2017-02-20 Pacemakers can be hacked.

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1)   Industry and people like Perry Kendall, and agencies like Health Canada, say that there is no convincing evidence that microwave radiation is dangerous, or that we need more studies. Many times I’ve referred to the hundreds of studies done decades ago and I’ve probably mentioned where you could find them. Recently, someone asked where to find them so here they are again – studies done by the US military, some done 50 years ago.



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http://www.magdahavas.com/  where Zory Glaser’s reports are stored.

2)   California Public Utility Commission [CPUC] can fine utilities who violate safety measures. It is not clear if this applies to smeters, but some are investigating. Really, if the utility knowingly installs a device which is faulty or dangerous, they should be held liable. BC Hydro and FortisBC know ITRON smeters have design flaws that can and will cause fires yet they do nothing. We need a law like this.


3)   An Australian group is sharing information as we are in an effort to educate as many people as possible about the dangers associated with wireless devices and the microwave radiation they emit. Here is their monthly newsletter.


4)    Someone in the USA is compiling a list of doctors (MDs and DOs) who are aware of/knowledgeable about EHS and EMFs.  If you know of one in BC or Canada, please send me the name and location. I will include a section on our website where these BC doctors are available for all.

Please send to:  dsnoble@shaw.ca  with “doctors” on the subject line.

5)   A Norwegian researcher warns about the dangers of having vulnerable devices, like pacemakers, connected to the internet.

“My pacemaker can be hacked and the personal data it contains stolen”, she says. “In the worst case, human error by a hacker could be fatal. Or I could become exposed to blackmail. We cannot trust this technology. We’re very vulnerable now that anything and everything can be connected to the internet”, she explains.”


6)   I sent this petition before but I would like to make sure everyone gets a chance to sign on. Having high-power lines in a residential neighbourhood is dangerous and this has been known for decades. Please consider signing and sharing.



Sharon Noble
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