2016-12-12 AT Maintenance in Victoria installing smeters

Notice from Cordova Bay area of Victoria, provided by a member:  10:00 this morning I chatted with an AT electrical contractor for BC Hydro who was swapping out analogs on Cordova Bay Rd. He stated they only had ‘radio meters’ available and that he had thousands to replace and that it was up to BC Hydro to inform customers of their arrival.


[Make sure the radio really is off! – https://vimeo.com/169954584


1)    From one of the early members of the Coalition who, in 2013, gathered complaints from people in BC who were having to choose between heat and food for their families. I suspect there are many stories that could be added to this. None of the politicians or organizations who could lend a voice responded at all. And now these same politicians want us to vote for them – again.

The stories being told by the customers of Hydro in Ontario have a very familiar ring.   I have attached 50 pages of just some of the letters I received back in 2013, pleading for someone, anyone, to listen to their stories about the outrageous bills and penalties from BC Hydro’s Smart Meter Program.

I sent these stories to over 400 media contacts, MLA’s, Organizations, Lawyers etc. and the response was nothing but deadly silence.  I asked these people to stand in the shoes of the mother on a disability pension with a young daughter and to choose between food and paying their Hydro Bill. Then to read the story of a single mom with a newborn baby who was unable to heat her home in the winter because she couldn’t pay her Hydro bill.

How about the pleas from the old age pensioner, who has worked hard all his life, now in his ‘Golden Retirement Years,’ finding himself huddled under a blanket in the corner of the living room with a lit candle just trying survive?

Why do families in BC, one of the richest provinces in Canada, have to choose between heating their home and feeding their children?  Families First?


2)    The Swiss Parliament voted down a request by the telecoms to increase the strength of their antennae. The refusal was based on health risk.

Géraldine Savary (PS/VD) does not understand the hurry to lower norms.  “We have received many messages from people suffering from radiation.  These are not imaginary sick persons.”  According to her, we must not give in to the pressure of the operators.  She was supported by Olivier Français (PLR/VD), who admitted doubt.  “It is proven that radiation affects the brain.  Does this impair health?  Honestly, there is a doubt.  This makes me think of the debate on asbestos.”  For him, we cannot label the risk “negligeable”.

Thomas Minder (UDC/SH) has no doubt.  “Because of waves, there are people who cannot leave their home without special clothing.  We have found dead animals near an antenna, and even Apple advises to call with headsets.”  Robert Cramer (Les Verts/GE) regrets that the Parliament allows itself to be manipulated by the operators.  “Increasing the power of antennas costs less for them but is more harmful to public health.””


3)    A Civil Engineer, who has given a TED presentation (it is embedded in the document)

about his becoming sensitive, has written about the uncontrolled proliferation of wireless devices. In an attempt to raise awareness among Professional Engineers, this article was published in a magazine for a society with 87,000 members. These are people who could do so much toward ridding our homes and schools of these dangerous devices.

As you will see in this article and in your own research, there is now enough evidence that weak electromagnetic fields affect biology. This could have serious consequences for the future of our civilization; it is an issue we must begin to acknowledge so that solutions can be created.”



TIPS:  Reducing Electricity

Just like to point out about the link on the bottom for the Kimberly stove:

Although a good idea, at $4K USD, this is an outrageous price. What we will be building for every small or big home on our property next year will be Rocket Mass Heaters. These are DIY projects and for couple hundred dollars, one builds a stove with a cob bench (or other material that can retain heat). I have bought a book on the subject. In the permaculture community at least RMH are taking it by the storm. Why? Because apparently, for a well insulated small home, one can use just a few logs that you can carry in your hands, and, the logs do not need to be big, but branches of about 2-3″ will suffice. So what this means is that now people do not have to cut down trees to burn them, but just use brush underneath and fallen branches – this cleans out the forest, prevents forest fires (brush is what gives them fuel). On top of that, this type of stove is incredibly efficient, producing next to no smoke out of the chimney – so less GHG going out.

This is not to meant to denigrate whomever forwarded the link; simply that much better and much cheaper alternatives exist that people may not be aware of.

Here is a link to the people from whom I bought the book. They’re a couple in northern USA and they have built over 300 of such stoves. I realize this may not be a solution for everyone, but the benefits are enormous and I strongly believe a lot of people can switch to them. Once you have the heat covered, you do not need as much electricity and can go off grid much easier….


[- https://www.google.ca/search?q=rocket+mass+heaters&tbm=isch&tbo=u&source=univ&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwiozKntmvLQAhVnjVQKHSj_AEgQsAQIOg&biw=1188&bih=1003



Sharon Noble
Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters
“You will observe with concern how long a useful truth may be known, and exist, before it is generally received and acted on.”
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