2016-04-19 EPA was prevented from classifying RF radiation a 2b Carcinogen in 1990

1)    In response to the many recent suicides among young First Nations people in Ontario, Martin Weatherall, a long-term advocate and educator regarding RF dangers and EHS, has written a letter to the Attawapiskat Band Council about the relationship scientific research has found between exposure to wireless radiation and depression. His letter is below. He had attached a very important document found at this link:


2)    Dubai aims to be the “smartest” place on earth by next year with virtually everything connected via the “$$mart” phone. Imagine how everything will be hackable, with absolutely no privacy, and all that radiation!


3)    A very interesting way of getting word out to people about health problems associated with RF.  I hope this person will do the same thing regarding fires. I have suggested it to him/her because this might be one way to get information that is being stifled in California just as it is in BC.


4)    Kit Weaver, in the USA, obtained an article in the Lancet reporting that in 1990 the US Environmental Protection Agency wanted to classify electromagnetic fields as a “probable” human carcinogen (2a) and microwave radiation as a possible one (2b) but the EPA was directed by the White House to amend the draft to exclude this recommendation.



March 2016

Dear Ms.  McDonald,

Please find attached our recent correspondence with BC Hydro regarding the replacement of our analog meter.  We can only confirm that if this procedure is necessary, we will only accept another analog meter as a replacement of the existing one.  We also re-confirm that we are requesting to be notified of date and time the installer will come to our house.  As in his letter of March 1 Mr. Sanders states that “Every BC Hydro meter has a seal on the back that identifies when the meter must be removed from service according to Measurement Canada standards”, we intend to verify that the expiration date of our meter is actually 2016 as claimed. You will need to provide conclusive and irrefutable proof of that.  No “secret” codes on the meter or in your database will be acceptable.  The date of manufacture (1990) is clearly visible on the meter and so should be the expiration date, if any.

While we appreciate that a detailed 4-page response was mailed to us in answer to our letter to Mr. Sanders, this letter was written by “Jessica” with no surname given, and who claims to be a “Smart meter specialist”, and not by Mr. Sanders himself.  We thought that it would be totally useless to respond further to Mr. Sanders or “Jessica” and therefore we are writing to you.

The letter to us of March 17 is full of inaccuracies and misleading statements.  At this point, we will not list each and every one.  Please keep in mind that we have been actively involved and doing our own research for years since the beginning.  I am a retired university professor and I also taught Environmental Sciences so I know what I am talking about.   I have seen thousands of double blind, peer reviewed papers and have been in contact with reliable sources of information through these same peer reviewed scientific journals.

Rather than counter each and every point made in this letter, we would like YOU to focus your attention on the most important aspect regarding the new digital meters – the fact that they are NOT certified safe by any BC engineer or CSA and that they pose a real and serious risk of fire.  Specifically, the meter base (part of the house and property of the owner) was never certified to hold a smart meter, ONLY an analog meter.  Also, the new digital meters are made of cheaper plastic materials as opposed to the sturdy and safer metal and glass construction of analog meters.  In the past, if there has been a problem with the installation, BC Hydro has always blamed the meter base and never the meter itself, and therefore put the sole responsibility upon the owner of the house.  In addition to that, the installations have been carried out without switching off the main power of the house with possible damage caused to appliances and electronic devices AS HAPPENED TO A FRIEND OF OURS WHO LOST HER EQUIPMENT INCLUDING A NEW AND VERY EXPENSIVE COMPUTER.

Fires have been shown to occur with meters made by different manufacturers all over North America because they ALL share the same design flaws.  We are in possession of ample evidence of what we are saying so your argument that BC is using different meters than Ontario or Saskatchewan does not hold.  We have seen countless videos and photos of burnt out meters all over Canada, the USA, Australia, etc.  Have you read the Ontario Fire Marshall’s report?  If not, we would certainly advise you get a hold of it.  In BC the cases have not been officially collected and documented and the problem has just been ignored and denied by BC Hydro and the provincial government.  This does not make it less real and serious!  We should point out that smart meters and radio-off meters present the same design flaws and, therefore, the same fire risks.

For the above reasons, in the event that you install a digital radio-off meter on our home without our consent, we demand that you first write a letter accepting full liability in the event of any incident, including a fire. Also, it is not improbable that our insurance company could refuse to pay for damages caused by a device that is no longer CSA approved – e.g. our meter base. CSA could nullify certification for a meter base holding anything other than an analog meter.

Finally, we remind you that we are members of the Class Action Suit against BC Hydro in the Supreme Court of British Columbia No. S135590.  As such, you should refrain from contacting us directly, much less harassing or threatening us while this legal action is ongoing.  We attach copy of the relevant sign displayed on our meter, properly dated and signed.  In the same attached document please find copy of the sign also displayed on our meter about our opt out notice given to BC Hydro back in 2013.


Sent: Monday, April 18, 2016

Subject: Depression and Suicide caused by exposure to wireless microwave radiation

Attawapiskat First Nation
P0L 1A1

Re http://www.torontosun.com/2016/04/10/ontario-first-nation-community-declares-state-of-emergency-after-suicide-attempts

Dear Band Council

I am sorry to hear about the children of Attawapiskat suffering depression and their large number of suicide attempts.

There are a large number of scientific studies which indicate that wireless microwave radiation (cell phones, cordless telephones, smart meters, Wi Fi and community antennas cause serious depression problems and increased suicide.

If you have Wi Fi, cordless telephones and antennas in your community, your children are likely being exposed to powerful wireless radiation 24 hours a day.  This is quite likely to affect them neurologically and cause them to be depressed.  This is not just happening in your community, McLean’s Magazine has reported on depression and suicide at universities http://www.macleans.ca/education/uniandcollege/is-there-a-mental-health-crisis-on-campus/  and  http://www.macleans.ca/news/canada/the-broken-generation/ .  Universities were some of the first places to widely use Wi Fi and new wireless technologies, the depression students suffer is most likely caused by exposure to powerful wireless radiation.

A similar problem is also being reported by Canadian school children – Young Canadians are suffering from rising levels of anxiety, stress, depression and even suicide. Close to 20 per cent – or one in five – have a mental health issue http://globalnews.ca/news/530141/young-minds-stress-anxiety-plaguing-canadian-youth/ .  These wide ranging depression problems never occurred prior to the widespread use of wireless technology.

Research over more than sixty years has clearly shown that microwave radiation, even at low exposure levels, causes significant neurological and depression problems.  This is likely to be much more severe and harmful to children whose brains are still developing.  I have attached several documents which will help you to understand the dangers and more links below so that you can do further research.  You should know that Health Canada, the government department that should be looking after your safety in this regard, are the people who are ignoring the masses of scientific research showing biological effects and they are putting Canadians in great danger.  Depression is just one of the well known health problems that wireless radiation is involved.  Heart problems, various cancers and various immune problems and auto immune diseases are also being severely effected by wireless radiation.

Here are some of the links:

Yours sincerely

Martin Weatherall
Co Director WEEP

Sharon Noble
Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

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~ Justice Louis D Brandeis

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