2017-07-12 A free lecture series on Cancer by internationally known specialists

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1)    Below in Letters is a newsletter from a major group about microcells and the push across North America for these very dangerous devices.  The fear is, as apparently suggested by some telecoms, that once the microcells are in place and 5G transmitters are installed, all wired internet and phone connections will be disabled, leaving us with no choice but to be inundated with microwave radiation. It is crucial that we fight this at every level and a major step is to educate as many people as possible about this.

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2)     Children are getting their enjoyment from screens instead of from interacting with friends and parents, leading to potential major developmental problems according to psychologists.

The iPad is a Far Bigger Threat to Our Children Than Anyone Realizes.

Ten years ago, psychologist Sue Palmer predicted the toxic effects of social media. Now she sees a worrying new danger…”


3)    From a colleague in Israel who recommends this lecture series, especially the one by Mel Litman who speaks about microwave radiation as a major consideration. I just signed up. The lectures are available until July 26, 2017.

“”Cancer is THE number one disease of this era. No one is immune to it. Over the past decades, extensive knowledge has accumulated, including scientific research and vast clinical experience in the field of non-toxic cancer treatments.

Non-toxic treatments work in harmony with the body by enhancing the body’s self-healing mechanisms, on all four levels of the human existence: physically, emotionally, mentally and energetically. 

The conference goal is to present reliable professional information regarding non-toxic cancer treatments, so that we all become educated health consumers and so that we can make knowledge-based decisions if and when we are required to do so.

Or as one of the lecturers said: “you can’t make good decisions if you have no knowledge regarding available options”. 

With that, The conference is not only about knowledge. I can personally promise you that in this conference you will find inspiration, faith, strength and hope that there is a lot to be done to address cancer and more so, as you will hear from some of the lecturers, cancer can be a significant positive turning point in one’s life. 

The conference content, is in no way intended to replace medical consultation, diagnosis, treatment of follow-up. In any case of physical or mental disease a medical professional should be consulted in devising treatment protocol. 

The conference is composed of 10 interviews with both Israeli and internationally known specialists.” 


You can contact Joan at:support@joan-jacobs.com 


Joan asks me to explain this: once you register to the conference, you will get automatic emails in Hebrew, because there is no technical option to separate between different languages in the emails conference system. You can always remove yourself in the removal link, but it is important to stay in the Hebrew list until the end of the conference – (26.7.17)- otherwise it will not be possible to enter to the conference page. You can hit “reply” and receive an explanation in English from Joan Jacobs.  She says that she’ll be happy to reply and explain personally, the emails arrive to her personally


EMR Updates: The Microwave Factor
The Newsletter of EMF Refugee,
The International Coalition for an Electromagnetic Safe Planet (IC-ESP)


