2016-04-08 Smart meters that tell utility the meter base needs repair, at home owner’s cost

  • I don’t know if stray voltage is a problem in BC, but because the infrastructure is not in good condition, it seems as if it could be. It’s a serious problems for farmers in Ontario.

“Hydro One conducted extensive tests on their farm Sept. 30 but had taken no action to correct the problem as of last week, Loretta Herbert said.

“They haven’t done anything that I know of,” she said.

“Before this all happened, we used to be able to keep our cows for 10 years. Now it’s just three or four years and they’re gone or they’re gone after they have their first calf.””



  • The BC teacher who wrote to the BCTF about her EHS exacerbated by the Wi-Fi in the school room where she taught is spreading the word widely. Here is an article in a New York journal.



  • Florida Light and Power is using smeters that will identify a problem in the meter base and will hold the home owner responsible for making the repair— or else.  Notice that heat or rain can cause damage. Where does the heat come from?  The $$meter?

“Smart meters can now detect whether a customer-owned meter enclosure is about to need repairs or replacement, and customers will be notified when there is a problem.

Customers who do not repair or replace their enclosures within 45 days face having their power disconnected within five working days….

 Problems with meter enclosures, including overheating, generally stem from poor condition of the meter enclosure components and connections, which can occur as a result of age, wear and tear and tampering, FPL said. Heat and rain can also damage connections and other components, causing them to corrode or loosen.”


  • Illinois: “Dangerous Com Ed meters are being installed without proper notice”.



  • In Dubai, government touting one advantage of the “$$mart” city is that there will be no privacy – all data will be shared openly.

“As Al Shehhi says of the consumers, “you are the identity”, making consumer data the main commodity in smart city development.

If consumer data is the main commodity, then consumer privacy is the unavoidable tag along.

The newly drafted data law address that exact concern. The law enables government sectors to share information with each other, resolving the agony of updating government records in case of a change in the resident’s status. The law will also eventually make individual data available to the public.”



  • Exponent was paid by FortisBC to present to the BCUC to argue that there is no harm from the radiation from $$meters. They operate as a product defense company with a history of defending the indefensible. Finally, this is becoming a point of debate in the wider community. They, like Gradient, will defend the most dangerous devices or products so long as they are paid.BCUC was presented with evidence from 6 world-renowned scientists but chose to ignore their research and were persuaded to accept Exponent’s lies, twists, and egregious misrepresentations, e.g. you will be exposed to more RF radiation by sleeping next to your spouse than from lying next to a wall that holds a smart meter.   Yes, Exponent said this and BCUC bought it.  It’s time we demand a re-hearing. If these things are so safe, why did FortisBC have to pay a hired gun?




“If we remain silent, we kill freedom, justice and the possibility that a society armed with information may have power to change the situation that has brought us to this point.” – Anabel Hernández



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