2016-04-11 Study shows the more people know about smeters, the more concerns they have.

1)    Another really good website with info to share in letters, etc.


2)    Discussion about the human rights and treatment of those who are sensitive to environmental agents such as RF. I think some would argue that the description of the treatment of sensitive people under the Canadian Human Rights Commission is accurate.


(re. Quebec)

3)    A study that appears to be finding the “right message” for utilities to give customers to increase acceptance of the $$meters finds that the more people learn about them, the more concerns they have. In BC Hydro’s terms, ignorance is bliss.

“The results of a new study, however, provide renewed hope that consumers will eventually reject smart meter technology in spite of governments and corporations which hype the purported benefits and are silent on the risks.  The newly published article is entitled, “Understanding and Beliefs about Smart Energy Technology” [2].  The study demonstrates that as consumers learn about smart meter technology, they become more aware of the potential risks and therefore have increased concerns about the negative impacts that smart meters may have on their lives.”


4)    California’s solar producers are being told they need to shut down because they are making too much!!  The gas plants have to keep working….New technology is needed to store solar, and then we can say good bye to BC Hydro and FortisBC.

The solar and wind power comes in on top of what natural gas power plants are generating. Because renewable energy production goes up and down with passing clouds and wind conditions, grid operators say they need the continuous supply from natural gas to make up for those fluctuations.

Shutting down natural gas would leave the power supply less stable. Many gas plants can take between four and eight hours to restart, once they’re turned off.


5)    A site devoted to Wi-Fi in schools.  Please share with parents and teachers.


6)    A few days ago, I shared an article about the radar on a Hawaiian island killing the coral reefs. A member has asked if anyone knows if the same type of radar (is there more than one type?) is used in the Vancouver Island area, and if there is any effect from it that has been noted?  Where is it located? Anyone know?


From: X
To: customer.relations@bchydro.com
Cc: director@stopsmartmetersBC.COM; commission.secretary@bcuc.com
Date: April 10, 2016

Subject: Re: BC Hydro Meter Choices Program

APRIL 10, 2016

To: Scott Petrie
BC Hydro Customer Relations

From: X
account ######

In response to your email April 4, 2016

We continue to refuse a smart meter, with or without the transmitter turned off

I will only accept an Analog meter.  According to your records, my meter does not expire until December 2016.  As I have stated in past emails.  I still have closer until the end of the year to look at other options.  Something may change before the expiry date.  I don’t have an option of another electric company to go to.  You stated Hydro will get fined $5,000, by Measurement Canada. How can Hydro get fined if my meter is not expired yet? At this point there is still time. Hopefully an analog meter will become available.

We have a family member with electrohypersensitivity in our home. I try very hard to keep certain products out of our home.    I have the right to keep myself and my family safe from harmful products in our home.

Privacy issues and fire are also of high concern.   I do not consent to a digital meter being installed.  I choose to keep my analog meter. I was given freedom of choice.  We are paying a high monthly fee to keep our analog meter. This fee was set out by BC Hydro.  We have our meter read every two months. We pay a fee every month for service that is not being done.

You stated you no longer have analog meters in stock, and that you were not buying or recertifying any more.  You also stated when the Meters Choices Program was announced on July 2013, it explained that customers could keep an old meter until the meter breaks down, their Measurements Canada seal expires, or they re- locate.

In the Peace Arch News –  Smart meter opt out possible.  MLA Hogg referred to a press release and and Jan. 23 op-ed piece issued by Minister Coleman.  “BC Hydro will not install a new meter without the homeowner’s consent” – “that’s the key message” Hogg said.

We were assured on July 18, 2013 by Bill Bennett, Minister of Energy and Mines in a press release, that same article you quoted, that no one will be forced to take a smart meter.  I always thought the Minister’s word is above BC Hydro.  I expect his statement to be upheld to BC customers, as well as Hydro having a supply of analog meters that was promised.  You knew how many analog meters you had to keep for this program. You chose not to, by destroying and not recertifying.

This smart meter program has gone too far. I have lost all faith in the way my tax dollar is being spent on this program. The meters have been proven to cause harm in many ways.  My family should not have to endure pain and suffering, because BC Hydro wants to force a dangerous product onto our home.


A hard copy will be mailed.

