2017-07-22 ISED (formerly Industry Canada) wants our comments re 5G by Aug. 4

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1)     The federal department responsible for granting the expansion of transmitters and towers, Innovation, Science and Economic Development (formerly Industry Canada) is asking for public comments regarding 5G technology by Aug. 4.  It is important that all of us express our concerns and ask for a moratorium on this proliferation.  Below in Letters Frank Clegg, head of Citizens 4 Safe Technology, provides information that will be of assistance.  Please take a few minutes to help stop approval of 5G and microcells.

2)    Now that we have a new government and new ministers, it’s time to bring the issue of smeters, their dangers, their costs, their lack of benefits, and the extremely high legacy (extortion) fees to the attention of these people. It is likely that the Energy Minister knows nothing about this issue, so we should educate her. She should be told about the battle for our rights, the way BC Hydro has treated us, and the fact that we have paid the highest fees in North America, without justification, and without end. Even if we accept the smeter with the transmitter off, the monthly fees are higher than fees for complete opt out in most of North America. Why? Please consider writing the new Energy Minister  <michelle.mungall.mla@leg.bc.ca> and the new Chair, Board of Directors, BC Hydro <Kenneth.Peterson@bchydro.com>. The CEO is yet to be named to replace Jessica McDonald.

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3)    In this Dr. Mercola YouTube, he speaks about RF and EMF at the 1:11 hour mark.  He measures the levels of RF during a cell phone call.


4)    It sounds as if Premier Horgan plans to keep his election promises. The strong environmental supporter and Site C critic,  Minister of Environment & Climate Change Strategy <george.heyman.MLA@leg.bc.ca> , might be someone who will listen to our concerns about smeters and microcells/5G.




Good morning,

As you may know 5G is the next wave of high-capacity wireless technology. It is capable of exponentially more data transfer than 4G/LTE and is planned to support growing on-demand immersive entertainment, the Internet of Things (IoT), self-driving cars and data streaming to your cell phone and all wireless devices. Estimates are that the global market for 5G equipment and applications to be worth $36 billion by 2020.

Industry Canada is now accepting input on 5G roll out, until August 4th. As 5G technology is effective only over short distance and is poorly transmitted through solid structures, intensive infrastructure will be required. As a result many antennae are necessary, preferably line-of-sight. Full-scale implementation will most likely result in “small” yet powerful antennae every 2 to 10 houses in residential areas on light post, street lamps, as well as new numerous structures.

As a result of this dense infrastructure, we will all experience substantial wireless exposure increases. Health consequences may be substantial. We are recommending a full moratorium on the roll out of 5G technology in Canada until the science and implementation options have been fully examined, and there is a thorough transparent understanding of the health consequences of this new and untested technology, released through an update to Safety Code 6.

We have gathered the facts and concerns around 5G HERE. Please invest some time to understand the next wave of wireless technology and it’s potential health impacts, then please send in your submission!

Responses are due to Innovation, Science and Economic Development by August 4th, 2017. The instructions and links to submit your comments are on the 5G page on our site.

Thank you for all you do!

Frank Clegg


Sharon Noble
Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

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