2016-04-03 Industry planning expansion of the grid to include digital communications and more


  • The future of the grid to combine utility provision with communication, with our data being for sale.

“The docket has attracted attention the world over for its ambition to shift the utility business model from traditional cost-of-service regulation to one where the utilities earn more market-based revenues through charging transaction fees, selling system usage data, and more.

 “In her speech, she told the audience that the electric utility can help bring about a “third industrial revolution” by situating itself as the indispensable network at the “convergence of energy and digital communication.””


  • North American infrastructure can be hacked very simply, and it is becoming more vulnerable with the IoT. The “$$mart” grid is major target and is extremely vulnerable.

“Authorities say the Iranian computer hack of a New York dam is the symptom of a huge weakness in the U.S. infrastructure — dams, stadiums, traffic controls and power grids that can be accessed by anyone, including hostile nations or terrorists — with simple passwords or no passwords at all.”



  • In BC, Hydro is telling customers that they must use $$meters if they have solar systems that feed into the grid – saying that analogs won’t work. Just another “untruth”. From the very beginning of the smeter program Hydro has misled us, from telling us that there were not wired smeters, to telling us the grid won’t work unless everyone has a smeter,  to the number of signals a day, to the fact that they cause fires, to this…. And there are so many more.  Why isn’t there a consumer bureau or ombudsperson looking into the lies Hydro has told us?



  • Smeter expansion continues around the world:

[Sri Lanka] Smart meters to record power consumption – Daily Mirror – April 02, 2016:  – http://www.srilankannews.net/index.php/sid/242790139

[Smart Grid – China – EU – Japan – Russia – South Korea – USA] Asian Super Grid gets support from China, Russia, S.Korea and Japan by Andy Colthorpe – PV Tech – March 31, 2016:


  • Another “electrical” fire in a barn in Florida, this one killing 3 horses. I have asked for people to try to get fire reports for more details, but it could take a while.   Anything flammable near a smeter is vulnerable if there is any arcing. This could be wood shavings, hay, paint, propane tanks, etc. Please make sure there is nothing anywhere near your smeter if you are unfortunate enough to have one. Of course, in the dry summer this means grass.



  • Many athletes are wearing Fitbits, those things that track heartbeats, etc.   They should be wearing something that tracks the RF because it is very high. A 2 minute video that should go viral.



Letters: From: X
Sent: April 2, 2016 10:34 PM
To: smartmeters@bchydro.com
Cc: daren.sanders@bchydro.com; Norm Macdonald <norm.macdonald.mla@leg.bc.ca>; dsnoble@shaw.ca; Adrian.dix.mla@leg.bc.ca; constance.smith@bcuc.com
Subject: attention Michael — meter exchange April 1, 2016


You phoned me on March 31 to set up an appointment as we requested for a meter exchange.  We did appreciate receiving an appointment.  However you did not mention that our analog would be replaced with a smart meter.  You only talked about digital meters when I said that we wanted another analog though BCHydro says they don’t have any left (because they have been thrown away or recycled and are not being re-certified).

Yesterday we had our analog meter taken and replaced by what certainly looks like a smart meter — Centron 1PH Type C2S0D Openway ITRON (photo attached).  We feel that we have been tricked.  The only thing that indicates “radio off” is hand printed RAD OFF on the plastic cover.  The screen does not show “RF OPT OUT” as was promised in the letter Mr. Sanders’ sent on February 9, 2016 to inform us our meter needed to be changed.  The letter stated “you will default to receive a radio-off meter” (doesn’t say smart meter).  It goes on to state that “Radio off meters do not communicate wirelessly.”  We want assurance that this meter does not transmit OR receive wirelessly and we want to see that screen showing it.  Please see that the “radio” is turned off and let it show on the screen as promised.  Even better would be to exchange this meter for an analog if you can find one or else a true digital meter that contains no antenna or transmitter.

We are thoroughly disgusted with BC Hydro’s implementation of the smart meter program.  This is the final straw.  We have been harassed, threatened and bullied into accepting a meter that we are very unhappy with.  The only reason it is on our house is that the laws have been made to be on BCHydro’s side.  We must provide access or face a $65 failed installation fee and then have our power turned off when we don’t allow installation.  That brings a $300 to $700 fine (if Hydro is successful with the BCUC in setting the discriminatory rate of $700 for only those with legacy or analog meters).  Then it starts all over again until we cannot pay and then the meter gets put on our house anyways.  It plainly is not fair nor respectful.




The cost of wireless convenience: EHS, infertility, cancer.


Smart Meters, Cell Towers, Smart Phones, 5G and all things that radiate RF Radiation