2017-07-25 Major fertility issue: Sperm production down more than 50% since 1973.

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1)    Sperm production is down more than 50%, and more in North America, between 1973-2011. Doctors are very concerned and point to some potential causes, none of which relate to cell phones and RF. There are many studies showing that RF dramatically affects sperm, reduced motility, viability, etc.  One expert is Dr. Agarwal of the Center for Reproductive Health in Cleveland.  Here is just one study:

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Docs find ‘very steep’ decline in sperm count in North American men. Here’s why

“Levine’s findings stem from a meta-analysis of 185 studies published between 1973 and 2011. Turns out, in that timeframe, they found a 52.4 per cent decline in sperm concentration and a 59.3 per cent decline in total sperm count among men from North America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand.

He calls the decrease “very steep.”

What does it look like? It’s about 99 million sperm per millilitre in a fertile man in 1973 to 47 million sperm per millilitre in a man by 2011.

It’s worth noting that the “steep slope” is showing no signs of letting up either.”


2)    A member told me that she arrived home today to find a stranger in a BC Hydro truck who, when asked why he was there, said he was going to take a picture of her smeter that has the transmitter off. He denied that he had turned it on.  This is odd and I’ve suggested that she ask BC Hydro for an explanation.

Has anyone else had something like this occur?  If so, please email me at:  dsnoble@shaw.ca  with “Hydro visit” on the subject line.

3)    A US company is microchipping its employees, the same technology that has caused cancers in pets. Wait until the employees begin to suffer and then will sue this company for this crazy “convenience”.




4)    Another crazy gadget – this one cleans your floor while mapping it and everything in it. Plans seem to be to sell the data about your home that is necessary to clean it. And it must be wireless. If anyone has one, could you please take an RF reading to see how much it emits. And then it connects to the internet???

Roomba’s Next Big Step Is Selling Maps of Your Home to the Highest Bidder

While it may seem like the information that a Roomba could gather is minimal, there’s a lot to be gleaned from the maps it’s constantly updating. It knows the floor plan of your home, the basic shape of everything on your floor, what areas require the most maintenance, and how often you require cleaning cycles, along with many other data points. And, according to Reuters, that data is the future of its business strategy:”


5)    Comments about free series of lectures – with regard to the one given by Dr. Klinghardt.  I haven’t listened to it, but it sounds very interesting.

This message about Dr. Klinghardt’s talk in a new summit on immunity:

“…it’s my deepest belief that electromagnetic frequency pollution, especially coming from most of the wireless devices used today, is a significant risk factor for disease”
~ Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt, during his interview on the Immune Defense Summit

Dr. Klinghardt is founder of the Klinghardt Academy, the American Academy of Neural Therapy, medical director of the Institute of Neural Biology, and lead clinician at the Sophia Health Institute shares this:

All the research points to the fact that it’s the cumulative effect of all the sources of Wi-Fi. We have the Wi-Fi router in the home; unfortunately, most of the cordless phones that are used in the US are also based on Wi-Fi technology. And they use 900 MHz, and they’re broadcasting 24/7 into the rooms in the home. Then we have the baby monitors, a huge source.  And then the alarm systems in the house.  And the new source, of course, the new kid on the block, is the smart meters…which create devastating amounts of radiation in the home, usually in a sheet that kind of goes horizontally through the house on the level where the smart meter is.

This is an in-depth interview and one of the best I’ve heard on the topic! He covers mercury containing compact fluorescent lights; Wi-Fi in schools; the responsible use of the cell phone; the impacts of this wireless technology on autism and insomnia, GABA and anxiety levels; how mold becomes more virulent in the presence of Wi-Fi; and how heavy metals in the brain can make you much more susceptible to microwave and wireless technology; how moisture contained in your mattress makes it a microwave receiver and more.

Dr. Klinghardt shares so much about how to protect yourself on the Immune Defense Summit.  Here is some advice on how to protect your home from the incoming radio waves from the cell phone towers nearby, and from the neighbors:

We recommend the German system building biology. They have developed wall paints that can be applied to outside the home or inside the home with a graphite paint that’s electroconductive. It creates a faraday cage, basically, that needs to be grounded into the ground wire of your electric system, and shielding curtains that are made from silver coated cloth that deflect the incoming radio waves. That’s pretty much what we do with all of our clients.

He also offers the following tips for reducing exposure:

a sleep sanctuary that looks like a mosquito net that’s put over the bed that reduces the radiation to one-ten thousandths on the inside of it only switch it on the Wi-Fi router if you need it – if you’re actually doing something with it Stetzer filters and much much more.

