2017-02-16 BC Hydro still installing “disabled” smeters that are sending RF signals

(audio 22:34) Are Radar Guns Mowing Down Pro Athletes? Sharon Noble – February 16, 2017 by Talk Digital Network – YouTube – February 16, 2017:

(Radar gun radiation same as school WIFI
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1)    I accidentally found what seems to be a very good series of YouTubes on Wi-Fi. I watched just the first of (5) 30-minute videos, and it really is excellent – perfect to show to people who are not aware of the dangers associated with Wi-Fi that is being put into every school, exposing every child every school day.


2)    In Michigan, a State Representative has been working to have a Bill supported that will allow people to have a choice to keep their analogs (without an opt-out fee). The first meeting was recorded and you can hear his initial remarks at about 12:30 point.


We desperately need to push our politicians to recognize our rights in the same manner until we get these fire hazards recalled.

3)    Devra Davis is asking for attention to be given to prevention of cancer in the first place rather than spending billions on treating it. Industries and cancer agencies are based on treating while little is done to prevent it.

“…rates of childhood cancer today are 50 percent higher than when the war began.  Still taking into account the older age and larger size of our population, cancer deaths overall have fallen just five percent —most of this due to declines in smoking.

By now it is clear that curing cancer has nothing in common with what was involved in tapping existing technologies to place Neil Armstrong on the moon.  In fact, for more than fifty years we have known a lot about how to prevent cancer from developing.”


4)    Brain tumors in baseball players (primarily pitchers and catchers) and tennis players – could radar be the cause?


(click on photos to enlarge)

Gary Carter eventually developed a very aggressive form of terminal cancer in his brain that led to his tragic, untimely death. The type of cancer is known as glioblastoma. Brain cancer seems to be increasingly prevalent in our society and even more so in some sports. Baseball, in particular seems to be the sport where the tumors are becoming the most prevalent. You would initially suspect that head trauma would be responsible and that contact sports like hockey or football would lead the way statistically. Oddly enough, that is not the case. Baseball players like catchers and pitchers seem to be the ones plagued by this dreaded disease.”


5)    The underground substation that BC Hydro wants to build under a school seems to be progressing without much input from parents and the community in general. Could it be because a government-appointed Trustee is on the School Board?  This article demands comments.

“The Vancouver school board, run by a government-appointed trustee following the province’s firing of the elected board last fall, says it will have a decision in late March.

“There’s no doubt in my mind this is a done deal,” said West End resident Larissa Rutquist, mother of seven- and three-year-old boys. “The process was way too rushed, it was not meaningful. The speed this happened demonstrated a lack of respect for the community.

“Now we’re faced with dealing with the park board and the school board. We need to focus and speak with a unified voice for the community.”


6)     BC Hydro seems to be continuing to install smeters with the “disabled” transmitters still emitting RF signals. Many of their explanations for the problems make no sense. One member has shared a long stream of emails with and from BC Hydro about his experience. Please see it below. I would encourage anyone who might be concerned to test the meter. If you don’t have an RF meter, this method will give a good indication:


[Smart Meter with Radio-Off! Why’s it still broadcasting BC Hydro? – Vimeo – June 08, 2016:


Sent: February 15, 2017
To: customer.relations@bchydro.com
Cc: Jessica.mcdonald@bchydro.com; Patrick.wruck@bcuc.com; greg.reimer@bchydro.com; smartmeters@bchydro.com
Importance: High

February 5, 2017

Dear Ms. Fromyhr,

Thank you for your reply.  However, our questions have not been answered, at least not directly.  Your statements have made it obvious that our meter was (is?) transmitting otherwise you wouldn’t have been able to determine that it was defective.  A direct breach of trust!

The admission by BC Hydro that about 300 radio-off meters were in fact transmitting for up to 25 days is old news from 3 months ago (beginning of November) and by your own admission the problem has been going on for two years!   I quote from your own statement:

“Working with our meter vendor, Itron, we’ve investigated the issue and found the following:  

  • Dating back to January 2015, approximately 290 radio-off meters were “heard” by the Network Management System;
  • In all cases, contacts with these radio-off meters occurred for a maximum of 25 days after the meter installation; and
  • The affected meters had an older version of software installed and were de-energized between 25 and 50 days prior to installation (e.g., in a warehouse). 

