2017-07-23 Industry says 5G may not make economic sense. We can only hope.

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1)    AARP in the USA is voicing its concerns about the Bill in California which would allow microcells to be installed on public rights of way without notification or consultation.  Please, if you are a CARP member, or a member of any other major organization, encourage them to support the request for a moratorium on microcell installations by the provincial government, a resolution which will be presented at the Union of BC Municipalities conference in September.

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2)    Here are some important facts in response to the industry criticism of the NTP report.  Some of these might prove useful in letters to various politicians, media, etc.


3)    Industry talk is that 5G will be extremely expensive to use, requiring microcells very 100 meters or so. No consideration for the health effects due to use of frequencies that have never been studied, to which nature has never been exposed.  Just costs. Hopefully, if nothing else stops this travesty, costs will.  Notice the estimate of 600,000 microcells in the New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania areas alone.


“We modelled how many 5G sites would be required to cover the NY-NJ-PA Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA), an area of ~8,300sq/mi with >20m population (6% of US total). Using FCC tower data, terrain, street and vertical elevation models, our analysis suggests over 600,000 5G cells (each at 100m radius) would be required for contiguous 5G coverage – more than a 500-fold increase from today‘s 3G/4G cell footprint. Clearly this would not make economic sense for operators, adding conviction to our view that 5G at mmW frequencies could only be deployed as a WiFi-like “hotzone” service in densely-populated, wealthy areas.” 


4)    A very interesting presentation by Dr. Rau that, after the first couple of minutes, is about the various ways of alleviating or reducing the biological effects of RF exposure. This is a clinic that deals with many patients suffering from environment-related health problems, the largest component is from the USA.

Thomas Rau, MD of Paracelsus Clinic, Switzerland on Biological & Health Risks from Wireless Technologies

Summary given byhttp://manhattanneighbors.org/

Dr. Thomas Rau of the Paracelsus Clinic in Lustmuhle, Switzerland, cautioning about the biological influences of electromagnetic fields (EMFs) from wireless technologies.

Paracelsus Clinic sees patients from all over the world who are not getting well with conventional medical strategies. They practice what is called ‘Biological Medicine’ which focuses on the terrain of the body or ‘milieu’, looking for what is interfering with proper functioning of the regulation systems, and supporting the body as indicated to remove the impediments.

In focusing on the body’s systems and regulation, it is distinctly different from western medicine that focuses on a problem, like a tumor. Biological Medicine takes a bigger lens, systemic view of health and disease, and uses unique diagnostic and therapeutic modalities resulting very often in superior outcomes.

In the case of electromagnetic fields from wireless technologies (and infrastructure), Dr. Rau explains EMFs interfere with cellular metabolism, mitochondria and oxygen uptake, among other physiological processes. Importantly, he notes. On the one hand, there are the influences of the radiation emitted from the antennas, such as antennas in cell phones, portable phones, smart meters, wireless routers and neighborhood rooftop antennas and towers. But Dr. Rau makes the important distinction here that the radiation is one source of the problem, and one’s own body, as an antenna receiving the frequencies as the other. And that is where one can work—for example, removing heavy metals one may have accumulated, or addressing other sources of metal in the body, such as dental amalgams, to reduce one’s reactivity to the external antennas, or building up stability in the cells.

Paracelsus has the largest Biological Dentistry operation in Europe and they are metal-free. When it comes to patients with chronic illnesses, especially tinnitus patients and cancer patients, removing dental metals is a first priority. After all, our environment has certainly changed, blanketed with more and more radiation, so the practice of dentistry has had to change, too, and Paracelsus is leading the way.

Dr. Rau discusses this and more in this video, including how EMFs are one of the most important epigenetic influences changing the bacteria in our bodies, and increasing pathogenicity (the potential for pathological changes and disease).

