2017-07-17 Some very interesting websites with info to help reduce RF exposure

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1)    A South African group has an article with 10 health effects that result from using a wireless device.  Good info to share.


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The 10 detrimental health effects of wireless devices.

By Juhana Harju.  (Finnish non-fiction author and nutrition expert. Besides nutrition, he is also interested in the salutary effects of nature and adverse effects of technology.)

Almost everyone nowadays has a smartphone. We use them so much every day that it is a good idea to consider their possible detrimental effects on health. The observed detrimental effects and risks of smartphone use will henceforth be discussed.”


2)    A very interesting website. If you read nothing else on it, I would strongly recommend you glance through the articles. Many really interesting ones. This Center’s website is about many health issues, not just ElectroSmog, but it obviously is taking a strong interest in this health problem.


Posted By Arizona Center for Advanced Medicine || 26-Jun-2013


3)    Another interesting website a member sent in. It’s about how to keep your home healthy, including info about EMFs.


4)    There have been many instances in Canada where the public has been given no choice about smeters, in violation of our Civil Rights and Freedoms as guaranteed by Federal Law, and in the USA where the Constitution and Bill of Rights are being ignored, all for the sake of profit.  In our lawsuit, we argued that our Charter Rights were being violated and the Judge did not disagree.  This is an argument we should continue to make to politicians at every level. This article is from someone in Pennsylvania who is fighting for her right to opt out of being irradiated.

Are State Public Utility Commissions Acting In The Public’s Interest Or Are Felonies Involved?


5)    In last night’s update, I mentioned that a Russian documentary re. Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi refugees [https://www.rt.com/shows/documentary/396570-electrosensitive-people-waves-technology/] will be available on July 19.

A member said that RT news, the Russian station, is on Shaw Channel 505 in the Nanaimo area [and Victoria, Salt Spring Island – https://www.shaw.ca/personal/television/channel-listings/].


Sharon Noble
Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

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