2017-07-30 A coming storm for wireless in the form of lawsuits?

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1)    The Union of BC Municipalities will be holding its annual conference at the end of September and is asking for input from Councillors and Mayors. I hope you will consider contacting your Council and ask for them to bring the issue of microcells and 5G forward.  This is something many communities know nothing about and may not before it is too late for them to have any input over their rights of way and public health. Deadline for requests is August 11.

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Full details here:

https://tinyurl.com/y99jrzsh – summary follows:

Tuesday, September 26 is Forum Day at UBCM Convention. Whether you are an electoral area director, urban mayor, councillor from a small community, or from somewhere in-between, UBCM has the right forum for you. Help shape the agendas for this year’s forums by emailing your topic requests by Friday, August 11…..  Members like you drive the agendas for each forum. Tell us about challenges or hot-button issues you are facing in your communities – odds are, other local governments are dealing with similar issues. 

2)    The new Energy Minister.


Michelle Mungall appointed Minister of Energy, Mines and Petroleum Resources – “It’s a huge honour,” said Mungall. by Chris Brauer – Creston Valley Advance – July 27, 2017:


3) The lawsuits are inevitable as people become more aware of and doctors become more educated about RF health effects. BC Hydro likely will face some in the near future, which means the public will have to pay for Hydro’s poor decisions. This is the type of info that should be shared with the new Energy Minister and Premier.
A Coming Storm For Wireless?

“As workers and the medical community begin to better understand those RF injuries, the wireless industry could face increased RF safety awareness issues.

Insurers no longer provide RF exposure coverage, so wireless providers may find property owners less willing to renew existing leases, or to lease space for antennas.

An RF safety protocol could help protect workers and the financial interests of the wireless ecosystem.

Jobsite hazards, both seen and unseen, exist everywhere in our nation.  All but a few of these safety challenges can be mitigated when corporations or industries decide to address them properly.  Imagine an enterprise sector that utilizes a known human hazard and knowingly turns a blind eye to the health and safety of third party workers. Yet, this is exactly the situation surrounding radio frequency (RF) radiation within the wireless industry.  Wireless carriers have long hidden behind the veil of federal compliance to avoid implementing a meaningful RF safety solution.

To date, the wireless industry has managed to stay relatively unscathed financially from injuries related to RF radiation.

This is largely due to the medical community’s ignorance of the effects of RF injuries, either cognitive or physical.  If experts in the medical community have no understanding of RF radiation, how can a worker realize they have been injured when RF radiation is invisible, odorless, and tasteless? Workers have no way of connecting their overexposure incident with the manifestation of symptoms, which may not arise immediately.” 


4)    A member saw an ad on TV from the Heart and Stroke Foundation and responded with appropriate and important information. Please see below in Letters. 

5)    An updated list of MLAs and Cabinet members is available at:




To the Heart and Stroke Foundation by a member: [http://www.heartandstroke.ca/more-locations]


The Heart and Stroke Foundation recently released a TV commercial on Knowledge Network, where a middle aged man experienced a stroke, after using an iPad or tablet.

It also shows the daughter making a phone call on a wireless DECT phone to call the ambulance.

Perhaps the Heart and Stroke Foundation is not aware, at this time, that BOTH of these wireless devices emit microwave radiation, which cause adverse reactions in the blood.  Within seconds, the blood picture changes, inducing a Rouleaux Formation of  blood cells, hypoxia, which can result in STROKE, THROMBOSIS and HEART ATTACK!

This medical video explains what happens after 3 minutes of wireless device use.  The video quality is not the best, but it improves.

Dr. Joachim Petersohn – Düsseldorf, Germany – Environmental Medicine


“There is a considerable difference in the blood!  Blood cells clump like a money roll.

Red blood cells carry an electrical charge on the surface of the cell, and are charged positive and negative.
Normally they push away from each other like pong-pong balls, and therefore, are mobile and active in the blood.
If suddenly they are magnetically aligned, they stick together, which means the charge is lost and is influenced by the electromagnetic field.
This means if such clumping (aggregation) has to go through small vessels, the risk is relatively high for: thrombosis, heart attack and stroke . . .”


The Google translation is very poor, but you can see from the slides the adverse reaction (clumping) of the blood cells, on the top of the page.

No. 1, before cell phone use.

No. 2, after only 3 minutes of cell phone use!


Red blood cells under normal microscope.
Blood was removed from earlobe.
The money roll formation lingers up to 20 minutes!
Easily reproducible.
Since persons are affected even AT A DISTANCE OF 2 METERS from the mobile phone, this EXCLUDES any thermal effects!
Possible consequence:  STROKE, because of reduced blood flow

But instead of agreeing, government departments and lobby groups come up with absurd arguments!

Larger text:

There are clear and comprehensive experiments, which show the effects of mobile phone calls.
One example is the so-called money roll formation, which was illustrated by students in an experiment with 51 participants.

People between 17 and 20 years, who were not allowed to use a cell phone for 24 hours, gave blood samples.  Immediately after, the young researchers had their test subjects make a mobile phone call for 20 SECONDS, with a mobile phone (Siemens ME 35).
Again, blood from the ear lobes and fingertips was extracted.  Ten minutes later, the procedure was repeated.

The results of this field study are conclusive: after each mobile phone call, a clear blood cluster formation from the ear and fingers could be detected, and even clear blood clusters were seen on images taken ten minutes later, concludes clogging takes place more easily.
Furthermore, less oxygen is transported by the surface reduction of the red blood corpuscles.  This can lead to, for example, CARDIOVASCULAR PROBLEMS  (Hutter et al. 2002), fatigue and concentration difficulties, among others.

The physics department of The University of Heidelberg developed educational materials for these students.

The Canadian scientist Dr. Havas has an excellent educational video on this subject:

Perhaps invite Dr. Havas to your office, as she is well informed of the adverse biological effects wireless technology has sprung on the population.

World wide, this is becoming a serious MAN-MADE health problem.
Dr. Rau of the Swiss Paracelsus Clinic treats thousands of patients, from every corner of the globe, who suffer the consequence of man’s wireless hubris.

The Effects of Invisible Rays – Toronto Women’s College Hospital

It is highly disturbing that Health Canada’s outdated Safety Code 6 only protects from thermal effects, but not biological consequences, as illustrated in the above videos and websites.

If your organization would illustrate these adverse health effects on television, there would be far less people on drugs, suffering a stroke or premature death.
Surely, the health of the population must carry far greater weight than the financial well-being of the telecom industry!

The cooperation of The Heart and Stroke Foundation in this matter would be greatly appreciated.

Kind Regards,


Sharon Noble
Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

“Those who have the privilege to know have the duty to act.”
~ A. Einstein

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