Across the country, bills have been introduced in many states (some of which have already passed) that will allow the installation of small cells (which can range up to refrigerator sized units) without local government approval. Here’s a list of what’s happening state by state- many thanks to Environmental Health Trust for this great list: https://ehtrust.org/list-us-state-bills-streamlining-wireless-small-cellsdasnodes-rights-way/
However, in California, at the 11th hour, the inclusion of large cell towers was added to CA SB 649, allowing their installation, as well as small cells (for 5G), without local government review.
On June 29, 2017 the bill passed the CA Assembly Local Government Committee. However, it’s not over yet (see below for Last Chance to Stop This) What happens in California with this bill is important to everyone in the US, as it will impact what will happen in other states.
While an estimated 50,000 small cells are needed for 5G in California alone (5G millimeter waves will travel much shorter distances than the 3G and 4G frequencies in use), they won’t be used only for 5G. 5G, promising lightning speeds, is the industry’s justification for the small cells. Once these small cells are in place, the next move will be to eliminate wired cable and internet service to homes. John Stratton, executive vice president and president of operations for Verizon, said that Verizon will deliver fixed 5G in 2018, and a wireless alternative to cable/DSL services is high on Verizon’s priority list. http://www.lightreading.com/mobile/5g/verizon-says-its-fixed-5g-will-arrive-in-2018-mobile-in-2020/d/d-id/730880
It is already happening with elimination of copper phone landlines, which the FCC approved in July 2016. They are being replaced by VOIP (voice over internet protocol) and wireless receivers/transmitters,
Cheap, Below Market Rent and Fires
Light poles are public assets, paid for by your tax dollars, and their use will be given away to private industry at low rents mandated by this legislation. The maximum rent will be $250 per YEAR (~$20 per month) for small cell tower rent on utility poles, light poles, traffic lights, etc. http://www.latimes.com/politics/la-pol-sac-skelton-telecom-att-verizon-california-bill-20170710-story.html The rent for a large cell tower is ~$2,000 per month, making rent for small cell sites much much cheaper, For the rent paid for one large cell tower, the industry can now pay for 100 small cells. At these giveaway rents, why would the cell tower industry install large cell towers? It would be much more economical for industry to attach cell antennas onto already existing light or utility poles.
This practice has proved dangerous in the past, causing fires. In 2007 3800 acres burned in Malibu! $12 mil. fine was imposed to cell phone companies – their equipment was attached to public utility poles, destroying 10 homes, classrooms at two schools, and several businesses http://patch.com/california/malibu/puc-approves-12-million-settlement-over-2007-malibu-fire. Then a year later, the fine was increased an additional 51.5 million, after SCE ($37 million fine) and NextG ($14.5 million fine) admitted they poles were overloaded. http://articles.latimes.com/2013/sep/19/local/la-me-ln-malibu-fire-settlements-approved-state-puc-20130919
Democracy or Corporatocracy?  Government Controlled by Wealthy Corporations
Over 150 cities in CA oppose this (see below for cities) and yet this bill keeps moving thru the committees – who are assembly members working for – the people or telecom?
Last week, we celebrated July 4, Independence Day in the US. What would our founding fathers who fought with their lives for democracy over tyranny think about our current government system which has somehow evolved into a corporatocracy (under Democrat and Republican administrations), where corporations and politicians scratch each others’ backs, ignoring the will of the people? Wealthy telecom corporations turning over 6 figure contributions to benefit the communities of state representatives who then later sponsor legislation favorable to the same corporation? Take a look at this article showing AT&T making a $500,000 contribution to a project in SB 649’s co-author Assemblyman Bill Quirk’s area. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/california-wireless-legislation-paid-for-by-att-et_us_591a0001e4b0f31b03fb9e0e This article was written by Bruce Kushnik, a former telecom insider who’s now leading a group of other telecom experts called the Irregulators, whose mission is to sue the FCC for all they have not done to regulate the telecom industry http://irregulators.org/it-is-time-to-take-the-fcc-to-court/
Last Chance to Stop this – How to do it
Just as it has passed through the CA Senate and all committees thus far, I expect it will pass on July 12 in the Communications and Conveyance Committee – here is contact info for members of that committee http://acom.assembly.ca.gov/membersstaff
Then it will go to voting in the state assembly as early as next week – don’t know date yet, but start contacting your assembly member now to let him/her know that you OPPOSE this bill.
If the State Assembly passes it, then it’s pretty much over, and it will head to the Governor’s office, where it will be signed (likely) or vetoed.
Meet with your assembly member or call him/her ASAP this week. In addition to health arguments against this bill, include other arguments as well, some of which have been given above. The only way to defeat this bill is for the majority of assembly members to hear from their constituents that they oppose this bill.
Fact: Most people have not heard about health issues with wireless and they are enamored with their cell phones and wi-fi. Those who are enamored or addicted don’t want to hear about health effects. So the assembly will need more than health reasons to reject the bill. (Don’t misunderstand – I am well aware of the health effects and have been personally affected by them. However, many experts including MD’s and PhD’s, even children who are EHS, have already communicated the health effects to the committees and assembly members which have fallen on deaf ears.)
All CA State Assembly members contact info can be found here http://scientists4wiredtech.com/ca-legislators/
If you’re in Walnut/Diamond Bar/Rowland Heights/Chino Hills/Brea – Philip Chen is your Assemblyman
This is the full list of opposition to SB649 as of 6/28, including over 150 cities in CA (Bill analysis, pp 20-22)


Sharon Noble
Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

“Courage my friends; ’tis never too late to build a better world.”
~ Tommy Douglas

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