2017-02-11 More about 5G that Telus doesn’t want us to know.

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1)    In Washington state, the industry is trying to figure out how to install 5G transmitters without having to get approval. Several cities have already changed laws to make this easier for industry. We need to get our Councils to implement siting policies that would force consultation and notification.

  • “A key to a 5G system would be “small cells” which are basically wireless transmitters, that would most likely be mounted on power and telephone poles.

That causes some problems. First, lots of equipment would be clustered together on a power pole, many utility lines are underground — meaning no poles are available to mount the small cells — and permits need to be obtained.

Victoria London, representing the Association of Washington Cities, told GeekWire that Spokane, Kirkland, Kenmore and Sammamish have already updated their local laws to deal with upgrading to a 5G system.”


2)    A very simple, short video explaining why Telus is putting microcells throughout the province and why industry wants 5G. One thing it doesn’t say is that no scientist can tell you what these higher frequencies (milliwaves) can do to living things.



3)    BC Hydro continues to prove that it is incompetent in addition to being a bully. Please see a letter below that a member wrote to BCUC, asking for help because BC Hydro is being unreasonable and threatening.

4)    In Pennsylvania, a man is resisting forced installation of a smeter based on these things being fire hazards.  I hope you will consider commenting.


5)    A meet and greet in Health Minister Philpott’s riding provided a chance for those ignored by Health Canada to speak out. It’s time for those with EHS and those concerned about microwave radiation to do the same thing with our MPs and Ministers. The efforts in the USA to confront the politicians show the way. It’s high time for Canadians to organize and speak out.


more on “bird-dogging”


6)    Award winning “Screenagers” is a documentary about kids growing up in the digital age, facing addiction to their wireless devices. Many screenings are planned, several in BC over the next few months.


If you plan on hosting a screening, please let me know so I can let others know.

“Award-winning SCREENAGERS probes into the vulnerable corners of family life, including the director’s own, and depicts messy struggles, over social media, video games, academics and internet addiction. Through surprising insights from authors and brain scientists solutions emerge on how we can empower kids to best navigate the digital world.”



From: Sherry Ridout (name given with permission)
Sent: February 9, 2017
To: dobee@timescolonist.com
Subject: article re. electromagnetic radiation

Dear Mr. Obee,

I wrote in a letter to the editor my thanks for publishing the article on p. C3 in last Sunday’s TC re. cell phone proximity to the body but I wanted to express my appreciation to you personally.

I have written many times over the past few years with concerns about this amazing technology and the need for better safety guidelines to protect public exposure to this man-made pulsed electromagnetic radiation.  Our current Safety Code 6 is outdated and does not take into account the cumulative issue or the biological concerns that are now being raised.

Below please find four recent warnings, shared by Jerry Flynn, a retired Canadian Armed Forces captain who spent 22 of his 26+ years in the ‘Forces’ in Electronic Warfare (EW) and Signals Intelligence (SIGINT).  He states that these warnings have all been ignored by BC’s Provincial Health Officer, BC’s Minister of Health, Canada’s Chief PHO, and Health Canada’s own Radiation Protection Bureau as they rely on the World Health Organization for leadership.

If you want to see why we can’t do this please take the time to peruse the following website which shares why the WHO must appoint an independent, unbiased, medically qualified professional who has firsthand experience and knowledge of microwave sickness/electro-sensitivity and the many other devastating consequences, such as brain cancer, neurological disorders, DNA damage and infertility.    http://olgasheean.com/who-harm/ 

The Four Warnings:

  1. On July 9, 2015, 53 EMF scientists from 18 countries condemned Safety Code 6 and called on Health Canada to intervene to: “Help avoid an emerging health crisis”!   http://www.albany.edu/ihe/assets/Scientist_Declaration.pdf
  2. Since May of 2015, at least 220 of the world’s top EMF scientists from 41 countries have signed the International EMF Scientists Appeal. Addressed to the Director General of the UN, to all UN-member countries and to the Director General of the WHO, calling on all leaders to: “Protect mankind and wildlife from electro-magnetic fields and wireless technology.” http://www.iemfa.org/emf-scientist-appeal-to-the-united-nations/
  3. In 2015, more than one 140 physicians, scientists and public health professionals from around the world expressed their concern about the risk that wireless radiation poses to pregnancy. They urged pregnant women to limit their exposures. http://www.babysafeproject.org/
  4. On Sept. 28, 2014, 55 Canadian Doctors condemned Safety Code 6 and called for Health Canada to: “Protect Canadians from Radiofrequency Radiation Exposure.” http://www.c4st.org/images/documents/hc-resolutions/medical-doctors-submission-to-health-canada-english.pdf

Hopefully this information will encourage you to continue bringing awareness thereby helping to educate your readership to the safe use of this technology.  Thanks again for the article!

Sherry Ridout


From: X
Sent: February 5, 2017
To: Commission Secretary BCUC:EX
Subject: Acct. ####

Feb 3, 2017

Dear Mr Patrick Wruck,

I am the victim of extortion by BC Hydro. In November a man from BC Hydro called me and said I owed $8,000 on an account that I had closed and had the power turned off around the end of 2014. That account number is xxxx. It was an old house slated for tear down and we had not lived there for quite some time. I was in complete distress as you can imagine and said this is impossible I closed the account and the hydro was turned off a long time ago. Then he did some tapping on his computer and said no it was $5,000 I owed. I said no, no, there is a mistake by BC Hydro (They make a lot of them, surprisingly always in their favour).