More than ever, the Biological Medicine broad and systems-oriented approach to health restoration is extremely valuable and needed in today’s wireless age.  

https://vimeo.com/225429286   (28 minute video)

There are many other videos that appear to be relevant and potentially of interest, but I haven’t looked at them:



From: X
Sent: July 23, 2017
To: ic.spectrumauctions-encheresduspectre.ic@canada.ca
Cc: elizabeth.may.c1a@parl.gc.ca; Jane.Philpott@parl.gc.ca; Navdeep.Bains@parl.gc.ca; Gord.Johns@parl.gc.ca
Subject: I am opposed to 5G

To Whom It May Concern:

RE: e Canada Gazette, Part I, June, 2017, “Consultation on Releasing Millimetre Wave Spectrum to Support 5G”, notice reference number (SLPB- 001-17).

I am strongly opposed to 5G, and demand a full moratorium on its rollout, on the issuances of new license under the New Licensing Framework for the 24, 28 and 38 GHz Bands, until thorough long-term research can be done on its health, safety issues. Potentially, it presents a nightmare scenario for all living beings. Furthermore, if it is accepted, it opens the doors for even worse further developments.

We have seen nightmarish scenarios with asbestos, and tobacco.  The implications are much more serious with 5G, as no living being will be able to avoid it.

Wisdom is needed here, not a short-sighted “corporate” agenda.  Please consider the health of our planet and of future generations.



From: XX
Sent: July 23, 2017
To: michelle.mungall.mla@leg.bc.ca
Subject: Re: Smart Meters

Dear MLA Michelle Mungall:

Firstly, I would like to congratulate you in your new role.  I have great hopes for the NDP/Green government.  One of my hopes is that the situation with “Smart meters” will become more transparent to the public, and the public’s best interests will be restored in this area.

I was very happy with analog meters, and meter readers.  They were not detrimental to the health and well-being of biological organisms (including bees) as are Smart meters.  They did not cause fires, as we are seeing with Smart meters.  They had longer shelf lives than Smart meters.

Initially, BC Hydro would not allow people to keep these meters, and forced people to have the Smart Meters, and often used devious methods to exchange the meters.  For example, in order to keep their analogs, some people had to resort to putting locked cages, etc. around their analogs.  Now, BC Hydro does extra billing for these meters.  I know no one who has been able to exchange their Smart meter back for an analog.

There are many other serious concerns about Smart meters.  On examination, I believe you will agree that these concerns outweigh any advantages.

In some areas, such as Lakeland, Florida, Smart meters have been removed because of the problems (and others) mentioned above.  It behooves us to do the same.

Our democratic rights have been violated by BC Hydro.  BC Hydro has repeatedly misled the public.  With our new government, we have the opportunity to restore our rights, and to correct wrongs that were supported by the previous government.

Thank you for your actions in this extremely important area.




From: XXX
Sent: July 22, 2017
To: Sharon Noble <dsnoble@shaw.ca>

Subject: Re: 5G

Following is what I sent to these people, …

To whom it may concern:

In these submissions to you regarding 5G and the use of wireless in general, you will be receiving evidence of varying levels of reliability. It seems pointless for me to repeat them. The point I wish to make concurs our general attempts at approaching such issues in a scientific manner. Here are some points to consider:

1. When you are investigating a crime you keep in mind all factors that are associated. Likewise if a health problem has increased over a period, all innovation in association with the health problem must remain on the list of suspects.

2. Are we keeping proper records and performing effective follow-up when health problems emerge? We have cancerous tumors, autism, etc. right in our small community. I would like to investigate factors in the lives of these people that could be associated with their ailments. I remain silent for obvious reasons, but I also know that there is no system in place to do this work, in spite of the fact that the knowledge attained would prevent illness in the future and save lives.

3. Some countries are better at protecting their citizens from possible health hazards than others. Please take a look at where Canada stands on this.

4. We naively group all wireless radiation together in the assumption that their biological effect is the same. We should know that the effect of wave motion on a physical body is determined by the law of wave resonance. A soprano voice can break a wine glass over a distance if the resonance is precise. The military has done some research on this subject, but the consumer world knowledge attained by the military is ignored.

Humans have always been risk takers, and let them take risks if they so choose. But when one person’s adventures in risks transfers into drawing in others that are opposed to taking those risks, we have human rights violations.

Please consider these points


Sharon Noble
Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

“Your silence gives consent”
~ Plato

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