2017-07-15 Telecoms target schools for cell towers

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1)    A 2 minute YouTube by someone who suffered brain cancer  speaks against microcells outside our homes. I hope you will share this widely with your City Councillors and your MLA [https://stopsmartmetersbc.com/z/bc-contact-e-mail-lists/], as well as anyone you care about who uses a cell phone.

Brain Tumors A Risk of SB 649 Small Cell Wireless Streamling Bill


2)    A very knowledgeable member has read and highly recommends this book by Arthur Firstenberg.

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The Invisible Rainbow – A History of Electricity and Life. 


3)    A member sent this YouTube (3 minutes) with the translation which reports results similar to those we’ve seen from similar tests done by Magda Havas and others.

There is no denying that there are immediate results to blood after exposure to RF yet, somehow, Health Canada keeps denying that there is any biological effect. We just need to keep the pressure on. I hope some of you will send this to Dr. Philpott, Minister of Health [Hon. Jane Philpott <Jane.Philpott@parl.gc.ca>] – she, as a medical doctor, has taken the Hippocratic oath to do no harm…

Dr. Petersohn noticed that his patients who complain of sleep disturbances and headaches, are frequent cell phone users. 

Here he shows the effects of a 3 minute cell phone call, and speaks about the potential consequences.

Blood samples of a patient.   One blood sample is taken before, and one after a 3 minute phone call.

The first blood sample looks healthy, but the other sample taken after the cell phone call, has undergone a radical negative change! 

Dr. Joachim Petersohn – Düsseldorf, Germany – Environmental Medicine


Here is a quick translation of what Dr. Petersohn is telling the viewer: 

“There is a considerable difference in the blood!  Blood cells clump like a money roll package. 

Red blood cells carry an electrical charge on the surface of the cell, and are charged positive and negative. 

Normally they push away from each other like pong-pong balls, and therefore, are mobile and active in the blood.

If suddenly they are magnetically aligned, they stick together, which means the charge is lost and is influenced by the electromagnetic field. 

This means if such clumping (aggregation) has to go through small vessels, the danger is relatively high of thrombosis, heart attack and stroke . . .” 

4) Cell towers on school grounds? When studies show increased risk of cancer to those within 500 meters of the transmitter?  The cell companies target those groups that need money: churches, schools, hospitals, senior citizens residences and care facilities. It’s insidious to take advantage of those who need money by installing something to which they are the most vulnerable – children, the infirm and the elderly. This is horrible.  And the telecoms try to make it sound as if they are really helping these facilities out financially.

Cell Towers At Schools: Godsend Or God-Awful?

“School districts  — hard up for cash — are turning to an unlikely source of revenue: cell towers. The multistory metal giants are cropping up on school grounds in Chicago, Milpitas, Calif., Collier County, Fla. and many other places across the country.

The big reason: money. As education budgets dwindle, districts are forming partnerships with telecom companies to allow use of their land in exchange for some of the profits.”


5)    Opposition to the microcells / small cells and 5G is growing in California, with groups like the Sierra Club joining. This was sent from someone in California concerned about RF.

215 cities, over 32 counties, and 41 health, environment, and consumer justice organizations oppose CA Senate Bill 649 including:

Environmental Working Group, Sierra Club California, California League of Conservation Voters, Alliance of Nurses for Healthy Environments, Center for Environmental Health, Citizens for Health, The Utility Reform Network, Teens Turning Green, As You Sow, Baby Safe Project, Bay Area Educators for Safe Tech, California Brain Tumor Association, Citizens For A Radiation Free Community, Consumers for Safe Cell Phones, Daily Acts, East Bay Move to Amend, Ecological Options Network, EMF Safety Network, Environmental Health Trust, Environmental Voices, EMR Protection Forum, Green Sangha, Health & Habitat Inc, Healthy 880 Communities, Law Offices of Harry V. Lehmann PC, Marin Chapter of the Weston A. Price Foundation, Mom’s Across America, Parents for a Safer Environment, The Peoples Initiative Foundation, Physicians for Safe Technology, Radiation Research Trust, Sacramento Smart Meter Awareness, Sage Associates, Scientists for Wired Technology, Seniors for Environmental Awareness, Stop Smart Meters, Veterans for Radiation Safety, Windheim EMF Solutions, Wireless Radiation Alert Network, Wireless Radiation Education and Defense, and Your Own Health and Fitness.

The majority of these groups listed above oppose SB 649 based on the science of wireless harm.


Sharon Noble
Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

The cost of wireless convenience: EHS, infertility, cancer.

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