Update 2016-04-12 Creative bookkeeping by Liberals result in BC Hydro borrowing to pay dividends.

1)    The growth of wireless technology has been exponential over the last 20 years or so, as has the increase of microwave radiation in our environment. The scientists keep reminding us that this has happened all so quickly that our cells and bodies have not been able to adapt – there are and will be serious consequences. Here is a graphic display of this growth and projections.


2)    Health Canada has sent alerts on 2 products that have lithium ion batteries. The ITRON smart meters have lithium-metal batteries that, I have been told by engineers, are more volatile given the right situation. These batteries can fail if overheated or exposed to impure water. Apparently, if the moisture inside the meter basing is unpolluted by dirt inside the meter, corrosion, or by leakage of the base that would allow dirt inside, the chance of failure is slight. But we know that these cases leak (e.g. a fire caused by a meter in Vernon), we know that corrosion can occur. We know that the meter will get hot in the sun (that is why BC Hydro has put “sun houses” over some meters.

There is a lot of info on the internet about lithium-metal batteries. Here is one site:

Sony of Canada Limited recalls Panasonic Lithium Ion Battery Packs in VAIO Personal Computers

Coleman® recalls CTAC Lithium-Ion Flashlights

3)    A 2010 study shows that there is real reason to believe that microwave radiation is affecting plants, as well as people.

Numerous incidents of aspen decline have been recorded in North America over the past half century, and incidents of very rapid mortality of aspen clones have been observed in Colorado since 2004. The radio frequency (RF) environment of the earth has undergone major changes in the past two centuries due to the development and use of electricity in power and communications applications, and the anthropogenic RF background continues to increase in intensity and complexity. This study suggests that the RF background may have strong adverse effects on growth rate and fall anthocyanin production in aspen, and may be an underlying factor in aspen decline.


4)    Some really creative bookkeeping by our Lieberal government, yet again. BC Hydro has to borrow money to pay the government dividends so that the government doesn’t have to “borrow” so much from other departments.  That’s how a company pays a dividend to its shareholders when there is a loss. And most likely, the interest we will pay is nice and high for the corporate friends. What a deal.

The government uses the Hydro money to reduce what it has to borrow for its other provincial capital projects, such as highways, schools and hospitals.

It’s common for businesses to return a dividend to shareholders based on positive financial results.

But critics have said Hydro isn’t really turning the profit it shows each year, and that it simply pushes costs into future deferral accounts in order to give the appearance of profitability.


5)    Cars are just as hackable as $$meters.  No wireless device is immune unless special security measures are put in place, but this costs money.



6)    From someone in California who is worried about AT&T planning on removing all landlines, forcing everyone to have cellphones.

My sister, who is disabled and lives in a mobile home, told me today that if she wanted to use a cellphone, she couldn’t.  Cells do not work inside mobile homes — at least where she lives.  People who visit her are forced to step outside to use their cells.

It must be because the trailer is metal – a Faraday cage.  Have any sensitive people who have to find new homes found that trailers work for them?

Sharon Noble
Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

One who deceives will always find those who allow themselves to be deceived
~ Nicolo Machiavelli

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