2017-07-02 BC ferries increasing “connectivity”.

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1)    BC Ferries is adding “connectivity” for Wi-Fi by adding “repeaters” along the various routes. This means on islands that right now offer refuge to people and wildlife will become electro-polluted. It will be impossible for sensitive people to take ferries and workers will be exposed to high levels of RF in the metal Faraday cage all day, every day they work.  The occupational laws say no worker can be exposed to a 2B Carcinogen unless there is no alternative. There is one exception — microwave radiation. And why? Because it is governed by Safety Code 6.  Perry Kendall could change this if he were anxious to be a good public health doctor and public health authority.

“BC Ferries is in the process of installing the latest in ship-to-shore radio technologies onboard all major route vessels and at shore-based locations. These new radios will have much higher connectivity and throughput capabilities than the previous generation radios.

When vessels are too far from the terminal for a reliable Wi-Fi connection, shore-based repeater sites are used to relay the Wi-Fi signal from a closer shore-based location back to the receiving radio at the terminal. A network of these shore-based repeater sites will be installed along the major routes.”


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2)    A call from Massachusetts for those who are concerned about climate, etc. and support “Green” ideas and products to understand that wireless is not green and that many corporations are misleading them when they “green” programs like smeters and the “smart grid”.  Many in the Green Party believe what BC Hydro is telling us – that smeters will reduce energy, will help concerns about climate change. Not true – and, to the contrary, they are contributing to more pollution, and not just electrosmog. They are made of plastics that have to be replaced every few years, the ITRON smeters have lithium batteries that are very difficult to dispose of safely. There is nothing “green” about smeters except the $$$ flowing into the corporate pockets.  It is up to us to educate the Greens about this and get them to work with us on this issue.

“Like mustard gas, airborne electrical poisoning and microwave technology is a product of war, sourced in weaponry and radar, in the domain of Aries.

And those experiencing illness due to microwave frequencies in the airwaves and high frequencies on the power lines are incredulously having to wage battle with those in the trenches of the clean green energy movement fighting fossil fuels.”


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3)    An interview with a whistleblower who works for companies installing cell towers.  Not only does he speak about the risk to the workers from RF, but also the dangers of the cell towers falling or burning. Anyone living near the bottom of a cell tower is at risk.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UnthtcjX0A0   (20 minutes)

4)    Please consider writing an email explaining how exposure to Wi-Fi has affected you or someone you love. Why should teachers or children who are sensitive be forced to either quit the school or suffer each day?  Wi-Fi isn’t necessary for an education or even for access to the internet. Wired is faster, more efficient, cheaper and it does not emit microwave radiation. Please ask for those who are sensitive to be allowed to attend school, to accommodate them the way they accommodate someone with a peanut allergy.   If we can help LAUSD, it will help lead the way in accommodating people who are sensitive in BC and elsewhere.

Please spread the word LAUSD is currently revising their American Disability Act policies.  We need for LAUSD, the second largest school district in the United States, to seriously consider Electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS) as a real illness and disability.  They are secretly asking for comments; we need to send as many comments regarding disabilities related to EHS  as possible to LAUSD’s Superintendent Michelle King

We must organize and work together to have WiFi concerns added to LAUSD’s current public comments.

Here is her contact information:


or   superintendent@lausd.net

or   Michelle King, Superintendent of Schools (213) 241-7000

Please spread the word, the final deadline for public comments is July 7, 2017.

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Sent: Tuesday, June 27, 2017 5:31 PM

Subject: Comments on Americans with Disabilities Act Title II Self Evaluation  

 Dear LAUSD Family, 

The Americans with Disabilities Act Title II regulations requires that public school districts accept comments from interested persons, including individuals with disabilities or organizations representing them, on the self-evaluation.  28 CFR 35.105.  The District recognizes that many individuals with disabilities have unique perspectives on its programs, activities, and services.  The District’s draft Self-Evaluation and Transition Plan is intended to ensure that people with disabilities – including students, parents, and the public – have an equal opportunity to access the multitude of programs and activities offered by the Los Angeles Unified School District.   

The draft Self-Evaluation and Transition Plan is now available for the public to review and provide comment on the specific actions the District is proposing by providing written or electronic comments until July 7, 2017 (this time period is being extended an additional week beyond the original June 30, 2017 date).   

You may access a copy of the report and the survey by visiting  the following link: http://bit.ly/LAUSDADASURVEY.   

If you have any questions please contact: 213-241-4628 or ADA-INFO@lausd.net.


Sharon Noble
Director, Coalition to stop Smart Meters

“No problem can withstand the assault of sustained thinking.”
~ Voltaire

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