2016-12-14 Another agency that can’t help us — Consumer Protection Agency

1)    A slightly different version of a beautiful YouTube by one of our members that I had in an update last week.  This is a lovely way to educate people about the dangers of RF.  Please share widely.


2)    Some of our members took readings of microcells that Telus has installed as a result of the fiber optic cable they have added to the lines along the roads. As you can see, many of the microcells, which are really cell transmitters, are very close to homes, usually the second storey where the bedrooms are located.




3)    Olga Sheean has prepared a petition directed at the person in charge of the EMF project at WHO, a person long known to lean strongly toward the industry and the status quo. We demand that a person with the proper credentials and experience, one who considers true science without prejudice, replace her.  Right now there are 1,150 signatures. If everyone signs as soon as this is read, we could easily reach 2,000 by noon tomorrow. Let’s give it a try.

We need your support! Please SIGN and SHARE the ‘vote of no confidence’ in WHO and its EMF Project, if you haven’t already:


We now have 1,150 votes and, with your help, will have a lot more by mid-January. If we can all get 10 other people to sign, we’ll have a powerful impact.

A separate document will be submitted, calling on WHO to (among other things) implement its standard protocol for epidemics – as it did for the obesity epidemic, which it describes as a ‘social and environmental disease’.

EHS fits this description perfectly and is shaping up to be one of the worst global epidemics in our history. It warrants even more immediate and extensive protective measures and public awareness campaigns, as well as science-based strategies for the use of safer telecoms technologies.

Our industry-led governments are failing to acknowledge the proven dangers of microwave radiation largely because WHO has failed to do so. Calling WHO on its own industry bias and getting it to respect and act on the science will set the standard for our governments to follow.

If you have EHS and would like to submit a few lines about your personal situation, for inclusion in the WHO document, please send your info (max. 40 words) to:  olga@olgasheean.com  and indicate whether your full name can be used or not. 

Thank you for your support!

4)    Here is Katie Singer’s most recent newsletter with lots of good stuff. There is one item that was making the rounds that turned out not to be what it appears to be.




(Please read from the bottom up.)

From: info@consumerprotectionbc.ca
To:  X
Sent: December 13, 2016

Subject: RE: Insurance – when smart meters burn

Hello Mr. X

Thank you for reaching out to Consumer Protection BC. Our organization is responsible for overseeing certain consumer protection laws in British Columbia, and we can also act as step on your path to a solution.

We understand your concerns with regards to your insurance questions and thank you for your email which has been logged by us. Unfortunately, Consumer Protection BC does not have the authority to oversee concerns in the insurance industry. For greater clarification on the scope of our authority, you may find it interesting to review our mandate online.  You may wish to contact the Insurance Bureau of Canada with your concerns as they will have the expertise to answer your questions more effectively. You may also find it helpful to discuss the matter with the British Columbia Utilities Commission.

Thank You,

TF 1.888.564.9963
W www.consumerprotectionbc.ca

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From:  X
Sent: December 06, 2016
To: info@consumerprotectionbc.ca

Subject: Insurance – when smart meters burn

Re: BC Hydro Smart Meter fires 


Our insurance agent wrote back to our inquiry, regarding the potential of fires, caused by BC Hydro’s unwanted (no consent) smart meter. I am forwarding our letter, as well as theirs.

Our letter to the insurance agent:

Would we have to pay the deductible and would our premiums increase, in case of a BC Hydro ‘smart’ meter fire?

To set the record straight: As home owners, we have not given BC Hydro permission, nor given any implied consent, to have a BC Hydro/Itron smart meter device attached to our home.

Our request through letters and numerous phone calls, to have their smart meter replaced with a safe analog meter, was willfully ignored by BC Hydro, thereby violating or rights as property owners, as well as our constitutional rights.

Thousands of homeowners in BC have voiced their concerns regarding the safety of BC Hydro’s smart meters. Since smart meter fires gained more attention recently, we would appreciate clarification from the insurance company.

Reply from our insurance agent:

Any claim that is made on your policy the deductible would need to be paid. The insurance company should they did proceed with subrogation against BC Hydro for the damages they may opt to include your policy Deductible as part of it.

For any insured claim under your Homeowners policy, the deductible would have to be paid as the contract of the policy is between you and the insurance company. This would also be the case if a tree fell on your home from the neighbor’s property, your insurance policy would respond to the resulting damage to your home and your deductible would apply as well.

Our reply to the insurance agent:

If we understand this correctly: We have to pay the deductible? Yes?

Would our insurance rate increase as well?

Reply from the insurance agent:

Correct on the deductible. For any claim made, yes your policy would increase by 20% on the base premium, which would be for 3 years.

There is an option to add on a claims free protector for $ 30 per year which allows 1 claim without any change to your claims free discount.

This is unbelievable! Even though, we repeatedly disallowed the unwanted smart meter on our home, and were ignored by BC Hydro, we the consumers have to pay, in the event of a BC Hydro smart Meter fire, even when BC Hydro is at fault, or proven negligent in their duties!

A BC Hydro smart meter fire is not an act of God, nor a natural occurrence! A smart meter fire is solely the fault of BC Hydro! The smart meter is 100% the property of BC Hydro. When the device fails and causes damage to homes and occupants, fault lies 100% with BC Hydro, not the home owners! The base of the meter was only designed for a analog meters, and not designed to accommodate a smart meter, according to electrical engineer reports.

Even though we do not own the smart meter, even though we have written and called BC Hydro to remove the potentially dangerous device from our home, we were ignored again and again, by this arrogant and irresponsible crown corporation.

We have to suffer the trauma, that a smart fire can cause?

We have to suffer the loss of property & financial hardship, that a smart meter fire brings?

We have to suffer the potential of severe physical injury, that a smart meter fire can cause?

We have to live with the probability that we might even lose our lives, in the event of a smart meter fire?

Now we are told that we have to pay the deductible, when BC Hydro’s smart meter sets our home ablaze, even though they are at fault?

To top it off, we have to pay a considerable increase in our home insurance premium for years to come?

Has Consumer Protection, as well as BCUC failed to consider the consequences for the consumer, from the insurance angle?

Homeowners ultimately suffer the losses by increased fire risks, as well as increased insurance cost by paying the deductibles, as well as an increase in insurance rates. What kind of corrupt society have we become?

Unbelievable at it is, in previous correspondence with Consumer Protection BC, I was informed that your organization cannot interfere in BC Hydro’s affairs. However, insurance matters cannot be ignored by you, as all insurance companies are privately owned. There are thousands of home owners, who like us are looking for clarification of this matter. This indeed has become Consumer Protection BC’s affair.

Your immediate attention to this surreal situation matter is appreciated.

Kind regards,




A member sent this link to the top rated stoves for going off grid:



Sharon Noble
Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

The apparent motto of all government agencies:   


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