2016-04-07 Time of use — Ontario

  • In Michigan, customers are still getting inaccurate bills from smart meters just like people here in BC. Only those with outrageously high bills realize that their bills could be overstated.



  • Meeting in Forbidden Plateau, in Comox Valley, 7 p.m. Monday, April 11, 2016 at the CVRD boardroom at 550 Comox Rd. a BCHydro transmitter.

Forbidden Plateau residents are concerned about BC Hydro’s plan to place a repeater tower — a combination radio receiver/transmitter — near the base of the old ski hill.

The 45-metre tower is part of an $8 million project to improve public safety and provide reliable watershed flow information….

A public meeting about the project is slated for 7 p.m. Monday, April 11 at the CVRD boardroom at 550 Comox Rd. Representatives from BC Hydro will attend, as will Area A director Edwin Grieve.

For more information about the project, visitforbiddenplateauroadassociation.com and click on Announcements.


  • Time of use billing being “offered” to commercial and industrial customers in Ontario. A new rate redesign outlined by the Ontario Energy Board has recommended this.. Could the current rate redesign application that is before the BCUC be setting things up for TOU to begin in BC?

“As explained in the Staff Discussion Paper, current distribution rate designs are not fully linked to distribution cost drivers, i.e. customer and demand, both connection and peak. To address this issue, OEB Staff notes that the industry has the opportunity to use data from smart and interval meters to design rates that link to cost drivers more closely, including rates that vary by time of day.”



  • An architect speaks about the way technology that is being built into homes invades privacy.

Architect Rem Koolhaas has spoken out against the way technology is infiltrating buildings, saying it is “totally astonishing” that people are willing to sacrifice their privacy for convenience and describing the rise of smart systems as “potentially sinister”.



  • In California AT&T is pressing to do away with landlines, forcing people to use cell phones exclusively. Imagine what would happen in the event of a cyber attack or a natural disaster. This could leave many seniors, who depend on their landlines, without any means of communication in the event of a health emergency.



  • A must-read article by Rafe Mair about our esteemed government and the ruination of BC Hydro by it and the prior Liberals, with no opposition. We all know that Andrew Weaver doesn’t believe in basic science. He told some of his constituents that as a “scientist” (he taught climatology) that he knows that RF radiation from microwave devices is safe. That’s like a professor of architecture speaking as an expert about surgery. Weaver has shown himself to not be green in any sense, and worse – because he supports industry. He should not be allowed to call himself Green.




From: X
Sent: April 5, 2016 8:40 AM
To: Gary Holman MLA <gary.holman.mla@leg.bc.ca>; elizabeth.may@parl.gc.ca
Cc: Dennis and Sharon Noble <dsnoble@shaw.ca>
Subject: EMR warfare on the Olympic Peninsula

Hello to my two government representatives,

Can you tell me why no political party, to my knowledge, has acknowledged or expressed concern about the proposal for the US Navy to practice their EMR warfare on the Olympic Peninsula and in the Straits of Juan de Fuca?  Not only will this exercise involve the use of Growler Jets out of Whidbey Island, jets which routinely break the sound barrier and cause noise levels unacceptable to local residents and wildlife, but also it threatens the health of the people who live along the straits and the creatures, notably the orcas and the dolphins, that inhabit these waters.  Could there not at least be a recognition at a more public level that this is taking place and that it is a matter of concern?

The border is a creation of our limited human intellect and the potential for damage here respects no such boundaries.

Thank you for listening to my concerns.




“You will observe with concern how long a useful truth may be known, and exist, before it is generally received and acted on.”
Ben Franklin

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