2016-04-30 Do $$meters violate the Nuremberg Code?

1)    A warning about smeters written by Dr. Andrew Goldsworthy for those in the UK who are not being told how dangerous wireless smeters are:

“To carry out compulsory mass exposure to pulsed microwave radiation without the fully informed consent of the people affected is in contravention of the Nuremberg code.”


2)    Non smeter:  A new movie “Disobedience”, about the global movement to break away from fossil fuels, is now available for free. I haven’t watched it yet, but some who have highly recommend it.

“The film is a powerful journey, featuring Break Free organizers in Canada, Germany, Turkey and the Philippines as they prepare to mobilize for major actions this May. It shows that the global movement to keep fossil fuels in the ground is growing in size and courage.

Disobedience features author and activist Naomi Klein, 350.org co-founder Bill McKibben, as well as board member Lidy Nacpil and dozens of inspiring voices from front-line fights around the world.

It’s about 40 minutes long, and I think it makes for inspiring watching ahead of the Break Free wave of action starting a few days from now. Click here to stream or download the movie for free, or find a community screening near you.

If you’re inspired by what you see — and I think you will be — then I hope you will both share the film, and join thousands of people around the world to “break free from fossil fuels” in the coming weeks.

In Canada, hundreds will take action against the Kinder Morgan pipeline, right as the National Energy Board announces its decision on the project. To learn more about the action in Vancouver on May 14th, click here. 

Onwards, to a future beyond fossil fuels,”

3)    In Scotland, people are wising up to the fact that smeters do not save them money or reduce consumption. The entire program is a scam, a bait and switch. Promise savings and reduced rates, and then hit with time-of-use billing, increased rates, and penalties if consumption drops.


4)    In Ontario, more on the increase in rates May 1 because customers conserved too much energy plus another removal of a previous reduction. The smeter program continues to be a boondoggle, as Premier McGinty said in 2010. A total waste of money based on many misleading and false promises, much like in BC.


5)    Katie Singer, author of “An Electronic Silent Spring”, has an excellent website and puts out a monthly newsletter which includes many of the major things that have occurred since the last one. I would encourage you to read her newsletter and her book.

An Electronic Silent Spring
April, 2016 Newsletter from Katie Singer

Sharon Noble
Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

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