like Thom Hartmann to have more programs like this. I hope you will consider commenting on the YouTube and/or emailing Thom directly:  thom@thomhartmann.com

Will Your New Cell Phone Give You Cancer” 

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c9gHSdWGazU   (14 minutes)

3)    Important Non-smeter.   A member has found some dangerous products, e.g. asbestos,  in his own home and has shared information below in “Tips”.

4)    Shameful that people in Ontario are suffering from the high costs of energy. How many are like this in BC?

Ontario senior puts truck up for sale, leaves rental home over hydro costs”

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5)    A study shows that RF exposure can damage the DNA of plants when exposed to the same frequency used by smeters.

“Present study was under taken to predict the possible DNA damages (genotoxicity) and carcinogenicity caused by radiofrequency radiations (RF) to living tissue. Dry seeds of chickpea were treated with GSM cell phone (900 MHz) and laptop (3.31 GHz) as RF source for 24 and 48 h….

The damage of DNA or genotoxicity is an important consideration, because it has a potential to cause irreversible changes to genes and even cancer…”


6)    I’ve been told that CBC is continuing its 20 year coverage about brain tumors and cell phones. They are looking for info on people who have suffered or who are suffering from brain tumours. If you know of anyone, would you please let me know.

Send info to:  director@stopsmartmetersbc.com with “brain tumours” on the subject line.

7)    In Maryland, people forced a withdrawal of companies’ plans to install microcell transmitters in their residential areas. This is what needs to be done everywhere – organize and speak out. Force your Council to stand with you. Many are signing contracts without any public input. This should not be happening.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UABsTk17bEI   (2 minute video)


Asbestos Warning!

A member has just discovered that there may be asbestos in the following products.  Before removal/renovations, you should take small samples (ID and put into ziploc baggies) to a laboratory to get tested:

– drywall mud

– linoleum

– plaster/stucco

As well, between 2004-2009 some drywall was imported from China and because they used fly ash in the formula, it is corrosive and gas-off can cause severe respiratory problems.  Some of this drywall was stamped “Made in China” and some had no stamp at all.


Asbestos was used in a wide variety of products. Brake linings, car clutches, insulation, asbestos cement water pies, furnace duct tape, linoleum (tile as well as sheet), linoleum glue, drywall mud, stucco, plaster, you name it.  The reason for its use was that it is extremely hard wearing, fireproof, had multiple uses and was abundant and cheap. The main hazard, when disturbed, is that fine fibers become airborne and are breathed in. Lung cancer can take as long as 40 years to develop. If a person smokes, the hazard increases accordingly.

The advice generally given is, if asbestos is solid and undisturbed to leave it alone, or cover it over. This is considered preferable over having it removed by professionals. If samples are needed, have a professional take the samples, or if someone wants to do it themselves, follow instructions carefully. Instructions can be found on the internet. Never vacuum asbestos dust. The fibers are so fine, that it will pass through the collector bag and come out of the other end.

We had our sheet linoleum tested by AREC Environmental Group (http://www.arecenvironmental.com/contact.html). There are many more testing labs in the Yellow pages. The linoleum glue needs to be tested separately. Of all our linoleum samples, two came back positive (20% content).  All our glue samples came back negative. Our linoleum was frayed in places, so we have decided to tape these edges with gorilla tape to contain the asbestos fibers and put clear packing tape over the gorilla tape to contain the smell from the gorilla tape glue. When we are ready to put down a new floor, we will put down a vapour barrier and nail a wooden floor over the whole mess. Sheet linoleum appears to be made up of three layers sandwiched together, an underlay, which in our two cases contains asbestos, a layer of a plastic type of substance which shows the pattern, and a clear layer, presumably to make it wax free.

Armstrong World Industries used asbestos long after it was well known that it was hazardous. In 2000, they went bankrupt because of litigation claims.

Gyproc Mud

Gyproc is a relatively inert material made of gypsum sandwiched between two layers of heavy paper.  Some older varieties have been known to contain formaldehyde. To the best of my knowledge, asbestos in gyproc is not usually a problem. However, the mud that is used to tape the seams can be. From personal experience, I know that asbestos-free mud was readily available in the 1970’s. One of the difficulties with this is, especially if it was a DIY job, that two different types of mud were used and it will make it hard to determine which was used where.

Again, take small samples of tape with some mud attached and have them tested.

Gyproc manufactured in China

Chinese drywall creating crisis – The issue of toxic Chinese drywall may well become the biggest environmental crisis to hit North American homeowners and builders in decades. by Bob Aaron – The Toronto Star – June 20, 2009:




Sharon Noble
Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

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