2016-04-21 Major International Group reviewing privacy of data re. IoT

  • Sensus has an article about how low frequency, long distance $$meters are needed to fill in gaps like those in rural areas. This could mean frequencies perhaps closer to FM frequencies which are in the range of 100 MHz.  These are capable of travelling further and penetrating buildings better. They also are in many respects more dangerous for life forms, such as us. than are the frequencies used now.  I haven’t heard of ITRON using lower frequencies, but we should keep on the lookout for changes such as this. Current ITRON smeters transmit signals using 920-926MHz and the internal zigbee transmitter (which we’re told is not activated and will not be unless people ask for it to be) transmits using a frequency of 2.4 GHz.



  • International groups are looking at the data being gathered via various internet-connected devices, including $$meters, to determine what protection is being provided and what more needs to be done.

“A number of data protection authorities (DPAs) around the globe have issued press releases confirming their involvement in the 2016 global privacy “sweep”, which kicked off on April 11th.  This year’s initiative involves a coordinated investigation by 29 DPAs into the practices of internet-connected (Internet of Things or IoT) devices, such as fitness and health trackers, thermostats, smart meters and TVs and connected cars.  The work is being coordinated by the Global Privacy Enforcement Network under the leadership of the UK Information Commissioner’s Office.”



  • A short paper with basic explanations about EMF, etc.  It is very good reference, especially the link to the blog that contains documents from 1993 NIOSH reports re. the FCC (and other guidelines) being inadequate. http://www.rfreduce.com/robertsblog/research   I do believe the standards that FCC has today are basically the same that were then, which Health Canada mimicked until the most recent HESA review.



  • A warning by Dr. Devra Davis – we can’t wait to change our exposure to wireless radiation until the bodies pile up.



  • Dix and the NDP are putting some pressure being put on Hydro and the Liberals – more is needed and deserved.

Questionable accounting practices, costly budget overruns and an avoidance of independent oversight on some matters have led critics to accuse the B.C. government of using B.C. Hydro as a whipping post to suit its political interests.”



  • Vancouver is considering installing water meters. You can be sure they would be “$$mart”, irradiating meters, if they do.  It’s time to voice concerns while this study is being done.

Metro Vancouver is researching the possibility of installing water meters for all homes in the region. 

The two-year study will examine the environmental benefits as well as the economic costs. 

“Basically water metering is a way to charge people for how much water they use and that does help people reduce how much they consume,” says North Vancouver Mayor Darrell Mussatto, who is also the chair of Metro Vancouver’s utilities committee. 

Mussatto estimates it would cost between $400 to $1,000 per home to install the meters, and about $50 a year for reading and billing.





May I suggest that all of you consider sending similar letters to your MLAs, plus to Dr. Perry Kendall (Perry.Kendall@gov.bc.ca ) as well as the minister of health and his deputy minister?

You can find the Minister’s email at


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 What we have known

Hello to everyone,

Most of you have heard me speak of my profound concerns about the wild proliferation of wireless technologies in their myriad forms, and their potential dangers to life on earth. This is a matter of vital importance to the human race and to all life on earth.

As part of my small effort to help bring greater awareness to this matter, I am sending you all this excellent article (click here).  I encourage you to take a few minutes to read it, in the hopes that you will think about it, discuss it with your family and friends, and perhaps decide to send it along to others you care about. Our global society needs to become aware of this, so that together we can act with wisdom before it’s too late.

The dangers of EMF (electromagnetic frequencies) — also referred to as RF (radio frequencies)/microwaves — and particularly those frequencies employed by wi-fi, have been known for many decades, at least since the 1950s. Yet industry and government, and unwittingly the public at large, continue to promote, expand and wildly embrace their use, with new and fascinatingly seductive applications appearing seemingly every month.

Unfortunately, those of us who have become convinced of the dangers inherent in the way we use this energy are still typically viewed as a bit unhinged. It’s like we are Chicken Little, panicking about “the sky is falling.” We are often dismissed as a small fringe of semi-paranoid luddites making stuff up out of unfounded fears about change and progress that benefits us all. We should just be quiet and go away, and stop trying to spoil the party!

However, as the truth about the dangers of EMF becomes more widely known, concerned people around the world are growing in number. Like thalidomide, tobacco, asbestos and climate change, industry spends millions producing confusing, biased “science”, lobbying governments, and marginalizing citizens who are alarmed by their massive public wi-fi saturation programs like smart meters, cell phone networks, and free open internet access. For sure, these are incredibly fun and useful things, with enormously seductive powers — to say nothing of their fabulous profitability. But we need to know a great deal more about this Pandora’s box before the damage is done.

So I hope you do read this article. It’s a marvellous summary of the history of what’s been known for decades, and asks some very important questions about our present flagrant embrace of this technology.

I’d like to close by saying “Enjoy!” but I’m not sure that’s applicable here. Nevertheless, may you enjoy greater awareness!


BTW, this article references mostly American agencies and organizations, but the situation in Canada is virtually identical. Health Canada is responsible for setting the safety guidelines for the use of RF/microwave technology, and uses exactly the same rules and criteria as the FCC in the US. This is a global phenomenon, and the issues are the same everywhere.




No man is great enough or wise enough for any of us to surrender our destiny to.
-Henry Miller

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