2016-04-28 Member getting anonymous harassing phone calls from BC Hydro

1) The International Journal of Impotence Research has identified cellphone radiation as a possible cause of male infertility. This has been reported by independent scientists.
2) The Vernon water meters are emitting RF signals all day every day, either every 10 seconds or every 60 seconds depending on how the meter has been set up. It appears that they could be communicating with the collectors put up by BC Hydro/FortisBC for the electric smeters. This is the information that our technical members have been able to find out so far.
“Transmission Parameters
– Data message: Multiple RF channel transmissions of meter register value, cut cable and or communication error tamper(s), reverse flow (encoder version only) and system leak status messages, as well as low battery indicator is transmitted every ten seconds in mobile mode. All this information and last 7 time synchronized consumption intervals is transmitted every six minutes along with a contingency SCM+ (Standard Consumption Message) every 60 seconds in fixed network mode.
– Transmitter frequencies: 908 – 924MHz (Standard Power) in mobile mode
– 923 – 926.8MHz (High Power) in fixed network mode
– Operates in bubble-up mode and does not require a license from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) or Industry Canada (IC) FCC Part 15.247
– Industry Canada RSS-210
Approved Network Reading Systems
– Network system: Itron Fixed Network 100 Collectors and Repeaters (CCU 100 and Repeater 100) which offer full two-way communication capability.
– ChoiceConnect Fixed Network software v4.1 or higher
– If using enhanced security, Itron Security Manager (ISM) v1.0 or higher, is also required

3) 50+ tips to reduce your exposure to RF. I’ve circulated this before, but given the number of new members, I think it is good to do so again.

4) A protest is taking placing in front of BC Hydro’s building in Vancouver. This is the type of action that people are being forced to take to bring attention to our rights and BC Hydro’s trampling of them and our environment. Does anyone have a contact in this group?

5) Russia is testing the same type of RF warfare that the USA wants to test on the Olympic Peninsula.

6) One of our members has been receiving anonymous calls every few weeks telling him that his electricity will be disconnected unless he deposits a certain amount in an account within 24 hours. The member has traced the calls and found that they come from BC Hydro. During the phone call, there is no identification given. There is no way to know that this is not a scam, an attempt to get some naïve person to give money to a thief. Is this a way for a crown corporation to do business?
Has anyone else been receiving similar calls? If so, would you please let me know, via email with “harassing calls” on the subject line.

Sharon Noble
Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters


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