2017-07-19 New more powerful smeter being installed in areas where current smeters cannot communicate with the grid.

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1)    Public service announcement in the USA about things used and played with by children, connected to the IoT, could invade their privacy.

Consumer Notice: Internet-Connected Toys Could Present Privacy and Contact Concerns for Children


2)    A German study, done in 2013, identifies some means by which sensitivity can be diagnosed. Once the medical community has the means by which symptoms can be measured, identified, and EHS diagnosed, the sooner the relationship between RF/EMF and biological effects will be acknowledged.

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“The attached (see the link below) study, done in Germany in 2013, showed that 3 parameters, which cannot be voluntarily controlled, changed after exposure to EMF’s in those with EHS and explains why provocation studies involving individuals with self-reported EHS could not find an association between EMF exposure and symptoms.

EHS can therefore be objectively measured with these 3 parameters. 

The 3 parameters:  

 1) HRV (heart rate variability),                                                              

 2) electric skin potential, and 

 3) microcirculation (this means blood flow thru capillaries) The important thing about microcirculation is that it regulates intestinal motility (see p. 284) and that the frequency (0.15Hz) correlates with intestinal motility and gallbladder motility.  So changes in microcirculation can affect digestion and gall bladder.  (It is interesting to note that there is technology that uses EMF’s to improve microcirculation.  https://deutschland.bemergroup.com/en/science  The fact that such technology can be used to improve microcirculation under specific conditions also means that it can make microcirculation worse under other conditions.  Such medical technology is also proof of biological effects of EMFs) 

Changes in the HRV can explain panic attacks and heart problems.

Changes in the electric skin potential can explain skin rash/inflammation seen in EHS individuals.

Changes in microcirculation can cause headaches and affect digestion and gall bladder.”




3)    Another well-known person has been diagnosed with glioblastomaUS Senator John McCain.  This is the same type of brain tumour that has killed many people, including Beau Biden, Senator Ed Kennedy, and OJ Lawyer Johnnie Cochrane. All of these people used cell phones a lot. When will the medical community acknowledge the connection that scientists have found and the warnings that have been given?


4)    Katie Singer has gathered a lot of good info about microcells/5G in her most recent newsletter.  I hope you will share these articles with your City Councillors and the new NDP Minister of Municipal Affairs <Selina.Robinson.mla@leg.bc.ca> who needs to know about how the municipal right of way is being given to and taken over by the telecoms for microcells / small cells and sending radiation through our homes without our permission or even knowledge.


5)    News from a Salt Spring Island resident about a new smeter that BC Hydro is installing. If you are in an area where the smeters are being read manually (and there are many), you should be on the lookout for these, too. As soon as I have more info about them, I will share. Also, if you have a smeter with the transmitter turned off, be aware that BC Hydro could “by mistake” change your smeter, too.  I may be too skeptical but I can’t help but wonder if mistakes like this occur to be able to get a fully functional smeter in place.  It is surprising that no letter is being sent out in advance. People should be advised that a change is going to occur so that power can be shut off and precautions taken to ensure a power surge isn’t going to damage your home or equipment. I would suggest that everyone who might be facing an R-meter email BC Hydro, BCUC, etc. and demand that you receive a letter with full and complete information about this meter and the proposed switch.


“This neighbourhood (Beaver Point area) is apparently slated for an upgrade of their smart meters to what’s called an “R-meter”. The R-meters are more powerful at communicating with the grid, because the current s-meters in this area aren’t communicating properly – maybe because of the landscape and lack of Wi-Fi/cell coverage? Not sure what this means re: the current S-meters here – maybe they have been read manually all this time? (I’ll try to poll some of the neighbours).

