2017-02-25 RF levels from microcells appear to be increasing.

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1)    A member wrote this about microcells and the high levels of RF he found. The levels found at a distance from the home are many times higher than the BioInitiative Reports recommends but are a mere fraction of what is allowed by “Safety” Code 6.  It would be important to measure the level of RF in homes close to these things. On 2 storey homes, it is usually a bedroom that would receive the highest level.

A couple weeks ago, we metered micro transmitters from TELUS, fastened to power poles, in Campbell River.  Today, we measured the emissions again, with unbelievable results.  It was so surreal, that we drove back again for a second reading.

These were our readings 2 weeks ago: plus 5 mW/m2 to over 17 mW/m2

Today they reached new heights of: plus 33 mW/m2!!  Several others came in around 27 mW/m2!!   The lowest micro transmitters metered about 5 mW/m2.   There is nothing micro about these 24/7 emissions.

We were about 60 feet away, on the other side of the road.  The nearest home, near us, was about 70 feet behind, so I don’t think there was any influence.  We pointed the meter towards the microwave transmitter across the road. 

The house that has the transmitter in front was only about 40 feet away from the power pole, like most of the homes along this road.”

2)    Telecoms are joining to put invasive technology in San Diego, a first major test of IoT devices photographing, recording and tracking individuals without their knowledge or permission.

GE, Intel, AT&T team up to put cameras, mics in San Diego

General Electric will put cameras, microphones and sensors on 3,200 street lights in San Diego this year, marking the first large-scale use of “smart city” tools GE says can help monitor traffic and pinpoint crime, but raising potential privacy concerns.

Based on technology from GE’s Current division, Intel Corp and AT&T Inc, the system will use sensing nodes on light poles to locate gunshots, estimate crowd sizes, check vehicle speeds and other tasks, GE and the city said on Wednesday. The city will provide the data to entrepreneurs and students to develop applications.”


3)    One of the justifications for the “smart” grid is that it will help the environment. This has garnered support from environmental groups despite studies that show no savings have been realized in energy use. Now utilities are being asked to show that emissions from this grid are less than the previous one – and it’s not easy to do.

Illinois advocates, utility seek to quantify emissions benefits of smart meters

An experiment is underway in Illinois to answer a fundamental question about power grid modernization efforts: Does a smarter electric grid mean a cleaner one?…

Proving that theory can be complicated, and there has been little effort to document the greenhouse-gas reductions associated with smart-meter deployment….

Ameren Illinois, the state’s second-largest utility, has opposed adopting the same greenhouse gas metric. In an ongoing case before the Illinois Commerce Commission, the company says gathering the relevant data would impose an unnecessary burden on the company and, ultimately, ratepayers.”


4)    While most telecom companies try to hide the fact that their products are dangerous, there are a few ethical ones around. A member sent this article by a very large company:

Orange is a big telecom company in Europe and Africa. The information below is at this major telecom company’s website.

Not only these two points, and not only re kids, but please notice their points #4 and #5 at:


Another is Swisscom, a major telecom in Switzerland, who admitted the harm associated with Wi-Fi in this 2003 patent application. Please read pg. 1.


5)    Here is a YouTube of the hearing in Michigan held on Feb. 21 re. the Bill presented that would allow people to keep their analogs with no additional fee. There were some interesting testimonies (all limited to 3 minutes) and then the same lies and twists by the utility representative.


I highly recommend listening to the testimony of Rep. Glenn (4-10 minutes point). His concern is that civil rights are being infringed upon by the monopoly providing energy.

2:22 Rep Glenn introduces bill

4:00 vacates chair, introduces bill and Q and A

31:40 Pam Wallace – EHS

39:50 Bill Bathgate – Engineering

47:30 Duane RoddyFire Chief whose meter caught on fire
– watch him—Please note that Michigan uses the ITRON Centron meter, the same one used in BC.  The Chief never saw an analog catch or cause fire!

57:25 Mr. Tater – Constitutional Rights

1:03.40 Mr. Sheldon – Privacy
– mentions NIST study on smart meter output?

1:10 Former Rep Tom McMillon states that according to Pew Charitable Trust, 15 states allow retention of analogue


last witness

1:15  Steve Kermis – DTE
– says Canada is 100% deployed
– says that there have been no health issues in US with smart meters?
– says meters only transmit at night, a few seconds a day?
– meters cannot collect any data other than electricity consumed?

They ran out of time, Consumers Energy will be at the next hearing.
Published on Feb 23, 2017

House bill 4220 to uphold utility customer choice on meter type.
8 speakers in favor of bill.
1 speaker from DTE opposed to bill.
Part 2 of this hearing will take place March 07, 2017


I don’t know what it will take for Kendall to acknowledge any health effects, including EHS. He hides behind Health Canada and the WHO and fails to do his job. So many people have appealed to him about EHS and they get the same sort of letter, saying if new info comes forward, he will consider revising his opinion. He has been sent study after study and nothing is enough.

