2016-04-06 A bill in Argentina calls for wired devices in all schools and hospitals

  • The future of “Smart” devices is being called into question:

“Nest is coming under fire following an announcement that Revolv, a smart home startup it acquired two years ago, would be permanently shutting off its product starting May 15th….

it does raise serious questions about the longevity of smart home gadgets. The devices are often costly pieces of hardware made by small startups that may drop support at any point after being scooped up by a larger technology company.”



  • One of our members found that a bill has been presented to Argentina’s Parliament limiting RF exposure, and requiring all schools and hospitals use only hard wired devices. (google translation.)

The parliamentary initiative seek to respond to widespread public demand in the country and the world, which has caused hundreds of protests, lawsuits and petitions to the authorities against uncontrolled deployment of cellular antennas, power lines and other factors electromagnetic pollution



  • Some really excellent letters written to the School Trustee who is refusing to accommodate a child who is sensitive to the wifi in his school room. I truly believe that these trustees and authorities forget that they have a fiduciary responsibility to ensure that children under their care have a safe environment in which to learn. It is part of their job description and, in the board room where I attended meetings, it was proudly displayed on a plaque on the wall. They must be held to a higher standard than the average person, and must not be allowed to shirk their duties at the risk of the children. (not to mention the teachers to whom they are responsible as well.)



From: X
Sent: April 5, 2016 1:24 PM
To: kelder@sd63.bc.ca; Sharon Noble <dsnoble@shaw.ca>
Subject: The dangers of Wi-Fi in schools

Mr Elder

The information you included in your email letter to a concerned grandparent is wrong.

“Our installation of wi-fi services in schools is based on (1) the educational needs as expressed by school staffs and parents and (2) compliance with standards established by the World Health Organization, Health Canada and the local Medical Health Officer, all of whom attest to the safety of wireless technologies even as they recognize that some harm can come from other high intensity electromagnetic fields not found in schools.”

The only safe computer network in a school is an ether network. it has also been proven that a hard wired network gives faster internet service than wi-fi and the health effects are not a concern.

Parents and some staff may think that wi-fi is the be all and end all of the universe but they do not know the dangers of it as well. They don’t know because school boards and school officials have kept the truth from them. The World Health Organization does NOT say that wireless technologies are safe. They have been classed as 2B carcinogens. 2B means possible danger and reputable scientists are trying to get wireless radiation upgraded to a class 2A  If these technologies are so safe then why have schools in France, Israel and India, among others removed wi-fi from their elementary schools. As for saying that Health Canada and Dr Perry Kendall say that wi-fi is safe is another major problem. Health Canada is influenced by industry and will not listen to reputable scientists who have done the work and they can prove that there are major health consequences. Dr Perry Kendall has been sent hundreds of studies showing the dangers of wi-fi, cell phones, smart meters and other forms of technology all using wireless systems. He won’t even read them. He is a dinosaur that can not see past his pay cheque that the government gives him.

In this province we are governed by a party that does not care about the health and well being of it’s citizens. Electrohypersensitivity is acknowledged as as disability in Canada and the United Nations have also acknowledged the disability. There are other countries who acknowledge it as well.

I am attaching numerous articles for your reading and I ask that you read them and then try telling me that wi-fi is safe. (the attached articles are at the links below).



http://parentsforasafeschool.blogspot.ca/2015_02_01_archive.html   (School officials could be personally liable for exposing our children to microwave radiation in our schools.)



From: Keven Elder

To: XX

Sent: Tuesday, April 05, 2016 11:10 AM

Subject: Re: WiFi in Schools

Thank you for this, XX  We respect your perspective but will continue to take our lead from WHO, Health Canada and the medical health officers.

With respect.


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On Apr 5, 2016, at 9:38 AM, XX wrote:

Dear Sir:

I have been sent a copy of your email justifying why WiFi is installed in your schools. May I invite you to do some research on the internet because what you will find is that there are no scientific peer-reviewed research studies that says WiFi is safe.


You seem to have taken your cues from none other than Dr. Perry Kendall who has been shielding the citizens of BC from important scientific information ie. WiFi is not harmless, in fact quite the opposite. WiFi has been proven to corrode and weaken metal structures. Doesn’t it make sense that it could also corrode and weaken our fragile bodies, skeletal structure and immune system?