The meters did not fully connect to BC Hydro’s communications network because the meters were correctly configured as radio-off in our communication and billing systems. As a result, no meter data was sent back.

BC Hydro and Itron confirmed that an error in a specific version of the meter software caused the affected meters, under specific conditions, to attempt to connect to the communications network for up to 25 days after installation at a customer’s residence. After 25 days, the meter’s radio functions become dormant and no longer attempt communications.

BC Hydro and Itron regret that because of this software error, meters we believed to be radio-off attempted communications of any duration. Now that we are aware of the issue and understand the conditions that trigger it, we have processes in place to ensure this does not happen going forward.  We are also working with Itron to ensure that this situation does not re-occur with future software versions.

So the problem has been occurring since January 2015 according to your own admission (whereas in your letter you say that you “recently discovered that a small number of….”).  IT IS NOW 2017 –  WHAT ON EARTH  HAVE YOU PEOPLE BEEN DOING FOR THE PAST 2 YEARS?

You say that you  “have processes in place to ensure that this does not happen going forward”.  And yet, when my meter was installed more than a month since the above admission, you obviously did not have these processes in place…..

The main issue here is not the transmission of data as you say, rather the fact that the meter has been sending FILTHY wireless signals inside our home in the form of microwave radiation which has been shown to be harmful by numerous peer-reviewed scientific studies.  There is no monetary refund that can make up for the damage caused to us by that radiation which has been classified as a 2B carcinogen and is currently under consideration to be upgraded.  You had no permission to install any wireless technology on our house, this is the problem!  You have proven once again that BC HYDRO is not only incompetent but cannot be trusted.  No wonder you are unable to read and understand scientific research.

Apart from all this, your letter also does not make any sense.  You say that our meter was exchanged on January 13 with one with the new firmware.  This is incorrect, our so called radio-off meter was installed back in December 2016 and was never replaced.  However, later you also said that you still require access to exchange our meter with one with the new configuration…????

In addition to this, if the meter stopped transmitting after 25 days anyway and if it works properly, why do we need to replace it now?  This also makes no sense.

In conclusion, your letter is full of inaccurate and old information and does not make any sense.  You need to provide us with:

–       clear, accurate and up-to-date information (not information from months or years ago)

–       and you need to clearly justify the need to replace our meter again at this point

–       we will keep on protecting our meter from unauthorized access and manipulations until we get a satisfactory explanation of the situation which at your current level of incompetence could take a VERY long time

We also require an appointment 1 week in advance if you absolutely and clearly prove to us that the meter must be replaced again as 24 hours notice is insufficient as you have been repeatedly told.  However, this whole problem could be fixed quickly if you buy an analog, WHICH WE WILL PAY FOR, and install it.  We repeat once again – WE DO NOT WANT YOUR WIRELESS FILTH.

In the meantime,  we remain

Yours faithfully,


sent from a secure, fast and safe wired computer

= = =

From: Customer, Relations [mailto:customer.relations@bchydro.com]
Sent: February 3, 2017
To: X
Cc: Customer, Relations <customer.relations@bchydro.com>

Dear X,

Thank you for your email on January 31, 2017 directed to our CEO, Jessica McDonald, regarding BC Hydro meter exchange for your premises. Your email has been forwarded to me and I have been asked to reply.

The radio in the meter at your premises has been disabled through a setting within the meter’s operation. With the radio turned off, the meter is unable to send or receive messages to or from BC Hydro’s network.

However, we recently discovered that a small number of radio-off meters, about 300, sent signals for a short period after they were installed. The signals were sent for a maximum duration of 25 days before they stopped, and simply let the network know that the meter had been installed successfully. They did not send BC Hydro any data about your account, nor did BC Hydro transmit data to the meter. The meter at your residence was one of these meters we have identified with this issue.