I said why do I owe money? The account is closed and the hydro was turned off. He said I am responsible for the account. I asked “so I am responsible for all of BC Hydro’s mistakes now.? He said the hydro had been turned back on in the spring of 2016, no exact date given. I said why was it turned on I did not request it.? Why did BC Hydro do it? Why did they not tell me they did it? Why was I not billed for all those months? He did not have an answer for this. No explanation was given as to why they turned the power back on.

He then said I would have to open an account in order to close the account. I said why? That does not make any sense. I disagreed.

He eventually said I would only owe around $200.00 By this time I was exhausted from trying to understand what was happening and from not getting clear answers. So when he said $200.00 instead of 8,000.00 I did feel some relief. I ended the call because I had enough, was feeling completely taken advantage of. Was this fraud that BC Hydro warns about? But then I thought no he didn’t ask for any credit card info or anything, so must be BC Hydro.

Mr Wruck, I am just an average Canadian, working hard paying my bills, raising my kids. $8,000.00 for a Hydro bill I did not ask for would be the end of me. I have one child at home we are still raising with lots of health issues.

December 2016 on a Friday evening Jessica (no last name) calls me. She starts talking about how on our family home where we live, there the meter is outdated and has to be changed. I was agitated but I thought maybe she could help with the other (old house) problem from November. I told her the above and said the BC Hydro man said I would have to open a new account to close my old account. She said why did he say that? I said I don’t know. Jessica said the hydro was turned back on the day after I closed the account. Why? Remember the other BC Hydro person said the hydro was just turned on in the spring of 2016. Hmmm…………

Instead of talking about the old house she wanted to pressure me about the fact that we have an analog meter still on the house we live in. We are in the Meter Choices Program and pay the monthly analog fee. I became more frustrated and finally let her know my son was about to go into surgery and this was not a good night.

You see on November 27, 2016 my family was in a serious car accident on a mountain road. They went over the side of a mountain down a 60 ft. embankment. My son broke his ankle, tailbone and his back. He was medevaced to Children’s Hospital and spent 3 weeks there. The night this Jessica called me, our son was going into surgery to have rods, and screws put into his back with his Dad by his side.

Jessica said she was going to put everything in writing.

I got a letter in January 2017 that states, “Since you had not signed for an account until you contacted us on Nov 16th you had not been charged the fee. Your new account is #### shows that you were responsible for service after your previous accounts closing date”.

Hello? I did not phone BC Hydro on Nov. 16th. They phoned me! I did not ask or sign for a new account! So either that Hydro man that I talked to that day set up a new account against my wishes or Jessica did! Why did they do this? So they could back-bill me for two years and so they could put a smart meter on the home. This is fraud!!!! Remember they turned the hydro back on without my knowledge or request to do so.? I have been scammed by BC Hydro and all so they can get a smart meter on every single home in BC by whatever means necessary. Mr. Wruck I am sure you have heard many many stories around this issue!

I responded to that letter via email and reminded Jessica about our December call when I said to her as well, I don’t want service at that house, never did which is why I closed the account and had the hydro turned off in the first place. And obviously I don’t need to continue with the Meter Choices Program at that house any longer as I asked the hydro to be turned off and closed the account. I told Jessica this more than once, I don’t need the Meter Choices Program on a house where I turned off the hydro and closed the account, nor do I need or want it now. The house is slated for tear down. After this conversation In her letter she says, “If you choose to continue in the Meter Choices Program (MCP) the legacy meter fees will be back-billed effective the accounts start date of October 2, 2014. The legacy meter fee total will be approx. $874.80 up to January 2, 2017”. I told her on the phone several times, I don’t need MCP on that house and I said it in an email to her.

Shortly after, what do you know, I get a bill on a new account with a new account number for that old house with a big bill of $1,174.22. I told her I don’t want the Meter Choices Program on that house.

Mr. Wruck I closed the account in 2014. That is the last action I took. They turned off the hydro, closed the account and that was it. At the time of closing and having the power shut off, the hydro bill per 2 months was $20.00. There was a $68.00 legacy fee added to that. Hello? How many times did I tell her no?

This bill they have given me ($1,174.22) goes back 2 years and on a new account number (####) I did not sign for or ask for. I said no, no, no to everyone I talked to. She still billed me after her letter said “if you wish not to continue with the Meter Choices Program there will be no legacy meter fees added to this bill”. She knew full well that I didn’t need or want the MCP on a house that I had the hydro turned off to and is being torn down.

Someone has informed me BC Hydro can only go back 6 months to back-bill. Is this true? Why was I billed at all? Why was I back-billed to 2014? I don’t owe a cent because I had the account closed and the power turned off and did not ask for it to be turned back on.

Mr Wruck, I don’t believe the hydro was turned back on again the very next day after I closed it in 2014, as Jessica (no last name) stated because I checked on that house in the months following and there was no hydro on in that house. And why am I getting different stories depending on who I talk to? What is going on at BC Hydro, our Crown Corporation paid for with my tax dollars? Why does BC Hydro no longer have any integrity, Mr. Wruck, and why is no one doing anything about it?

What do I have to do Mr. Wruck? Go to the police? Go to “Go Public”? Can someone please save me from these gangsters? I cannot pay this bill and this bill is fraudulent. I want to know why my hydro was turned back on after it was turned off and the account closed. I want to know why I am being lied to by BC Hydro and being told many different stories. I want to know why I am being back-billed two years on an account I did not re-open and that I clearly stated on many occasions that I do not need the the Meter Choices Program on.

Thank you.



Sharon Noble
Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

“You will observe with concern how long a useful truth may be known, and exist, before it is generally received and acted on.”   
~ Ben Franklin


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