2016-04-05 BCUC told of Hydro’s unilateral change in rates


  • Awareness of the dangers of wireless radiation is increasing around the world. In Namibia groups are forming, and on a TV station the Australian program re. wifi was aired.


Radiation Awareness Namibia

Information for Improved Awareness & Public Health Protection  


Working for the precautionary siting of masts & antennas away from homes & schools

& the safer use of cell phones & wireless technology.



Wi-Fi Health Risks:

On 23 June 2011 MTC advised that “… the intensive use of cell-phones (more than 30 minutes per day)[ii] is not recommended”, and that “…youth and pregnant women are advised to use the phone mainly to send text messages.” (Namibian Sun, pg. 4)  Since 2011 little further advice has been given to Namibians to use their cell phones, cordless phones, laptops, tablets, etc., more carefully. 

On 27 March 2016 Carte Blanche aired the programme Wi-Fi Health Alert on DSTV:  “While some safety agencies say there’s no evidence of harm, is that the same as saying it is safe?  A growing number of scientists are sounding the alarm that widespread use of Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi enabled devices could be making us sick. Is Wi-Fi putting our health at risk?” (68% of the Carte Blanche viewers’ poll said that they were concerned.) 


  • Below is a screen shot of a page from a report written in 1965, summarizing health effects associated with microwave radiation.  The report, and many others, can be found on Dr. Magda Havas’s website.

 Effects of MW on CNS



  • Hydro is causing problems for many people, not just those of use trying to protect our homes and families from $$smeters. Hydro’s application for a revised rate structure is causing major harm for this woman, who wrote as an “interested person”. Her letter is on the BCUC website:




  • A member, Katharina Gustavs,  has sent the official English version of Safer Cell Phone Use which has been circulated by the Vienna Medical Association.  Please share with friends and relatives. The industry still misleads people into believing cell phones (and all wireless devices) are safe-








Mr. Daren Sanders                            Date: April 3, 2016
Senior Manager
BC Hydro – Customer Service Operations
PO Box 9530 (8910) Stn. Terminal
Vancouver, BC V6B 4G8 (4X3)



Dear Mr. Sanders:




We are writing in response to your letter dated March 14, 2016 in which you threaten service disconnection if we do not allow access for your workers who must complete metering equipment maintenance, and that within the coming weeks someone will be coming to our property to exchange the “legacy” meter with either a standard smart meter or a radio-off meter.  We regard this as serious threat to our privacy, our consumer rights, our safely (fire risk), and our freedom of choice.  You also outline the charges associated with the switch and we regard these charges as unreasonable and punitive, just as have been the charges since 2013 for the “legacy” meter that is in place.  The implied arrogance of your letter is unreasonable and unacceptable.


Your letter states that you have no legacy meters available which we find hard to believe.  We know “legacies” can be purchased or re-certified, and we strongly suggest that BC Hydro purchase or re-certify “legacy” meters for those of us who want to keep them and for those of us who need to keep them for health reasons.


As we have previously notified BC Hydro in writing, we continue to refuse a smart meter, with or without the transmitter turned off.  As we have accepted the opt out choice of a “legacy” meter, we will only accept the exchange of “legacy” for “legacy”.  I called 1 800 409 8199 on March 30, 2016 at 9:15 am and spoke with your representative, Jessica and she informed me that we must comply with the switch and that she would would confirm our conversation via email, which she did, in part, and informed us that the current “legacy” meter expired in 2014, and that: “Meter certification expiration dates are maintained in a database. There is no official certificate available”…  “The replacement of time expired meters is a standard operational activity. We are legally obligated to ensure grid equipment, including meters, meet all applicable standards and requirements. As a Measurement Canada Accredited Service Provider for electricity meters, BC Hydro maintains all records for its meter population, including the Measurement Canada seal expiration date.”  How convenient that BC Hydro has the power to set the expiry dates but apparently not able to re-certify a reliable and trustworthy “legacy” meter that likely has been in our residence since 1964.  We find this situation very difficult to accept.  The many requests from other legacy customers to have the expirations explained and documented have largely been ignored, avoided, and and now whitewashed.


