2017-07-18 Cell tower application rejected by Sooke Mayor and Council

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1)    I realize people are angry and frustrated with the various authorities who are allowing our families and environment to be threatened when the science shows that RF/EMF is dangerous.  But recently I’ve been copied or Bcc’d on emails which use extremely rude language that will not help our cause. I would encourage people to realize that the receivers of the emails are doing their jobs, in many cases without being allowed to interpret policies or to express their personal concerns. We can express our outrage, without being rude, in ways that, hopefully, will encourage people to finish reading them and, perhaps, begin a dialogue.  May I suggest that everyone (including me) put a personal face on it, and help the bureaucrats to realize we are upset, many are sick, and we are asking for their help.

2)    Shaw / Freedom Mobile have proposed erecting several new cell towers in and around Sooke, many very near homes and businesses. Sooke Mayor and Council has rejected the application, after receiving petitions and appeals from residents, saying that the current cell reception is good and asking for any new transmitters to be co-located on existing towers that are distant from homes.  But if the landowner wants to lease, putting his neighbours’ health at risk in exchange for money, this cannot be stopped.  Any such landowner needs to know that he and he alone will be held liable when people sue after they become ill.  No insurer will cover him and the cell company is indemnified by the government. The landowner could lose everything in exchange for short-term gain.

The Industry Canada (ISED Innovation, Science and Economic Development) has a policy that overrules all local concerns. This must be changed and can happen if enough of us demand input through our MPs, City and Municipal Councils, etc. as more people learn about the health and safety risks, things will change.  Congratulations to the people in Sooke who educated their Council and to the Council for taking this step. Now Sooke Council needs to ensure it has an Antenna Siting Consultation Policy to  ensure as much involvement as possible in any future application.

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Sooke, BC rejects plan for Freedom Mobile cell tower due to health and aesthetic reasons


I hope you’ll considering adding your comments.

3)    Someone sent me the Russian documentary on EHS that is supposed to be aired on RT tomorrow [Wed. July 19, 2017].

(video 52:05) https://rtd.rt.com/films/wi-fi-refugees/

4) In Ohio, the telecoms snuck a Bill allowing microcells / small cells onto a Bill outlawing puppy mills. Such action and combining of unrelated Bills is illegal in Ohio, so now the battle begins to change it. If these things are so safe and desirable, why the subterfuge?

Wooster was one of more than 40 cities and villages that joined together in a suit in Summit County opposing Senate Bill 331. Among other things, the part of SB 331 that riled cities so much was language that minimized their abilities to regulate small cellphone towers.

In Wooster, public officials have denounced the telecommunications portion of the law as just the latest piece in the list of recent laws eroding home-rule authority for cities.”


5)    A statement re. smeters and illegal infringement of rights by a group in Pennsylvania is below in Letters.


6)    There is now a category on our website for cancer clusters. It is at:


If you should learn of any others, please let me know at:  dsnoble@shaw.ca .

7)    The new BC Cabinet appointments are listed on our website along with email contacts:



Pennsylvania Smart Meter Awareness * PASMA


Contact: Tom McCarey
Telephone: 610-687-7607


PASMA has been hearing almost constantly from customers who refuse AMI Smart Meters on to their electric service about harassment techniques from several electric utility companies across Pennsylvania. The tactics employed are not in keeping with either U.S. or Pennsylvania Constitutional guarantees to life, liberty and the pursuit of safety insofar as citizens must be provided with choice in the matter of how modern electric service impacts their health.

The mandated retrofitting of AMI Smart Meters, which pump out 2.4 plus gigahertz (A Gigahertz [GHz] is a frequency equal to one billion hertz or cycles per second) onto in-wall, 60-Hz-rated-electric wires (fire hazard?), has caused much suffering for those who either are electromagnetically hypersensitive (EHS) or exhibit idiopathic environmental intolerance (IEI) — the medical diagnosis; suffer with chronic diseases, e.g., cancer, MS, Alzheimer’s, etc.; children on the Autism Spectrum; those who suffer with multiple chemical sensitivities (MCS), plus an entire host of illnesses affected by non-thermal radiation microwaves from AMI Smart Meters.

A classic case regarding EHS was that of the late Susan Kreider, RN, who suffered terribly as a result of previously having been damaged during nursing school from vaccinations she received in order to complete her studies.  Nurse Kreider filed a formal case and lawsuit with the U.S. Vaccine Court and after sixteen years was paid a monetary settlement.  As an apparent result of Nurse Kreider’s impaired immune system, she was left with certain health issues that were exacerbated by EMFs/RFs emitted by the AMI Smart Meter PECO retrofitted on to her home’s service.

Nurse Kreider passed into spirit life November 10, 2016 after a long, frustrating legal battle to keep the analog meter she was forced to put on to her home service in order to be able to live in her house!
Susan represented herself pro se before the PA Public Utility Commission’s Administrative Law Court.

However, some very damning information has surfaced in the form of Majority Chairman, House Consumer Affairs Commission Robert W. Godshall’s letter dated October 7, 2015 addressed to Gladys M. Brown, Chairman, PA Public Utility Commission (a copy PASMA has obtained).  In the two-page, four paragraph letter, Rep. Godshall seems to be sticking his nose where it does not belong and he should have known better than to write such a letter.  That interference by Godshall was address in Secretary of the PA PUC Commission Rosemary Chiavetta’s letter to Godshall dated October 7, 2015 wherein Chiavetta said:

“Since this matter is still pending a final decision by the Commission, and Chairman Brown and the Commissioners will be voting on the final adjudication of these matters, they are prohibited from responding to your letter due to the statutory prohibition on ex-parte communications at 66Pa.C.S. Section 334(c).  Please be advised that your comments will be served to all parties in this proceeding, and will be made public in the Commission’s record at the above docket numbers.”

Chairman Godshall is infamous for his callous remarks to constituents and others that he would never report out of committee numerous AMI Smart Meter Opt-Out Bills introduced over the last 6 years by PA legislators to correct the inhumane interpretation by the PA PUC of Act 129, which mandates people must gamble with their health and possibly become sick in order to have electric service in Pennsylvania.

However, if customers refuse an AMI Smart Meter, they receive cut-off threats and repeated harassment that their service will be disconnected, even though all their bills are paid in full. That should be illegal and prosecutable at law for harassment and threats, because Pennsylvanians understand that Act 129 (2008) was written, voted upon and signed into law as an OPT-IN Bill with no Opt-Out clauses necessary!  See HB2200/Act 129 (2008) §2807(f)7(2)(i) “Upon request from a customer that agrees to pay the cost of the smart meter at the time of the request.”

Furthermore, presenting a pro se case before the PA PUC Administrative Law Court seems to be nothing short of a sham exercise since the final decision is made by the Commission members, and not the Court, according to Secretary Chiavetta’s letter to Godshall dated October 7, 2015.

It’s time PA Attorney General Josh Shapiro and the PA state Legislature get involved in investigating the problems the PA PUC, Chairman Godshall and utility companies have created for thousands of Pennsylvanians who want nothing more than to live peacefully without being subjected to non-thermal radiation EMF/RF waves, which are documented scientifically to damage human health in various and sundry ways.


Send formal complaints NOW to the PA PUC; the PA Attorney General Josh Shapiro; and the Pennsylvania Office Of Consumer Advocate, 55 Walnut St., 5th Floor Forum Place, Harrisburg, PA 17101-1923—Phone number 800-684-6560; FAX 717-783-7152; email consumer@paoca.org.

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[- https://www.facebook.com/smartmeteralert/


Sharon Noble
Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

Word of mouth is our best weapon. Please use it.

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