Please. Do your research. Thousands of young children, whose bodies are the most vulnerable, are being harmed. The 11 year old boy who suffers from being around WiFi is the canary in the coal mine. Even though Dr. Kendall has been given over 150 scientific research studies showing WiFi is harmful, he continues to say it’s safe. He is hiding behind the skirts of Health Canada who, for some yet unexplained reason, also say WiFi is safe. I wonder where they are getting their information? The wireless companies?

Thousands of young children’s health in your schools are being adversely affected by this silent killer.

WiFi is the new tobacco and it took 40 years before governments and the medical community accepted that tobacco kills. Forty years of lobbying by the tobacco industry, manipulated data, corruption and millions of unnecessary deaths.

Sadly, this same scenario is occurring in the wireless industry. Telecommunication companies have us convinced that WiFi is safe…It is not.

As a society, we are addicted to our wireless devices. It’s become the norm. But just because it has become normal, doesn’t mean it’s good for us. It is not.

Hard-wired computers are safer and healthier. I invite you to explore the WiFi issue independently and draw your own conclusions. If you do, you will see it’s a “no-brainer”. Pun intended.



From: Y
Sent: April 5, 2016 9:12 PM
To: kelder@sd63.bc.ca; trustees@sd63.bc.ca; executive_staff@sd63.bc.ca; dgloeckler@sd63.bc.ca; kfarr@sd63.bc.ca
Subject: Safety Code 6 and legal concerns

Dear Mr. Elder:

I am writing concerning your email of Monday, April 4, 2016 to a family member of a student suffering harm from the mandated use of school ‘wifi’.

I had a large acoustic neuroma brain tumor removed in 2010 and wanted to know what could have caused it. At that time there were six studies correlating my tumor to ‘wireless, now there are many more. I have been studying the area of potential health risks from ‘wireless’ ever since. There are many people all over the world, and here in BC, that have been studying it much longer and are much more knowledgeable than myself.

The first year of reading I didn’t believe anything I read. The information was confusing, highly technical, and I didn’t know who to trust. I was a ‘loyal’ Canadian back then, and didn’t think it was possible that the safety standards in this country could be lax enough to cause harm. I refused to believe it.  In retrospect, I was incredibly naive.

‘Wireless’ is not a safe technology. There is no ‘proof of safety’, in spite of your statement that the authorities you’ve alluded to ‘attest to the safety of wireless technologies’.  That is incorrect. Read their statements again. Except for Health Canada, which has perjured itself, they do no such thing. They are not dumb enough to put themselves in legal harms way, but they are obviously smart enough to deceive most of us, at least initially.

The Provincial Health Officer states that there is ‘no convincing evidence’ of harm. That is very, very different from saying it is ‘safe’. The BC Provincial Health Officer, ‘Dr’. Perry Kendall, has recently made it very clear that he is not saying it is ‘safe’. He’s just saying there is ‘no convincing evidence’ of harm. I am attaching an excellent and succinct two page letter from Prof. Olle Johansson of the Karolinska Institute in Sweden (think Nobel prizes) sent to Dr. Kendall a few years ago which is, in essence, a public spanking of Kendall for his refusal to acknowledge facts (or, in my opinion, his lack of willingness to admit them). Johansson has spent his life studying this area, and is a recognized international expert.  Kendall is not on the road map.

The World Health Organization (which is by the way, a highly conflicted organization that was infiltrated and corrupted by the tobacco and asbestos people) IARC committee categorized ‘wifi’ as a Class 2B ‘Possible Carcinogen’ in 2011. Many on the committee wanted it moved to Class 2A ‘Probable Carcinogen’. At least 50% of that decision was based on the work of Dr. Lennart Hardell of Sweden. Since 2011, Hardell has completed another 5 long term studies, all of which show increases in cancer, primary brain cancer. In 2015, Hardell stated that Canada’s ‘Safety Code 6’, which our Provincial Health Officer uses to avoid further discussion, is a ‘public health disaster’ and that wireless needs to be moved to a Class 1 ‘Known Human Carcinogen’ on an urgent basis. Many people consider Hardell to be the top expert in the world on this matter.

Health Canada’s comes closest to saying ‘it’s safe’, but there’s a real problem with their conflicted statements. First of all, they can’t prove safety, and there’s a great deal of evidence that it’s not safe that they won’t discuss.

