2017-07-03 Info about solar electrical systems and their inverters

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1)    Many people are considering escaping BC Hydro by installing solar panels. Here is some info about the inverters and the Dirty Electricity that is produced. This is sent from someone in California.


“Before you invest in a solar electric system it is vital that you determine if it produces dirty electricity (DE).  Ask your solar contractor to allow you to test the exact same type of inverter in this manner before you sign any contract. 

If your solar inverter created DE it is foolish to believe that you will be saving money over the long run as the cost of health damage to building occupants may far exceed any utility bill reductions. 

Beware that each make or model of inverter must be tested and that there is a huge variation in DE output from one to the next. 

Do you own homework and demand a test before your sign. 

PS: Most inverters pass FCC and ANSI standards but that means nothing relative to DE production.

Eric Windheim BA, EMRS, BBEC
Certified Electromagnetic Radiation Specialist
Certified Building Biology Environmental Consultant” 


2)    Just as happened in Ontario, California and everywhere else, Oklahoma’s utility is asking for an 11% increase in rates after the smeters were installed. Where do all the savings go?  Nowhere has there ever been any rate or usage reduction due to smeters.

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PSO files for $156 million increase in customer electricity rates 

“PSO wants to increase base rates by $156 million, up 11 percent. The utility said it needs to recover more than $625 million in new electrical infrastructure and other equipment since the its last rate case. About a third of that investment came from projects related to environmental compliance. Also included are costs to complete PSO’s rollout of 533,000 smart meters to customers.” 


3)    In Denmark, people who are sensitive are faced with leaving their homes due to smeters.  We are not alone fighting to have safe homes. More are joining with us each day.

Kirsten is allergic to microwave radiation.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0g5bfMt-PY4   (5 minutes)


An email written to BC Ferries by a member:

The increased Wi-Fi capabilities you propose will make it absolutely impossible for me to travel on your ships. Electromagnetic fields are dangerous to health, and for those increasing numbers of us hypersensitive people intolerable!

No I will not, sadly, cannot plan any more trips to locations accessible by ferry!

Please make some accommodation also for your staff, who are getting the full blast day in and day out! This radiation causes cellular inflammation, which leads to any and all degenerative diseases over time. This action is irresponsible, and motivated by stupidity and greed!  

“BC Ferries is in the process of installing the latest in ship-to-shore radio technologies onboard all major route vessels and at shore-based locations. These new radios will have much higher connectivity and throughput capabilities than the previous generation radios.

When vessels are too far from the terminal for a reliable Wi-Fi connection, shore-based repeater sites are used to relay the Wi-Fi signal from a closer shore-based location back to the receiving radio at the terminal. A network of these shore-based repeater sites will be installed along the major routes.”  



Sharon Noble
Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

“No problem can withstand the assault of sustained thinking.”
~ Voltaire


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