2017-02-13 IoT and planned obsolescence & wireless tech. require huge amounts of energy

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1)    Airport security scanners must be avoided – many biological effects reported.  They use the same milliwave technology that 5G transmitters use – and these will be outside our homes in microcells.


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“At the microwave technology center in Malaysia, health subjects were exposed to microwave radiation between 20 — 38 GHz, the range in which the TSA scanners operate.

They found that millimeter waves penetrated the subject’s skin at depths of between 1.05 mm at 20 GHz to 0.78 mm at 38 GHz. This is enough to penetrate below the epidermal layer of the skin.

Millimeter waves have been reported to produce a variety of bioeffects, many of which are quite unexpected from radiation penetrated less than 1 mm into biological tissues.”


2)    More and more info is coming out about the huge increase in energy that is required by wireless technology. Many of the people who support smeters do so because they believe they will help the environment. Nothing could be further from the truth. People like Elizabeth May [Green Party] and the various environmental groups like the Sierra Club need to know this – and additional energy will be required as more and more devices are connected to the IoT.  I hope you will consider sending this to Elizabeth (Elizabeth.may@parl.gc.ca) and others who are concerned about our energy consumption and the environment.


““Data center electricity consumption is projected to increase to roughly 140 billion kilowatt-hours annually by 2020, the equivalent annual output of 50 power plants, costing American businesses $13 billion annually in electricity bills and emitting nearly 100 million metric tons of carbon pollution per year.”  (Please note these figures were compiled well before the IoE.)    Greenpeace International explains it this way : “If the Cloud were a country it would have the fifth largest energy demand in the world.”…

Perhaps the largest player in energy consumption of the IoE is that of (planned) obsolescence of all our technologies. Digital technologies generally need to be replaced every 1-3 years as Information and Communication Technologies evolve at an exceedingly fast pace.  The fact that our digital devices have such a short lifespan, exacerbates the problem of the excessive amount of energy used in their production. The all too familiar need to “upgrade” will become yet more of a drain on our energy as literally billions of connected devices, machines, and “things“ will recurrently become obsolete and discarded.”


3)    Info about RF radiation is being published in many and various journals.

“Over the next decade, numerous studies were conducted regarding the safety of RF radiation with varying results. Of particular importance was the work of researchers at the University of Kentucky who showed how exposure to wireless radiation could damage or even destroy brain cells (Zhao, et al, 2007).

Researchers in Samsun, Turkey published findings that rats prenatally exposed to cellphone radiation developed impaired learning and experienced damage to those parts of the brain involved in memory and learning (Inkinci, et al, 2013). In yet another study, rats prenatally exposed to wireless radiation had damaged spinal cords (Odaci, et al, 2013).

Regarding human impacts of wireless radiation, UCLA researchers (Divan, et al, 2008) studied 13,000 mothers and children and found that prenatal exposure to cellphones was associated with a higher risk for behavioural problems and hyperactivity in children.”



Sharon Noble
Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

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