Health Canada will tell you that ‘Safety Code 6’,  which covers wireless radiation, is among the safest standards in the world. They are counting on you being gullible, unable to think for yourself, and not having enough time to investigate, since a bit of research will reveal that it’s one of the worst standards in the world, much less protective than China, Russia, India, and many European nations.

Safety Code 6 is a recommended ‘guideline’, not a law. Why would that be? In a $4 trillion dollar global wireless market, can you guess why there are no laws in Canada? I’ll bet you can…picture lawyers… you can’s sue company’s who don’t break non-existing laws.

Consider also that Lloyd’s of London and Swiss Re, two of the world’s largest insurers, won’t insure for wireless ‘health effects’. Why would two of the largest insurance companies in the world, who make their money selling insurance, not sell to one the largest and fastest growing industries in the world? You don’t have to think hard about that one. Read Swiss RE’s annual ‘SONAR’ newsletter which compares wireless to asbestos with it’s potential for a 20 year cancer latency.

Safety Code 6 is not worth the paper it’s written on. The original microwave safety standard which is the core of SC6 ( which was originally developed by a Nazi named Hermann Schwan brought to the US after WW2 in ‘Operation Paperclip’) was based on ‘thermal heating’ effects only, and has conveniently been maintained that way to this day. The safety ‘test’ done on wifi type equipment is this: if it doesn’t heat your body 1 degree Celsius or more in a 6 minute period, then it’s fine. It’s proclaimed ‘safe’.

But the problem is, more than 20,000+ scientific studies have found ‘biological effects’ (DNA damage, blood-brain barrier leakage, calcium ion imbalances, oxidative stress, etc. etc. etc. etc.) at levels up to 100,000 times lower than ‘SC6’. This is likely what the young boy in your school is suffering from, and what you are exposing everyone in the school, including yourself, to.

I am attaching a document from Dr. Andrew Goldsworthy (Imperial College, London UK) that describes the effects on the body of chronic, low level wireless such as you are deploying on your students. Don’t read it before bedtime.

Now here’s Health Canada’s big problem: they state on their website (unless it’s recently been changed) that there are no known health effects from wireless and that SC6 covers ‘biological effects’ as well. However, to their absolute horror in Quebec Superior court in September 2013, HC scientist James McNamee panicked and spilled the beans, admitting under oath that Safety Code 6 doesn’t cover biological effects, except for in the 3khz-100khz range. So… either Health Canada is lying on their website or their scientists are lying under oath.

I am attaching an excellent paper called ‘Captured Agency’ by Norm Alster of the Edmond J. Safra Center for Ethics at Harvard University. It’s long at 59 pages, but I strongly recommend you read every word of it, because it details the malfeasance, rot, and corruption intrinsic in the FCC which I strongly suspect is almost identical to that in it’s little brother, Health Canada. There are many Americans involved with our SC6 process, including Daniel Krewski who was recently thrown off the 2015 SC6 review for an undisclosed conflict of interest. He’s not a very honest man it seems.

Please don’t take this the wrong way, I don’t mean disrespect, but since I started studying this area it has seemed bizarre to me that schools, whose primary purpose is to teach thinking skills, appear to be completely bereft of them themselves. Wifi has nothing whatsoever to do with ‘learning’, it’s simply a convenience technology for connecting to the internet. Wired connections are faster, more reliable, and completely safe. For what possible reason would you take spectacular risks with the health of the students and teachers, and combat parents who strongly suspect their child has been harmed? For what? So the student can walk around with their unplugged devices? It doesn’t make much sense, does it? There is no ROI, only the quite probably prospect of future legal action.

Frankly, and with all due respect, I think you are a brave man. After what I’ve read about the health effects, I wouldn’t sleep at night if I’d unleashed this in a school. Something tells me you should have a good lawyer and keep some cash and a valid passport at home. There is a case going through the US court system now (25 brain cancer victims, all dead) and although I don’t think it will be successful this time around, in time just like tobacco legal precedents will be set and things may evolve very quickly.

Remember that the public health system did not protect us from thalidomide, tobacco, asbestos, DDT, agent orange, depleted uranium, and a host of other products. Industry comes first. It’s happening all over again with ‘wireless’, using the tobacco play-book.

Thank you and good luck.




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That’s what is insane about it…”

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