As I mentioned, a BC Hydro tech had come to upgrade my current radio-off meter and we put a stop to that on the spot. He apologized and realized it was an opt-out meter and did not proceed with the upgrade. When I phoned BC Hydro S-meter dept, they said it was a mistake that my meter had been put on the work order list to be upgraded. It was a work order that had been put in place prior to us buying the house as the previous owner had regular radio-on S-meter. BC Hydro S-meter department assured me my meter would not be upgraded and would remain “radio-off”. Sure hope this is true but, in the meantime, it looks like the rest of the grid around this neighbourhood will get stronger as the radio-on meters are upgraded.”


From: X
Sent: July 11, 2017
To: Colin Plant <colinplant@shaw.ca>
Cc: mayor@saanich.ca; Council <council@saanich.ca>; Sharon Noble

Subject: not just a Health Canada issue

Hello Councillor Plant,

Thank you for your reply to my recent e-mail, despite being on vacation in NZ. If this wasn’t urgent, I wouldn’t be bothering you at this time. Please feel free to file this until your return. I will await your response then.

Please be informed that microcells on public right of ways, especially in neighbourhoods, is not a Health Canada issue; it is very much a civic / municipal issue.

First, please read the following (in blue), very carefully and second, please find attachment below outlining / overviewing the key issues in the crucial matter of microcells — soon to be impacting us all:

In the US, preparations for microcells which will hold 5G transmitters are being made. One major carrier, AT&T, admitted that they intend to install transmitters anywhere and everywhere. In US state legislatures, bills must be passed to allow this transgression of public rights. In BC, there is no need for permission to be granted, or for these actions to be acknowledged.

 According to AT&T: “Our 5G Evolution plans will pave the way to the next generation of higher speeds for customers. We’re not waiting until the final standards are set …. We’re executing now,” said John Donovan, chief strategy officer and group president, Technology and Operations. (emphasis added)
Proposed legislation in California would permit telecom companies to erect 50,000 new microwave antennas in residential and commercial areas without municipal approval. The 5G microwave antennas would be placed on top of existing utility poles, or on public infrastructure such as schools, libraries, bus shelters, and in public parks. The placement of this equipment will be at the discretion of the telecom companies.


Really? Really? So, who is running the show here? If this is allowed to continue, there will no longer be a need for mayors, councillors, provincial, or even federal governments. All will be obsolete. As things stand now, international corporations can and do sue governments — particularly if a county’s environmental laws and protective measures are perceived as too protectionist and therefore counter to said corporation’s interests / profits.

In their strategies to roll out untested technologies, telecom industries are trampling on our collective rights and subjecting us to unproven experiments with electromagnetic frequencies and non-ionizing radiation.

While I understand that you are probably trying to focus on what may seem to be more pressing / immediate matters at hand, all the more reason to be informed about matters being pushed through via the backdoor. Otherwise, all your efforts at being a responsible, responsive councillor, may add up to nought given that telecom industries are setting the rules, which no doubt other industries will be quick to cash in on.

Furthermore, are you aware that telephone companies such as Telus (but mostly those in the States so far) are embarking on procedures to dismantle landlines? (Whatever happens in California, does not stay in California.) For those of us refusing to participate in the cell phone / Wi-Fi industry, what choices will we have once landlines are gone — but we will continue being exposed to harmful radiation produced by Wi-Fi systems nevertheless?

While Health Canada ought to get its neck out of the sand on this matter and admit that ‘Safety Code 6’ is completely out of date, it needs to look to what other countries are doing in this regard — imagine, even India is ahead of Canada when it comes to regulating the cell industry. Health Canada also needs to untether itself from the influence of industry which is supported by industry scientists, and realign itself with its citizens — for the protection of its citizens. One could definitely accuse Health Canada of conflict of interest.

Lawmakers like to tell citizens that ignorance of the law is no excuse; that it is up to citizens to inform themselves, so, as a lowly citizen, I am telling you, nay, asking you, nay, begging you, Councillor Plant et al at Saanich, please inform yourselves on these matters before it’s too late for all of us.



Sharon Noble
Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

“To ensure compliance with radiofrequency exposure guidelines the Notebook PC must be used with a minimum of 20.8 centimeters antenna separation from the body.”
Samsung 3G Laptop Manual

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