BC Hydro and meter manufacturer (Itron) confirmed through root cause analysis and meter testing that the underlying cause of this issue is a manufacturer’s defect specific to meters with Carbon 1 Register firmware, and only occurs if a radio-off meter is de-energized for 25 days or longer prior to re-energized.

The meter exchange that occurred at your home on January 13, 2017 was to replace the meter that had the older firmware, as noted above (Carbon 1 Register firmware), with a meter with the latest firmware (Carbon 2 Register Firmware).

We apologize that your meter did not reflect the expectation of your participation in the Meter Choices Program.  We will be issuing you an on-bill credit for one month of the radio-off charge ($20 plus GST) to all affected customers to compensate for the period that the meters did not function as expected, up to 25 days.

Letters are being sent to customers affected by this issue and you will receive the letter in the next week.

We require access to exchange the radio-off meter at your premises with another radio-off meter that has the new configuration.

To make arrangements to complete the exchange or if you have any further questions please contact our Customer Metering Team at 604-515-8797 or at 1-800-409-8199 on a week day between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m.


Pattie Fromyhr
Customer Relations

= = =

From: X
Sent: January 31, 2017
To: McDonald, Jessica
Cc: Reimer, Greg; Smart Meters

Subject: our “radio-off” meter
Importance: High

January 30, 2017

Dear Sir/Madam,

On January 13 somebody from BC Hydro showed up at our door – yet again, unannounced despite our numerous requests that people make proper appointments.  This unidentified person was wanting to exchange our radio-off meter which had just been installed in December 2016 –  a mere 1 month ago.  He said that the meter had “issues” but he could not specify what they were.   We have repeatedly made it clear that no one should be just “showing up at our door at their convenience”.  An appointment is required well in advance and NOT just the day before.

I had just come back home from overseas and said that he had to do it another time because I needed to have more information about this first.  Days later, I phoned the “smart meter program line” and Jessica explained to me that the issue was the outdated software of the meter and that they had no way of knowing before the meter is actually installed.

–       1.  What on earth are you doing installing outdated software and products especially when it involves placing hazardous materials on the side of people’s homes? 

–       2.  Why is someone permitted to do the work and without even knowing what they are doing or why on earth they are doing it?

I thought about this and now we have specific questions which I would like answered before I allow any further exchanges.

My questions are:

–       3.  How and when did BC Hydro discover that the software was outdated?  I was present at the installation and filmed the whole thing –  the meter seemed to display the proper messages and seemed to be operating correctly.  The panel correctly said that it was an “opt out” meter and “no RF”.

Now, if it’s true that the meter is not transmitting any information to BC Hydro and the meter needs to be read manually as Jessica confirmed on the phone

–       4.   How did BC Hydro find out that the software is outdated after it was installed? 

Also, the meters should be bench tested before being installed so BC Hydro should be aware of any issues beforehand.  This is yet another issue of incompetency.  Our lives are at risk as well as our property.  You must know that there have been more fires in the States recently where:

“25% (ie 500-1,000 homes were affected by fires and exploding meters due to a power surge”.  January 27,  2017
Tracey Zents, Director
Jefferson County Department of Emergency Services

This is not to mention the 80 homes in Palo Alto several years ago which burnt to a crisp due to Smart Meters and their combustible parts of plastic and lithium batteries and wireless technology – the exact same as “your Smart Meters”.  Never mind all the other fires because of Smart Meters around the world.  Is there any doubt about our fears?

I need a precise and satisfactory answer to these 4 questions before I can even consider allowing any further meter exchange given this latest fiasco by your company.  We now demand, as we have demanded, that we are given a digital meter with NO RF and your signed agreement that no wireless radiation will EVER be turned on now or in the future.  Failure by BC Hydro to write a confirmation about this, will be taken as acceptance with full responsibility taken by BC Hydro.

By the way, we know for a fact that the more frequently the meter is exchanged, the higher the risk that gaps are created at the base and therefore the higher the risk of arcs and fires.

I look forward to your prompt and precise answers to my questions.

Thank you.


sent from a secure, fast and safe wired computer



Sharon Noble
Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

“Condemnation without investigation is the height of ignorance.”
~ A. Einstein

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