2017-07-26 Telus had a “successful” 5G pilot test in downtown Vancouver

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I will be visiting with family during a family reunion, so my updates may not be as regular as normal for the next 2 weeks or so.

1)    Telus announces a successful 5G test in downtown Vancouver. Time to get letters to Premier Horgan, Energy Minster Mungall, Minister of Health (Adrian Dix!) and your MLAs [https://stopsmartmetersbc.com/z/bc-contact-e-mail-lists/].  This “wireless to the premises” technology has never been shown to be safe, and is irradiating homes without telling people or getting their permission – and even if they are not Telus customers.

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Spadotta added: “These advancements will help Telus drive industry partnerships, develop yet-to-be-invented 5G applications and advance the 5G ecosystem with the ultimate goal of enabling future capabilities that will dramatically improve the lives of Canadians in our ever-changing digital society.”

“For the past several years, our Canadian team has played a key global leadership role in 5G. To achieve this successful trial in Canada with a Canadian partner is a powerful reflection on Canada’s 5G innovation capabilities,” said Tong.

Though 5G wireless technology becomes commercially available in 2020, thanks to the 5G Living Lab, Telus customers in Vancouver will have early access to this cutting edge technology.


2)    Several interesting articles in an environmental magazine about RF, environmental illnesses, RF and children are shown as “related articles” on the front page.


3)    Many new names at BC Hydro. Greg Reimer is gone, with no announced replacement yet. Let’s hope that the replacements will be more knowledgeable and more willing to consider customers’ needs.  Here is what one member was advised:

Please be advised that Greg Reimer is no longer with BC Hydro. For general inquiries please call Leslie Wetmore at 604-623-4529. She will then direct your call to the appropriate person. 

4)    CBC The National reported on the reduced sperm count in men, down nearly 60% in North America over the last 38 years. As I mentioned in yesterday’s update, there is nothing re. RF and the many studies showing that RF, especially from cell phones, affects sperm both in count and motility. I would hope that many of you will write to CBC about this, offering insight in the studies done by Dr.Agarwal and others.

The letter I wrote is below. I could not find a direct email address, so I submitted it via the contact page:


and I emailed it to Wendy Mesley <marketplace@cbc.ca>because she does segments on The National and did the major program re. cell phones on Marketplace.



Dear Sir or Madam,

Re: http://www.cbc.ca/news/thenational/sperm-count-down-more-than-50-in-north-america-1.4221825

The topic of reduction in sperm count is vitally important, and has been the topic researched by many scientists who are interested in the biological effects of cell phones. Over the last 10-20 years as the number of people using cell phones increases, and the amount of time spent on these devices increases, it has been discovered that microwave radiation has serious effects on various systems including neurological, cardiac, and reproduction.

The following is from the BioInitiative Report (2012) in which approximately 30 world renowned researchers compiled and reviewed more than 2,000 studies done within the prior 10 year period. Please note that at miniscule levels of microwave level exposure, mere fractions of RF emitted by a cell phone and even smaller fractions of the levels allowed by Health Canada, sperm has been found to be damaged in many ways. These are just a few of the many studies showing that sperm can be impaired in various ways.


Human sperm are damaged by cell phone radiation at very low intensities in the low microwatt and nanowatt/cm2 range (0.00034 – 0.07 uW/cm2). There is a veritable flood of new studies reporting sperm damage in humans and animals, leading to substantial concerns for fertility, reproduction and health of the offspring (unrepaired de novo mutations in sperm). Exposure levels are similar to those resulting from wearing a cell phone on the belt, or in the pants pocket, or using a wireless laptop computer on the lap. Sperm lack the ability to repair DNA damage.

Studies of human sperm show genetic (DNA) damage from cell phones on standby mode and wireless laptop use. Impaired sperm quality, motility and viability occur at exposures of 0.00034 uW/cm2 to 0.07 uW/cm2 with a resultant reduction in human male fertility. Sperm cannot repair DNA damage.

Several international laboratories have replicated studies showing adverse effects on sperm quality, motility and pathology in men who use and particularly those who wear a cell phone, PDA or pager on their belt or in a pocket (Agarwal et al, 2008; Agarwal et al, 2009; Wdowiak et al, 2007; De Iuliis et al, 2009; Fejes et al, 2005; Aitken et al, 2005; Kumar, 2012). Other studies conclude that usage of cell phones, exposure to cell phone radiation, or storage of a mobile phone close to the testes of human males affect sperm counts, motility, viability and structure (Aitken et al, 2004; Agarwal et al, 2007; Erogul et al., 2006). Animal studies have demonstrated oxidative and DNA damage, pathological changes in the testes of animals, decreased sperm mobility and viability, and other measures of deleterious damage to the male germ line (Dasdag et al, 1999; Yan et al, 2007; Otitoloju et al, 2010; Salama et al, 2008; Behari et al, 2006; Kumar et al, 2012). There are fewer animal studies that have studied effects of cell phone radiation on female fertility parameters. Panagopoulous et al. 2012 report decreased ovarian development and size of ovaries, and premature cell death of ovarian follicles and nurse cells in Drosophila melanogaster. Gul et al (2009) report rats exposed to stand-by level RFR (phones on but not transmitting calls) caused decrease in the number of ovarian follicles in pups born to these exposed dams. Magras and Xenos (1997) reported irreversible infertility in mice after five (5) generations of exposure to RFR at cell phone tower exposure levels of less than one microwatt per centimeter squared (μW/cm2).

One of the leading researchers in this field is Dr. A. Agarwal who does research at the Center for Reproductive Medicine in Cleveland. http://www.scielo.br/scielo.php?script=sci_arttext&pid=S1677-55382011000400002

If you would like to get information directly from this expert, his email address is agarwaa@ccf.org

Unfortunately, the public is not being told about the ramifications of using wireless devices, such as cell phones, and Health Canada refuses to provide warnings on packages. Hopefully you will continue the discussion on this very important topic. Your viewers deserve to know what neither our government nor the telecommunication companies are telling them.

Sharon Noble
(Address and phone number were given)


Sharon Noble
Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

“Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.”
~ Martin Luther King Jr.

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