Be prepared – this interview is not for the faint of heart – Dr. Klinghardt is direct and to the point and doesn’t hold back.

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From Economist Erik Andersen about the mess BC Hydro is in, thanks to the BC Liberals.

From: Erik Andersen (name given with permission)
Sent: July 23, 2017

Subject: Solving BC Liberal’s Financial Ruin of BC Hydro

Arthur and Roger;

Reluctantly I would say the first step in repairing the financial damage done by the BC Liberals is not more financial liabilities. It is just digging a deeper hole that some of us believe is the objective of the 1%.

BC Hydro is the elephant in the room with Site C being the star. As David Bond has pointed out, the financial situation may be so bad bold moves must be seriously considered, starting with total suspension of Site C work.

When the former BC Energy Minister did say publicly that financial relief could be had by cancelling the IPP contracts that were in breach of contract, he was suddenly made silent and not long after declared he was not going to be up for re-election. Examining for these types of opportunities would be a good first step.

For years I have said and written publicly that the financial mis-management of BC Hydro was so very bad that one could only say it was because the folks there were either financial and economic illiterates or under orders to do something more sinister. In the end I think what has happened with the BC Hydro was deliberate and designed to get the corporation into the same predicament as Hydro One, which of course leads into privatization, a goal Mr. Campbell had way back at the start of the last decade. Several observers, other than myself, have documented just how bad the financials have become at BC Hydro, they are perfectly designed as a lead in to privatization and unless I miss my guess, the BC NDP will soon turn to that idea for financial salvation.

I know almost for certain that if the BC government now introduced ideas that would start meaningful repairs at BC Hydro great howls would go up from the private sector. I believe there are very powerful forces that have their sights on the ownership of BC Hydro and would pull out all stops if this objective were threatened, as it would be if the government were to start major repairs to the balance sheet of BC Hydro/the government itself.

We know that breaking “toxic debt/contracts” have some had some success in other parts of the world so this could be one way forward.

We know that when revenues are increased the present value of fixed assets are increased. This is a common practice in real estate transactions and something very familiar to Gordon Campbell. I worked with him in the late 80s and early 90s to gather financing for several of his real estate projects so I know he was well schooled in corporate financing. In the open market, fixed assets have values that are determined either of two ways. The first is the simple (minded) method of using cost of construction that is decreased by time and or use. Boeing likely did this because of the strong historical influence of their engineering group and that is likely why they are now headquartered in Atlanta rather than Seattle.

The second design is to value using the revenue stream that the market can provide from the goods and or services generated in the business. It is this valuation model most corporate finance folks use as their way of “surfacing value”. So in the case of BC Hydro, it operates a monopoly and as such has proven the value of it by raising electricity rates by about 75% in the last decade or so. The BC Hydro revenues would be considered valuable because of the monopoly it has and therefore good certainty of steady revenues and a good potential for increasing them, as has happened in Ontario. Most politicians have no experience of thinking this way so are easy targets for those who do. A revaluation of BC Hydro, that reflects its revenues, would enable the cancellation of the $6 billion of “regulatory assets” that is hanging out there as yet to be collected as rate increases. Some other thing to make citizens mad at the NDP, not the folks who ran this amount up ever since 2005, the BC Liberals.

So where does this take one’s thinking? It is simple, either the government and, by extension, BC Hydro do a re-appraisal of asset values and thereby capture the hidden asset values, for the benefit of BC Citizens or they roll over, as in BC Rail, and let the 1% realise these increased values. If you think about it, the BC Hydro legacy assets are on the books for next to nothing and are like a big pot of gold for the private sector’s taking. Removing this opportunity will generate rage. Any such revaluation could not be done by a local professional consultancy as they would most likely have undisclosed conflicts of interest that would compromise the process and the valuations. RiskMetrics in New York is the type of consultancy that is needed.

I do not have any sense of whether the BC NDP are up to thinking out of the box to this degree. For them to do so would be to stir up a hornet’s nest in corporate BC and North America, but from my experience in corporate finance the way forward is clear enough. If the NDP wanted a stronger hand to play, the use of a provincial referendum would limit the effects of Liberal style backroom dealing and force the issue into the public domain. A little risk in this approach but the chance of doing the will of the people, Swiss style, might just be what is needed.




Sharon Noble
Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

“Knowledge is Power.”
~ Sir Francis Bacon, 1597

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