2016-04-15 An amazing man speaks about dangers of cellphones (RF)

1)    I sent this around a couple of years ago, right after this brave man died, but several members have asked for me to share again. It is an important story to share about the dangers of wireless radiation.

“Attorney Jimmy Gonzalez, a former Marine here addresses his city council in 2012 to warn about the dangers of cellphones.

Two years later, he succumbed to a Stage Four glioblastoma multiform brain cancer next to his left ear, where he used his cell phone. He also developed a tumor in his heart, next to where he kept his cellphone in his suit pocket, as well as a nerve tumor on the palm of his hand, from which he held his phone.

This father of two young children was killed by his cellphone at age 42.”

Video: (under 9 minutes): Jimmy Gonzalez 1972-2014: “Cell Phones Cause Cancer”

2)    A member found this very interesting history of EMR exposure “The Microwave Drug: The Biological and Spiritual Effects of Electromagnetic Radiation”


3)    Non-smeter but similar. A member has a problem with Telus service regarding a rental unit of hers. The tenant is moving and the new tenant wants Shaw for internet, cable and phone. Without telling the owner, Telus had put a white box on the wall in the living room and they refuse to remove it. There is no indication this is emitting RF, or what its purpose is. The owner said she would remove it because it is ugly and she never agreed to allow it. Telus says if she removes it she will never be allowed to be a customer again. The “service rep” was rude, similar to BC Hydro reps, wouldn’t identify herself. After insisting on speaking with a supervisor and a 20 minute wait, the supervisor said the same thing and refused to put anything in writing. I suspect that more of this type of thing will happen when Telus has the microcells shooting RF and the fiber optic boxes on our homes.

I recommended that the member lodge a formal complaint with BCUC. These companies must share the same training manuals.

The member would like to know if anyone else has had a similar experience, and does anyone know if the white box is emitting RF.

4)    Verizon’s projected growth is based, to a large extent, on $$meters and utilities figuring how to use all of our data that they are collecting’

‘Verizon, which offers IoT platforms as a service, released its second annual State of the Market: Internet of Things report last week. Among the highlights: A 58% year-over-year growth in IoT network connections for the energy and utilities…

Whether Verizon’s positive outlook proves accurate depends a lot on utilities figuring out how to do more with data. And that may be a bit more challenging, given that the report also states that only 8% of businesses are using more than 25% of the IoT data that they collect.”



Sharon Noble
Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

“Your silence gives consent”
~ Plato

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