On August 31, 2015 at about noon a person claiming to be a BC Hydro Contractor called by phone to say he was coming to replace our “legacy” meter.  Within five minutes he arrived with a meter asking if I was the home owner and announced that our meter had expired and that he was here to replace our “legacy” meter with another “legacy” meter.  I replied that I was an owner and complained that he had given short notice of this visit and he lied saying he had called over a half hour earlier, which in itself was unacceptable.  I asked him about the expiry dates of both the existing and the replacement meter to which he replied that he did not know and that BC Hydro could tell me after it was installed.  He added that it could expire within “months or a few years”.  I told him that we would not allow the replacement under those conditions.  I asked him to give me his name and his relationship with BC Hydro and he said he was a qualified electrician and was contracted to do the meter replacements.  He gave me his card and then left the property.


The insistence of sending an installer, with very short notice, despite being notified that we have refused permission for any smart meter or an outdated “legacy” meter exchange as well as charging a $65 fee for a failed installation fee, can only be seen as a dishonest, deceptive, and an unfair exercise.  It is also a rather blatant attempt to disregard and to over-ride the promise of the BC government by Minister Coleman as noted below, that we would not be forced to accept a smart meter (radio off or on).


We have been resisting the smart meter program since October 2013.  We were refusing to pay the fee and GST that you have been charging for the “legacy” meter until threatened to have our account closed and service discontinued.  Under protest we have been paying those fees and are keeping records of those charges and hopefully we might see some fairness and justice in the future.  The above incident is another example of the bullying tactics by your employer.


Information provided by a press release from the BC government, Minister Coleman, noted that, ‘BC Hydro will not install a new meter without the homeowner’s consent’.


“Individual home owners who had not yet had a smart meter installed on their home, would not have to have

one …You will not be ‘forced’ into having one or be in fear of it being installed when you are not home.”


We believe it is then BC Hydro’s responsibility to follow those directions, and allow us the right to continue to have the option to retain a “legacy” meter.


Our request is very sensible and simple:


Please re-service, re-seal, and re-certify, the existing “legacy” meter.

(Subject to items 2) and 3) below:)


Failing that request:


We will allow the exchange of our “legacy” meter for another new or re-serviced, re-sealed and re-certified “legacy” meter (with a minimum ten-year warranty) under the following conditions:


1)  Provide us with the model name and number of the “legacy” meter you wish to install, with confirmation, in writing of its “expiry date”, and that it does not have a chip, a transmitter or an antenna of any sort;


2)  Provide us with the time and date the worker will be arriving, with more than “5 minutes” notice.  No failed installation fee will be payable unless an appointment is made in advance for a mutually agreeable date and time.


3) We will not allow an install until after turning off the main service breaker and any other vulnerable devices.


4)  We will only allow a licensed electrician who can provide us with valid confirmation of liability insurance to tamper with the current “legacy” meter and our meter panel for any reason. We are requiring this on the grounds that under BC Hydro Tariff Section 97, “Liability”, BC Hydro has no responsibility for any harm or injury done by its employees or agents, whether done through negligence or willful misconduct. Being aware of this risk to our home and family, we cannot allow the risk of an unqualified, uninsured person tampering with our property and potentially risking our family’s safety.


5)  Provide us with written assurance that no attempt to install a smart meter, with or without transmitters, will occur because a) we have chosen to opt out of the smart meter program and have notified you of same, and b) we are a members of the Class Action Suit against BC Hydro in the Supreme Court of British Columbia and it is unconscionable that we be harassed or interfered with while this legal action is ongoing.




  1. Erika Hamilton, commission.secretary@bcuc.com; John Horgan, john.horgan.mla@leg.bc.ca (for constituents) and oppositionleader@leg.bc.ca for all others;

Greg Kyllo, greg.kyllo.mla@leg.bc.ca; BCUC <commission.secretary@bcuc.com>;

Honourable Bill Bennett, Minister of Energy & Mines, mem.minister@gov.bc.ca

MLA Adrian Dix, Opposition Critic, Adrian.dix.mla@leg.bc.ca




“In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.” ~ George Orwell

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