(click on photo to enlarge)

He is waiting for “proof”, as he told me, before he will employ the Precautionary Principle. The man does not understand that the PP is used to prevent harm when there is a risk of harm, before definitive proof is available. He has it all backwards, which is very dangerous for a public health doctor.

The “new” report from BCCDC on first glance appears to be the same old one that the BCCDC wrote in 2014 in response to our submitting 150 studies that Kendall had ignored. I will look to see if any more recent studies that show mechanisms, etc. (for example, the NTP report) have been included.

Sharon Noble


From: X
Sent: February 23, 2017
To: Health, HLTH HLTH:EX <HLTH.Health@gov.bc.ca>
Subject: Re: Ministry of Health Response 107977

Thank you for responding and acknowledging concerns for people with electrosensitivity, Dr. Kendall.
I realize that it isn’t easy in your position to take a stand without some definitive information from Health Canada to give you direction.
I would like to share with you my experience from yesterday. I seldom travel, but had occasion to go to Langley. For starters, on the ferry, I have to find a location to sit away from fluorescent lights, or, in the daytime, I go out on the deck.
On the way to Langley, I felt ill at ease, as soon as we were driving in the built up area of housing and industry. I recently bought a meter to detect RF and ELF energy, so turned it on. The light lit up on the second yellow dot for the ELF reading, indicating a dangerous zone, though not yet red. The light remained lit up throughout the drive on Hwy 10 to City Centre, which indicates to me that the city is buzzing with energy. I wonder how much energy is created by wireless Smart Meters in addition to the ELF in cities. I don’t need a meter to tell me, as I feel energy anyway. The meter simply corroborates my experience. Later, in a restaurant, where I was told they had no Wi-Fi, my head started to hurt, shortly after we sat down. Again, the meter lit up on the first yellow dot. I noticed electronics nearby, computer and a tv screen. We took our meal to eat out.
So, while you don’t have any definitive information from Health Canada, you do have my anecdotal experience, which I can only hope will remind you, when you have occasion to influence decisions, that attention needs to be given to the possibility that everyone’s immune system is being challenged. It takes years to break down one’s immunity, but the weakening of our health contributes to an increased burden on our medical health system. How many more cases of babies born with cancer will we witness, or simply how many more cases of weakened immune systems? Of course, it can also be an accumulation of various effects, toxins, adulterated foods, pollution, along with Wi-Fi and the ELF from electric motors, etc. But, we, as a society, need to take responsibility for all aspects, and not ignore one, because it only contributes a portion to a problem.
I have long said, and expressed to government, that prevention is a lot cheaper than having to deal with full blown illness. I wonder how many decades it takes for governments to listen. Or, is there a conflict of interest between paying heed to people’s concerns and inflicting hardship on the entrenched flourishing of the technological industry, allowed by governments?
It is increasingly plausible to think that there is a strong drive to find another planet, because this one is being industrialized and denuded from its natural state, rendering it less inhabitable for all life. I speak out for love of this planet Earth and all life on it. I hope that my efforts will contribute to much needed changes in our regard for the effects of increasing EMFs in our environment.

= = =

From: “Health, HLTH HLTH:EX” <HLTH.Health@gov.bc.ca>
To: X
Cc: “OfficeofthePremier, Office PREM:EX” <Premier@gov.bc.ca>
Sent: Wednesday, 22 February, 2017
Subject: Ministry of Health Response 1079776
Dear X
Thank you for your email of February 8, 2017, that has been referred to me by Premier Christy Clark’s office for response.
I am very sorry to hear about the health effects you’ve been suffering from in relation to electromagnetic radio frequency (EMRF) and exposure to Wi-Fi. The issue of EMRF hypersensitivity has been raised by many individuals in BC. While individual’s symptoms are obviously real, there is a paucity of reviewed scientific studies that can link exposure to symptoms in any consistently independently observable way. It is thus very difficult to give evidence based advice on what to recommend in response to these complaints.
This is obviously a controversial area for many. I have reviewed studies that have looked at the potential health impacts of radio-frequency emissions, and consulted with our health and environment specialists at the BC Centre for Disease Control (BCCDC) and Health Canada. The BCCDC has recently published a report titled “2016 Review: Radiofrequency and Health” and it can be found at http://www.bccdc.ca/health-info/health-your-environment/electro-magnetic-exposures/radiofrequency
As for Health Canada’s Safety Code 6, it was updated in 2015 based on the scientific literature published and available up to August 2014. Exposure limits in Safety Code 6 are based on ongoing reviews of published scientific studies, both internal and external. Canada’s limits are consistent with the science-based standards used in places such as the USA, European Union, Japan, Australia and New Zealand.
Should new scientific evidence become available on the harms of EMRF, I assure you that I would revise my opinion and lobby for change to safety code 6.
P.R.W. Kendall
Provincial Health Officer
pc: The Honourable Christy Clark, Premier of British Columbia



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