2017-02-14 IoT is making our homes vulnerable through anything (even toys)

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1)    An article written some years ago by someone who receives these updates and is resisting the proliferation of RF. We need to learn how PR works and how industry uses it to mislead the public and customers about the safety of their products. Look at how BC Hydro has used the media to mislead us, the politicians, BCUC, etc.


2)    A demonstration of how the IoT makes our homes and security vulnerable.


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In the UK, a major cybersecurity centre opens.

“And even though the UK has not experienced a Category One attack – the highest level, an example of which would have been the theft of confidential details of millions of Americans from the Office of Personnel Management – there is no air of complacency at the NCSC’s new headquarters…

It is not just a crippling cyber-attack on infrastructure that could turn out the lights which worries officials, but also a loss of confidence in the digital economy from consumers and businesses, as a result of criminals exploiting online vulnerabilities.”


3)    In the USA, there is an increasing push to allow people to keep their analogs with no opt-out fee. We can’t even get BCUC to explain to us why we are paying the highest opt-out fees in North America and why we are not allowed to keep our analogs. All we get are lies from BC Hydro and the various agencies/people whose job it is to protect us and our civil rights.


4)    A member sent in this article about a Silicon Valley millionaire who became sensitive and is now trying to educate people. He hopes industry will stop denying the danger and, instead, begin to work to make safer products.

“A Stanford computer science major who has worked as a software designer for Excite, Silicon Graphics, and Netflix, he paid little mind to EMFs, which he once viewed as harmless and inevitable. His wife joined Google early on and now serves as its chief culture officer—founder Sergey Brin sometimes drops by the couple’s home sporting Google Glass. “I thought that anybody that talked about the health effects of EMFs was a complete idiot. I thought that they just were not science-y,” Sullivan recalls. But then he got sick…

By the time I met Sullivan in person, one bright day this past spring, he had regained the lost weight and was feeling good. A former Navy pilot who used to land fighter jets on aircraft carriers, Sullivan still has a military crispness in his posture and elocution. Having recently retired from tech at age 40, he now devotes most of his time to exposing the hazards of EMFs. He has even brought up the matter with a few high-ranking friends at Google. “This is the new smoking,” he recalls telling them. “It’s just like the beginning days, when the evidence is there and people aren’t catching on.”…

Sullivan says his anti-EMF advocacy should not be viewed as an affront to his fellow techies: “We are hoping that the industry, instead of being like tobacco and going through denial, will be more like the automotive industry and say, ‘Okay, we are just going to keep improving safety. We will sell you more stuff that is safer and lower power.’ And it will be a win for everybody.”


5)    From someone in the USA. I have not read this book:

Has anyone posted about the recent popular fiction book “The Bees” by Laline Paull (pp 158-162) where the protagonist bee is messed over by a cell tower, sees numerous dead bees below it, and nearly loses her own life?

Quotes from the book re her cell tower experience: “a pressure was building in her head”, “a dismal emanation transmitted from its core, like a prayer mumbled backward”, “a hideous power pulsed from the metal tree”, she tried to “break out of the prison circle in which she flew”, “the moaning tree sucked her back toward it”.

Just thought this might be another way to educate our brethren (& sistren) – and at least make them think about the effect on bees, if not humans. Check it out! (also it’s an amazing book, beautifully written, first published in 2014, paperback out 2015).


The appeal is at the link provided but there is no place to sign. I hope you will consider sending Dr. Hardell your name, town, country, etc. and sharing this letter with parents and teachers and friends. This is such an important issue.

From: Lennart Hardell <lennart_hardell@hotmail.com>
Date: February 14, 2017 at 7:32:51 AM PST
Subject: Reykjavik Appeal 


Concerned parents in Reykjavik will arrange a one day meeting on Feb. 24 regarding wireless use in schools.

The day will end with an appeal.

You are invited to sign the appeal, if possible.


It should be name, title and country
name, organization and country.

You may send the info to me and I will add it on the list.

Also other persons are welcome to sign?

Best wishes,
Lennart Hardell


Sharon Noble
Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

“A politician thinks of the next election. A leader thinks of the next generation.”
~ Bernie Sanders

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