From: xx
To: commission.secretary@bcuc.com
Cc: oppositionleader@leg.bc.ca; Adrian.dix.mla@leg.bc.ca; jessop@shaw.ca; Gary.Holman.MLA@leg.bc.ca
Date: April 11, 2016

Subject: BCUC: Faulty Smart Meter Being Replaced ??

Dear Erica Hamilton:

I am writing today to enquire about the installation of yet another replacement meter on our properties on Pender Island. Both my mother and I had initially “opted out” for medical reasons, as we are both affected by wireless RF signals and suffer severe EHS symptoms with extreme dizziness near wireless devices. We had subscribed and paid to be “opt-out” customers, so that BC Hydro meter readers would come to our properties to take readings manually, since 2012.

We were then forcefully told, in more demanding letters from BC Hydro, that our old analog meters were being removed before the “seal expiry date” about 2 years ago. Our old analog meters were then “seized” and switched for new radio-off Smart Meters. We measured them weekly to ensure that they were, in fact, kept “radio off,” since there seems to be a problem with them being turned “on” again, when promises were made by installers that they were indeed “off.” (Such a problem recently occurred last fall in October, when I moved to Pender Island to a home with a wireless Smart Meter.)

You can imagine how stressful this situation is, along with all the demanding letters we have been receiving from this utility company, for people who are EHS! We already suffer crippling pain near wireless signals and devices. So many times I have wanted to just “cut the power off” and go Off-Grid. The worry that the installers will get it wrong, and the new meter will be in wireless mode, and that we will be helpless to do anything to avoid pain and exposure from signals!

For those who are EHS, the anticipation and avoidance of physical pain – the hammering head-splitting headaches, sudden heart palpitation, body spasms and twitches, nerve pain, and electrical interference in the body and organs from sudden surges and constantly pulsing “low” RF signals from Smart Meters while lying in bed at night – is almost as bad as the actual pain we suffer when there is a wireless Smart Meter on the premises in close range!

(BC Hydro promised in a phone call, ONE MONTH before my move-in date when I would relocate to Pender Island, that the Smart Meter on the property would be radio-off since I am a paying opt-out customer. Well, it was on, and after several LONG phonecalls to the “Smart Meter Legacy Team” at BC Hydro, it still remained on. For 6 weeks after my move-in date, I was still sleeping in a trailer at my mother’s home to escape the RF signals and pain that made me incredibly ill all night in my new home as signals pulsed through my bedroom walls).

If the old analog meters were switched before the expiry date with a brand new “radio-off ” Smart Meter only 2 years ago, why are we getting letters in the mail to have yet another new radio-off Smart Meter installed this month? Someone is making a pile of money off this sweet little deal. And we taxpayers are paying for their profit and gains!

What is the actual agenda here? Why did we pay for a “faulty” meter 2 years ago, and why aren’t these products being inspected properly?  I would like to know what company we are subsidizing with our tax dollars. We have already spent more than a BILLION tax dollars implementing this ineffective, inaccurate Smart Meter grid and program.

In rural areas like ours, there are range extenders being installed everywhere to connect the grid, with RF being swept across parks and beach coves and properties! We are being washed in signals and activity is completely unregulated for signal strength and coverage, except through and by the exclusive rights and powers of this utility company and ally, Corix.

This winter, Corix teams have been sent to Pender Island, and seen in our streets and neighbourhoods taking measurements from house to house. There seems to be a problem, we are told in a recent letter from BC Hydro, with inaccurate billings!!! ??? If there is a problem with the SM wireless communication grid system, then how accurate are the billings? Why are so many people finding their bills were out the roof in past months? In my world, this is called theft!  And it’s happening on a grand scale across this province!  Our hard-earned money is being stolen through inaccurate billings, and we are helpless to retrieve it!   (And we certainly don’t buy the line that the SM are more accurate, when bills are surging while residents are vacationing for winter elsewhere with their heat turned down or off! In fact, with RF signals travelling along copper pipes and wiring, dirty electricity, and stray voltage, I would think there would be a huge problem with accuracy).

I hope you are as shocked as we Pender Island residents are about the new replacement meters, and that you are already looking into this as I write to you. We need to see some accountability…as the saying goes, “Follow the money.”

Thank you for looking into this.


Cc: John Horgan, Opposition Leader
Adrian Dix, MLA
Gary Holman, MLA Gulf Islands/Saanich N
Ian Jessop, News Reporter


Sharon Noble
Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

“You will observe with concern how long a useful truth may be known, and exist, before it is generally received and acted on.”
~  Ben Franklin

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