2017-02-27 A victory in Calif — report re. cell phone risk must be released

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1)    A major win for the good guys.  California is fighting the public’s right to know about the risk of cell phone use. A Judge ordered release of the report. This is info that could lead to real public awareness related to smeters, Wi-Fi, etc. too.  Is the wall beginning to crumble?  Thank you,, Joel Moskowitz.

February 26th, 2017: NEWSCAST – A Must watch! California State Continues To Refuse To Release Records On Cell Phone Radiation: Julie Watts follows up on investigation into the state Department of Public Health not releasing documentation on cell phone radiation.



2)    School rooms can be easily wired so that all students have easy access to safe internet. One of the arguments principals and trustees give for having Wi-Fi in rooms is that kids could trip on cables. This method eliminates that and would allow safe, efficient, secure use of devices in a classroom. The estimated cost is $500 per room. The School Board will argue that is too expensive, but if the parents were informed about the risk and given a choice, I bet most would be willing to pay $20 or less to protect their child. This should be presented to every teacher, principal and trustee – along with some studies. There is no reason not to protect kids and teachers by wiring the school room.

Eliminate Immediate and Latent Radiofrequency Radiation (RFR) Hazards from Classrooms


3)    An Apple iPhone burned up. Another instance of a lithium battery burning.  Here is the article but the video in the article doesn’t work.  The video is available separately at:



A dramatic video of a smoking iPhone 7 Plus is really freaking Twitter out.

4)    An announcement from our friends in the Shuswap area. Last year, more than 2,000 attended this wonderful event.

VERNON AREA COME JOIN US – Annual Shuswap Seed Swap and Natural Living Fair March 4th 10am-4pm at the Splatsin Community Centre.

Hi Folks

Hope many of you will drop by our CST booth (on the second floor).

Keep spreading wireless awareness wherever you can.

The 5G and Microcells could soon be in our communities.

Do research these (eg Google Natural News – FCC Abandons Safety…)

Contact everyone that could make a difference re this matter.

   ~ CST – Shuswap North Okanagan~

5)    Security of the power grid is a major concern which is not being addressed to the point where availability to electricity is ensured.  As more of the grid becomes wireless, it becomes harder to protect it.  And every component must be made secure.





Cybersecurity of the power grid: A growing challenge”

“This approach will require the industry to ensure each new device it connects to the grid is protected, no matter how small or how big. We’ll also have to develop new systems that can detect anomalous grid communications and create more secure network architectures for critical grid control systems.”



On 2/26/2017,  X  wrote:

Dear Dr. Perry Kendall,

I have previously inquired about the safety of wireless radiation and children (there is a proposed cell tower to be erected less than 500m from my daughter’s school). In your reply, you reported: ’the great majority of scientific opinion is that this cell tower will not pose harm to your child’.

I have since looked into this further and searched for more evidence. I have come across a lot of research indicating that wireless radiation poses a health risk to humans and other living cells, but I have yet to find any studies that have concluded that it is safe. Many studies, including the preliminary results from the National Toxicology Program (NTP), indicate that there is a concern for children to be exposed to wireless radiation. In fact, the NTP study looked specifically at non-thermal levels of wireless energy at sub-chronic exposure (10 minutes on / 10 minutes off for 9 hours a day) and found that the wireless energy causes biological effects, including cancer. These findings are for intermittent exposure of non-thermal wireless energy. At school, our children are exposed to Wi-Fi routers that continuously emit non-thermal energy. Non-thermal energy is considered ‘safe’ under Safety Code 6.

I am trying to understand why Health Canada, Industry Canada and our provincial government are not ensuring that my kids are safe while they are at school. Wi-Fi is in every school and cell towers are permitted to be operating within close proximity to our schools.

I would assume that if the majority of scientific opinion is that cell towers and other wireless devices are safe for our children, that there is evidence, such as systematic reviews and large randomized control trials, available that conclude and reinforce the safety of wireless radiation. I was wondering if you can please send me information as to where I can find scientific evidence that wireless energy / radiation is safe for my children.





Sharon Noble
Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

“A politician thinks of the next election. A leader thinks of the next generation.”
– Bernie Sanders 



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