Newsletters 2015-07 JUL

2015-07-01 – A warning from doctors re. RF and fetuses and babies.

2015-07-02 – Fire report for your review

2015-06-03 – Professional hackers say public grids are very vulnerable.

2015-07-04 – Hydro Quebec admits that 500 smart meters overheated/burned.

2015-07-05  – A quiet day, not much news

2015-07-06 – FortisBC wants to change your minds

2015-07-07 – More free space for Fortis

 2015-07-08 – Boulder, Colo. planning microgrids.

2015-07-09 – Study shows exposure to EMF can affect learning and memory

2015-07-10 – New study confirms DNA damage from very low levels of RF

2015-07-11 – Report on conflicts of interest in agency setting RF standards.

2015-07-12 – New York State awarding grants for micro-grid projects

2015-07-13 – Ontario – Energy reduction causes rates to increase. Utilities never cut costs.

2015-07-14 – Water meters coming to Kelowna

2015-07-15 – A lot more on Smart mart water meters — they are coming

2015-07-16 – Study shows people suffer from “hearing” $$meters

2015-07-17 – 30% increase in brain tumours in one year!

2015-07-18 – Video with health effects of smart meters

2015-07-19 – Insurance adjuster unable to examine smart meters

2015-07-20 – Utilities and computer companies eying the smart meters on our homes!!

2015-07-21 – New security measures required by US

2015-07-22 – Cars with internet connections can be hacked.

2015-07-23 – More hacking! Soon we will hear about Smart meter hacking

2015-07-24  – Huge bill from Fortis for home that is no more.

2015-07-25 – Time of use billing could cause “chaos”

2015-07-26 – A Michigan Appeal Court hit utility for its $meter program

2015-07-27 – Insurance inspector in US says utility companies remove smart meters

2015-07-28 – Special update — Some evidence of fires sent to BCUC.


2015-07-30 – Kelowna’s smeters go live

2015-07-31 – Insurance companies have no obligation to notify re. dangerous device

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