2016-04-24 In Ontario, (TOU) time of use rates increase again on May 1

  • Sorry for a typo on the first link in last night’s update Australia banning use of appliances during off-peak (cheaper) time periods.



  • At this link is information about smart meter fires in Nevada even though UL had given them “passing” grades. There is a short audio of industry people talking about the problems with smeters, and how some meter companies were adding some heat sensors to newer models – note most have the sensor send a heat signal at 75C, while ITRON does at 90C. There is no indication that the models installed in BC have heat sensors. And if the sensors send an overheating signal, nothing shuts down except the communication device, as I understand it. The meter keeps working while, possibly, getting hotter.


“Underwriters Laboratories (UL) last week gave a passing grade for a sample of 72 smart meters that were previously provided by the utility company NV Energy for product testing.”



  • A member found that a city in Maryland passed resolutions to educate their citizens about the dangers of RF. This was done 2 years ago, and when I asked if this had any opposition I was told it didn’t. In Maryland apparently the law allows a local council to pass laws like this without state approval. And apparently neither the FCC nor industry attacked this action.

“Maryland City Votes Unanimously To Alert Citizens to the Health Risks of Cell Phone/Wireless Radiation and To Oppose Cell Towers on School Grounds”



  • Frustration is growing with another Hydro increase May 1 in Ontario. The reason – people didn’t use enough energy over the winter!!


“Campbell said Ontarians are rightfully frustrated that the government introduced time-of-use (TOU) smart meters on the basis of having to conserve electricity and now being told that is why electricity costs are going up.

The NDP claims the cost of electricity is increasing by more than nine per cent for the eighth year in a row.”




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