2016-04-29 Microwave Radiation and Autism

1)   A very good article from the UK outlining the many reasons why the smeter rollout in that country is being delayed.


2)   A couple of weeks ago, a major documentary about EHS, Wi-Fi, and EMR was aired on TV in Israel. A version with English subtitles is now available.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bpJsIWuV-PA&feature=youtu.be   (click on “cc” under the screen)

3)   Some members, worried about health effects and/or fires, are asking about what is involved with moving the meter from the side of the home to a pole some distance away. I have heard that costs vary with distance and complexity but, generally, are $3,000 or more.

Could anyone who has done this provide info about how far the meter was moved and the cost, plus anything else that would impact the cost?  On the subject line – “moved meter” please to help me identify subject.

4)   Next week there is going to be a major symposium on children’s health, cell phones, RF, etc. at the 2016 Pediatric Societies Conference where more than 8000 doctors, researchers, etc. will attend.


I will find out if the session will be recorded and available to us.

One presenter will be Dr. Martha Herbert and she has provided a paper on autism and possible connections with wireless radiation.


Sharon Noble
Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

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