2016-11-12 A Teamster asks for Wi-Fi to be turned off in Las Vegas halls

1)    A Teamster, Gary Vesperman, has done a lot of research and gathered a lot of evidence re. RF, and has presented a document to the Teamsters asking to take the important step of demanding that Wi-Fi be turned off in convention halls in Las Vegas for the safety of the workers..


“The bottom line is that all of us should minimize exposure to wireless radiation as much as possible. Children should especially not play with smart phones and be exposed to Wi-Fi in their schools.

All of the convention halls have Wi-Fi. We Teamsters have an opportunity to make some history. Our Teamsters Local 631 should pass a formal resolution to ask the Las Vegas convention halls to turn on their Wi-Fi only during conventions and only after ensuring none of our brothers and sisters are working on the premises and would be exposed to their hazardous Wi-Fi signals.”


http://www.padrak.com/vesperman/Possible%20Hazards%20of%20Cell%20Phones%20and%20Towers%20Book%203.pdf  Book 3 from Vesperman’s website

Gary C. Vesperman – http://www.padrak.com/vesperman/
– http://www.commutefaster.com/Vesperman.html

Possible Hazards of Cell Phones and Towers, Wi-Fi, Smart Meters, and Wireless Computers, Printers, Laptops, Mice, Keyboards, and Routers:
– Book Three – September 17, 2016:
– http://www.padrak.com/vesperman/Possible%20Hazards%20of%20Cell%20Phones%20and%20Towers%20Book%203.pdf
– Book Two – August 10, 2016:
– http://www.padrak.com/vesperman/Medical%20Hazards%20of%20Cell%20Phones%20Wi-Fi%20Wireless%20Devices%20and%20%20Smart%20Meters%20-%20Book%20Two%208.10.16.pdf
– Book One – August 17, 2016:
– http://www.padrak.com/vesperman/Medical%20Hazards%20of%20Cell%20Phones%20Wi-Fi%20Wireless%20Devices%20and%20%20Smart%20Meters%208.17.16.pdf

2)    A recommendation from a member.  If there are suggestions you’d like to share with others, please send to me at dsnoble@shaw.ca with “tips” on the subject line.

“In the newsletter it would be good to have a section with tips and recommendations, even tips submitted by readers, to reduce our electrical consumption.

Even little things like replacing worn weatherstripping around doors can really help. One kind of weatherstripping can even have the old foam inserts pulled out and replaced without having to redo the metal weatherstripping frame. I think it’s made by RCR and Rona and probably most other hardware stores have it. Sealing gaps in house siding and having the door to the attic with weatherstripping to fit securely. The flue in the old fashioned chimney can be closed to the point that you don’t get excessive condensation on windows while you reduce the amount of heat going up the chimney.


There’s even a list of EPA recommended showerheads that are efficient and have been tested to give a decent shower while using about 1.6 gallons per minute vs. the 2.5 gallons per minute that has been the standard since the 1980’s. If you have metered water and/or an electric hot water tank this can help reduce electrical consumption.


What we do have control over is using less of the resource BC Hydro has us so dependent on. Keeping our usage below or near where the 2nd tier pricing begins is a good step to giving BC Hydro less money.”

3)    A member sent in an article about a study showing problems associated with lack of good sound sleep. RF radiation has been shown to effect the production of melatonin which is required for good sleep, which is necessary to repair some of the harm that is done during the day.


4)    In Michigan, a State Senator acknowledges that he works for his constituents, just as our MLAs are supposed to work for us, and presents an amendment that would allow people to decide what type of meter they would have on their homes.

https://www.youtube.com/watch? v=UfckTy3I8k8

5)    Many studies have shown that exposure to EMF can exacerbate already existing health problems, such as autoimmune diseases.  I have no information about this series, which is presented for free, other than what is shown at the link below.

“At last… more than 85+ experts, including doctors, scientists, world leading functional medicine experts, as well as sufferers now in remission, are lifting the lid on the auto-immune industry.”


6)    Non smeter or BC Hydro:

Mercola.com founder Dr. Joseph Mercola interviews Dr. Alexander Wunsch about the hidden dangers of light-emitting diode (LED) lighting.

Our eyes were designed to receive the light frequency of the Sun. Rays strike the optic nerve, which signals the pituitary gland, triggering the release of hormones and neurotransmitters that regulate our bodily functions.”

Dr. Mercola: The Dangers of LED Lights   (36 minutes)


horgan-john   bc-hydro

From: X
Sent: November 11, 2016
To: Opposition Leader oppositionleader@leg.bc.ca  —- This letter was also sent separately by X to Andrew Weaver, the Green Party MLA
Subject: Smart meters

Mr. Horgan

Since you refuse to listen to any scientific evidence of the detrimental impact to human health of smart meters, perhaps you will be receptive to economic arguments.  BC Hydro stated in its original business case that smart meters would last about 20 years.  We know some meters are being replaced in about 5 years, and here is an article stating the life of smart meters will be increasingly short.

Can you please give a response that would indicate my email has at least been read?  Your form email about how busy you are just doesn’t cut it, especially in an election year.



Sharon Noble
Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters
“The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing.”
~ Albert Einstein


Smart Meters, Cell Towers, Smart Phones, 5G and all things that radiate RF Radiation